Dayton Couch Pickup

Wouldn’t it be great to catch illegal dumpers in the act and force them to take back their garbage? Better yet, what if the city collected what was dumped and dropped it back off at the person’s house? Talk about sweet revenge. You probably think about this kind of thing whenever you see a sofa left on the curb. Obviously, whoever dropped that piece of furniture off, they didn’t have to travel far. You could probably find the owner within a few steps of that left behind item. They probably thought if they just dragged it out to the curb, it becomes somebody else’s problem. That’s a very selfish approach to getting rid of junk. Instead, they should have called Junk King. For an extremely affordable rate, that couch pickup could have been quickly handled without causing an eyesore to the rest of the neighborhood.


There is a misguided notion that the city will automatically pick up a bulk object left on the curb. In some instances, they might, but it won’t be a priority. In the meantime, that object can become soaked in the rain or a nesting spot for vermin. That won’t happen with Junk King on the job. You’ll have to able-bodied movers assigned to your couch pickup. After all, it took two movers to bring in that sofa. Junk King will also provide the truck big enough to hold that sofa and a whole lot more.

Yes, you can hire Junk King just for the couch pickup but as long as they’re coming out to your property, why not get rid of all your clutter? Go through your closets. There is probably a lot you can toss out from old clothes and shoes to outdated computer equipment. Take a tour of your basement and attic to find even more stuff you can turn over to Junk King. You don’t have to move anything from its spot. The Junk King will take it away whether they have to go downstairs or upstairs. It’s all the same to them.

In addition to removing all your household junk, that same Junk King crew can work wonders around your backyard. Once again, just point to what you want taken away and it will be gone in no time. For responsible couch pickup and fast junk hauling, you can count on Junk King every time.