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Cool Off By Clearing Clutter In Your Nashville Home

On the long list of preventable illness are heat-related injuries. When the temperatures begin to rise it’s natural to want to go outdoors and enjoy the sun. However, the hotter it gets the more risk there is for heat stroke. Over exposure to any element is not going to be good for the body. What’s ironic is that one of the signs of a heat stroke is when a person stops sweating. Our bodies are wired to handle certain levels of extreme heat by generating sweat and cooling off. Yes, we sweat because it’s hot that’s actually a good thing. With the record setting temperatures occurring around Nashville many elderly and very young folks will find themselves at greater risk of a heat related injury. Here’s what you can do to stay cool.

First and foremost, it’s all about the liquids as in drink plenty of them. One thing to keep in mind is that the moment you feel thirsty you’re already dehydrated. Drink before that happens and you’ll be in good shape. Along with drinking, you should also keep an eye on replacing salt and minerals especially if you’re working up a nice cooling sweat. Those colored sports drinks are a perfect source for this type of replacement.

One of the other ways to beat the heat is to stay in an AC comfort zone. This doesn’t have to be your home but it could be a library, museum or mall. Whatever strikes your fancy as long as that cool air is flowing. If you’re staying inside your home might want to consider your own personal air flow. In other words, how’s your circulation? It could be that the clutter in your home is keeping you from a positive airflow. Perhaps it’s time to rethink hanging onto all of that junk. When you’re ready to get cooler without the clutter, Junk King Nashville will be standing by at the ready.

Junk KingNashville is part of a national team of professional junk haulers which have been helping folks around this parts get rid of their junk all throughout the year and not just when it’s hot! When you free your home from this clutter, you’ll discover that your air can circulate much easier. That’s going to make a huge difference. It might even cut down on your energy bills.

What kind of junk would stand in the way of cool air? Pretty much anything taking up space that you don’t need in your life is going to get in the way. Old furniture, appliances or boxes of stuff you’ve been hanging onto because it’s too heavy to throw out. With Junk King on your side, weight is not an issue! The moment your house becomes clutter free you’ll be amazed at how breezy is becomes. Call Junk King Nashville today and cool down by tonight!

Nashville Junk Removal Prices

As a word, “junk” has gotten a pretty bad rap. We all know we’re not supposed to eat junk food. A junked car can’t be driven. Pretty much anything that can be tossed away is junk. There is one business that should make you rethink the word “junk” and that would be Junk King Nashville. They don’t have a problem with the word. In fact, they embrace junk in all its forms. Without that, they would have nothing to do all day!

Junk King is a local Nashville business that’s part of a bigger national team of professional junk haulers. Being professional means every one of their workers is licensed and insured. They are trained to treat each customer with respect. That means showing up for the scheduled appointment on time and completing the task at hand without a hassle. A Junk King Nashville crew member works for the company. This means they’re not going to try and cut side deals with customers. They don’t have to because every Junk King deal is a great deal.

Most other junk haulers charge for their services like your average mover. There’s a per hour cost for labor and a minimum of hours you’ll need to pay for. There will be travel time and landfill charges. There could be all other kinds of add-ons and extra fees. That’s not going to happen with Junk King. When you hire Junk King, you’ll first schedule an appointment for a free on site estimate. At this assessment, the team will survey the junk you want taken away. It doesn’t have to be gathered up into a pile. In fact, it can be scattered throughout your home or property. Once they get a sense of how much truck space your junk will take up they’ll provide you with an estimate on what you’ll be paying.

On the day of the pick-up, the Junk King Nashville crew will be showing up on time. They’re not going to give you the kind of “all day” window you have to take with a phone company appointment. If it takes the crew one hour, two hours or fifteen minutes to clear out your junk so be it. This is where they estimate comes back into play. If you have junk down basement or up in the attic, the Junk King crew will take their time to climb up and down the stairs. When you get right down to it, there simply isn’t a better way to get rid of your junk than with Junk King Nashville.

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