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Let Junk King Handle Hauling Away Old Carpets

The carpet you’re replacing in your home is going to weigh more today than when you bought it several year ago. That extra weight will be from all the stuff that has “settled” into the fibers. Even with deep cleaning there can still be dead skin cells and bug carcasses imbedded in the fibers. It’s not nice to think about but it’s what happens with older carpets. Once those carpets are rolled up, you might be able to slide them across the floor but to pick them up you would definitely need help with picking them up and carrying them out of your home. That is where Junk King Nashville can be of assistance.


Junk King has been helping homeowners transform their living spaces in all kinds of ways with a dedicated approach to hauling around rubbish. Getting help with those old carpets means you’ll be able to get new carpets installed or make the switch to hardwood floors. That can be a major improvement in any room. So can getting rid of old furniture like worn out sofas or broken recliners. You might still be able to sit on them but are they comfortable? All of that can be easily loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck but they don’t have to stop there.

Junk King can also help get rid of old appliances you might have stuck out on the porch or in the garage. Anything you’ve got down in the basement that you want to get rid of can be brought up by the Junk King crew with no problem. Out in the yards, the team can take down a swing set just as easily as they can pack up a crusty BBQ grill or rusty lawnmower. Are you seeing how a session with Junk King can transform your home?

When you call in to set up your appointment with Junk King you might find that it can be handled by the next day. That means you’re just 24 hours away from having all your unwanted rubbish cleared away. You don’t have to worry about how to get rid of old carpets and rubbish as long as Junk King Nashville is just a phone call away.

Call On Junk King For Your Big Garbage Hauling

The average family can create around 150 pounds of garbage each week. That’s just all the stuff that gets thrown out in the trashcan. It’s also picked up regularly by the city garbage collectors. It’s a perfect system that is only disrupted by the occasional holiday or snow storm. What about the big garbage that you want to get rid of? This would literally be anything else that can’t be put into the trashcans. That sounds like a challenge if you were to try and do it on your own but it won’t be a challenge to Junk King Nashville. These are the junk removal pros who never met a pile of big garbage they couldn’t remove.


You can decide to make all kinds of things part of your big garbage pickup. What you have to keep in mind is that Junk King won’t be challenged by weight or size. You’ll be assigned a two-man moving crew who has already lifted and loaded tons of furniture, appliances and other household goods from all around Nashville. They’ve also cleared construction demolition, foreclosed homes, vacant lots and hoarder homes. There won’t be much you can ask them to haul away that they haven’t already hauled away a dozen times over.

Everything you give to Junk King will be put through the “sorting test.” This is where the crew decides if something can be dropped off at a charity or recycled. A table with a busted leg might be able to get fixed up at a charity that specializes in that kind of work. An old stove might be better off melted down for scrap. A television definitely needs to be recycled at a certified facility. Three different items and three different drop offs. That sounds like a lot of work but that is exactly what Junk King does all the time.

No matter how big your big garbage pile is, when Junk King Nashville on the job, it won’t stay on your property for very long. Set up your hauling session today.

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