Los Angeles Christmas Tree Disposal

Do you have someone on your block that still has their Christmas tree lights up? Maybe you can give them another weekend to take them down but once you hit the end of January, those lights have officially become an eyesore. The same can be said for an old Christmas tree that is sitting by the curb waiting to be picked up. Here in Los Angeles, you can get that tree removed but it might mean having to cut it up and put the pieces in the green disposal bin. Unless you have a chain saw, that is easier said than done. For fast Christmas tree disposal, you can count on Junk King.


Since they began operating in Los Angeles, this Junk King franchise has been called on for all kinds of junk removal jobs. The standard junk removal appointment typically involves a few pieces of furniture, some boxes of rubbish and a couple of broken appliances. Those are the jobs that literally take a few minutes to complete. Other times, Junk King has been called on for a hoarder cleanout type of situation. This is either when someone is handling the estate of a loved one or have reached the breaking point with all the junk in their home. For those jobs, Junk King will often dispatch multiple teams and several trucks to make sure the cleanup happens in a single day.

Then there are the yard clean ups that Junk King has been hired for. As you can imagine, these will mean cleaning up fallen trees, palm fronds or any other type of debris created during a landscaping makeover. There has even been the occasional overgrowth removal job that had the crew clearing out entire lots. You can see that taking care of your Christmas tree disposal won’t be an issue for Junk King.

As you put away the decorations, it’s the perfect time to get a jump on the spring-cleaning. It’s never too early to have your rubbish removed. Junk King provides the manpower and the truck. All you have to do is decide what you want taken away. If you think this type of service is too expensive, think again! Junk King will charge you a flat rate based on the volume of your stuff as it will be packed onto the back of the truck. One low fee covers everything. Start with Christmas tree disposal and end with a home that is clear of clutter all thanks to Junk King.