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Monthly Archives:

Nashville Old TV Disposal

The way that we watch television has certainly evolved over the years. There was a time when to change the channel we would have to make the long trek across the living room to flip the dial. Then along came the remote control which made everyone’s lives easier. However, we were still limited to just a handful of television channels. There were the three major broadcast networks ABC, NBC and CBS. Plus there are also local stations that served the needs of the community by broadcasting reruns of old sitcoms and classic movies. If you want to watch something on television you pretty much had to be home to watch it. Two major inventions changed all of that: cable TV and the VCR.
With cable TV we were suddenly introduced to literally hundreds of channels to pick programs from. As one home in your neighborhood might have gotten cable TV it wasn’t long before everyone signed up. Cable TV brings us 24-hour news, premium movie channels and a wide diversity of programming that caters to everyone’s tastes. There is golf channel, a cooking channel, hunting channel and of course a movie channel. Now we had too much TV to watch and not enough time to watch it. Along came the VCR.
Thanks to video recording we could now program our favorite shows to record any hour of the day or night and watch them back at our convenience. Not only could we watch television programs that we recorded but we could rent or buy movies and other programs and build up a collection of our own. As with any kind of technology, cable TV and VCR have also evolved. Now we have satellite television, DVD players and digital recording. We also have the benefit of bringing the total movie watching experience right into our living room. This is thanks to the sophisticated surround sound entertainment systems we have available to install in our homes.
Nowadays, many folks have converted their living rooms into screening rooms. To get the most out of satellite viewing or Blu Ray movies you’ll need a cutting edge television. You’ll find this in the latest plasma or LCD television sets. In fact, widescreen televisions have been consistently top sellers for the past several holiday seasons. The issue then becomes for you what to do with your old television. The quick answer is to toss it out. But how?
You could donate your television to some of the member of the family but chances are they’ve already got their widescreen TV in place. You don’t want to set the TV on the curb because it could end up sitting there and becoming a hazard. The best option would be to call a professional junk hauler in Nashville like Junk King to take away that old TV and make room for your new big screen
Televisions are considered electronic waste. This means they have to be disposed of properly. You don’t just want to toss a TV onto a trash heap. With a professional junk hauler taking away your TV you can rest assured it will be disposed of in the right manner. Then all you have to do is sit back relax and enjoy your new screening room.
For the best in Nashville TV disposal, or any sort of junk removal needs, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today.

Nashville Refrigerator Disposal & Some Other Strange Tennessee Laws

Law and order. It’s what keeps our society from slipping into total anarchy. Each state and every city in that state is allowed to develop their own laws. There is usually a good intention behind every law, but sometimes the lawmakers either go too far or put a law on the books which needs to be removed. Tennessee is no exception. Here are some wacky laws still on the books in Tennessee:
– You have to be over eighteen to play a pinball machine.
– You can’t carry a skunk.
– You can’t catch a fish with a lasso.
Even with all those silly laws, there is one new law that actually saves lives and it has to do with refrigerator disposal. It is illegal to abandon a refrigerator anywhere in the state. It is also illegal to have an unused refrigerator on your property that isn’t properly locked or has the door removed.
This might seem like a lot of a hassle, but think about when you were a kid. Was there a box, a cubby hole or tunnel you didn’t crawl into if you had the chance? Kids can turn anything object into a vehicle of their imagination. Just think what an old fridge could become. A spaceship to the moon? A tank? A time machine? The possibilities are endless and all it takes is for one kid to accidently lock themselves inside before tragedy strikes. Even if they aren’t playing a make believe game, an empty refrigerator would be too tempting to resist for the perfect hide and seek spot. Even one accident in an abandoned fridge is one too many.
Getting rid of an old refrigerator might seem like a huge job. You’ve got to have a big enough truck to load the fridge up into. If that truck doesn’t happen to have a loading gate, then you need the muscle to heave the icebox up into the truck. Good luck with that! Then you’ve got to find the right place to get rid of it. As the law states, you can’t just dump it by the side of the road. Even if you decide to drive out to the nearest dump, you’ll probably be paying an extra dumping fee just to leave it that.
You can skip over all of this hassle by simply calling up a Nashville refrigerator disposal company like Junk King. They’ve got the truck, the manpower and the knowhow on how to get rid of your old fridge. Call them at 1-888-888-JUNK and put the task out of your mind.

Nashville Foreclosure Clean Out – The First Step to Staging a House

Have you ever heard the expression “staging a house?” This is something that Nashville realtors do all the time to help them sell a home. Basically, when a realtor decides to take on a new property they have three choices: 1) try to sell it as is 2) sell it as an empty unit or 3) stage the house. For some reason they have found that staging a house is the most effective way of being able to slap a “Sold” sticker onto the “For Sale” sign.
To stage a house, a realtor essentially decorates it from top to bottom. We’re not just talking about throwing up some new curtains or bringing in fresh flowers. To stage a house means to bring in all new furniture, rugs, pillows and knick knacks. This gives potential Nashville buyers a chance to see what a home might look and feel like if they were to move in. Naturally, some homeowners might take offense if they are asked to move out all of their furniture to replace it with showroom pieces. It’s also odd that a potential buyer would look at some furniture in a home that wasn’t going to be there when they moved in and allow that to make their decision for them.
If you’re getting into the Nashville real estate market for the first time and are looking to flip homes, you might consider staging a house. You could make arrangements with a local decorator or furniture seller to donate their services in exchange for free advertising. It’s a pretty good deal if you get a lot of traffic through a home and have those folks ask where the furniture is from.
One of the quickest ways to flip a home these days is getting in on the ground floor of the foreclosure market. This requires some quick action on your part. When you see a home that has been abandoned it might not be in the best shape. But don’t let some left behind furniture or garbage scare you away. That’s all cosmetic. If an inspector says the home is sound then go for it. Next step would be to hire a local Nashville foreclosure clean out crew like Junk King to swoop in and give your property a thorough scrubbing.
When you hire a professional cleanup crew you literally don’t have to get your hands dirty. You also don’t have to feel bad that this crew is dealing with some potentially nasty items. They are professional and can handle the job, after all that’s what you’re paying them for, right? Once they’ve worked their magic you’ll be able to truly asses the bargain you’ve got. That will be the time to bring in the staging items and let your potential buyers experience all the possibilities. Even if you opt for a fresh coat of paint, you’re still going to need to clean the place first. Let the pros handle the cleaning while you line up the buyers.
For the best in Nashville Foreclosure Clean Outs, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.
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