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Monthly Archives:

Junk King Helps With Backyard Clearing

What needs to be cleared out of your backyard? Much like our closets and cabinets inside the house, there is always something that can be cleared out from the backyard. Usually this will be obvious choices. You can literally stand at your back door and scan the yard to see all the things that you would like to clear out once and for all. This is the kind of work that can help you transform your backyard into a cozier environment. That is a terrific way to get ready for spring! When you are ready to clear out your backyard, you are ready to put Junk King Nashville on the job.

Don’t Hold Back

When deciding what to get rid of from your backyard you don’t need to hold back. Junk King is going to provide you with a team of movers and a big truck. That is exactly all you need to help you get rid of just about anything from your backyard. Recently, a Junk King team was asked to remove an entire boat from a backyard. That meant breaking out the power tools to cut up the boat into pieces. They have also done the same thing to hot tubs, garden sheds and fencing. This type of dismantling work is all part of Junk King service. They know how difficult it might be for some folks to take things apart in order to get rid of them. That is why they are happy to take on that task at no extra charge.

All of the labor and all of the time dedicated to disposal of your debris is covered in a single flat fee. That fee will always be based on how everything will fit onto the back of the truck. The Junk King crew will always strive to get as much as they can into as tight a space as possible. That will provide you with the low end of the price scale.

When you need to clear debris from your backyard, the team from Junk King Nashville will be standing by to lend a hand or two.

Junk King Can Be A Big Help With Spring Cleaning

No matter how much advance notice you give your family, the day when spring cleaning happens will always be met with resistance. They should know by now that resistance is futile! Taking on a thorough spring cleaning task for the entire house is something that everyone should get involved with. It starts with having everyone be responsible for their own bedrooms. Beyond that, there will be various other cleanup tasks that can be shared throughout the family. At the end of the cleaning session you could have a reward of a favorite take out treat. That might be the perfect motivation to get everyone working!

It might also help to get Junk King Nashville working on your spring cleaning task. These are professional junk haulers that can handle the removal of any item that has been designated as unwanted. That kind clearing can have a major positive impact on your spring cleaning.

You Point, It Goes

The simplest way to describe how Junk King operates is “you point, it goes.” No matter what you want to get rid of, the Junk King team is going to do all of the lifting and loading work for you. You will always be assigned a two-man crew to take care of that task. You just need to point to the objects that you want cleared away. It doesn’t matter if those items are down in the basement or up on the second floor. The Junk King team will find a safe and efficient way of getting those objects removed from the home and loaded onto the back of their truck.

It also doesn’t matter how much you want to clear out. It can be one or two big things or a bunch of little things. It can also be a combination of both. Once you have shown the Junk King crew all the items that you want cleared out, they will be able to present you with a price based on how everything will fit onto the truck. With Junk King it is all about the volume!

This year, let Junk King Nashville help out with your spring cleaning project. You’ll be glad you did.

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