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Category Archives: Seattle Appliance Disposal

Seattle Treadmill and Exercise Machine Disposal

Downtown Seattle gym, CKO Kickboxing recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. Owners Garrett and Jessica Renon have “created a space where sweat, high energy and fun are a daily occurrence.” Over the last twelve months, CKO Seattle fired up two 10-Week Challenges which resulted in dozens of members achieving remarkable body transformations. They also managed to raise money for local charities and boosted membership loyalty.

“When people come to the gym their first impression is ‘wow you have a lot of bags’ quickly followed by ‘I don’t know if I can do this.’ The funny thing is those are the people who become members,” said Garrett. “And you’re not just a member, by the way, most say at some point, ‘You guys are like family.’ That is the biggest compliment a gym could get.”

CKO is just one of the many upscale gyms in the Seattle area that you can take full advantage of. That would mean giving up your home treadmill or weight bench but let’s be honest, you don’t use that much, do you? Although your intentions might have been solid, the truth is that there are just too many distractions around the home which stand in the way of you getting in shape. When you join a gym you’re going to get fired up to go because it becomes an appointment not unlike a trip to the doctor’s or nail salon. You want to keep that appointment because you know what will happen if you don’t.

Don’t think you have to be “in shape” to join a gym. You’ll soon discover there are plenty of body types working out alongside you. Yes, there will be folks who look like they live in the gym but for the most part the average gym user is someone who knows how important physical activity is for their overall well-being.

As soon as you join a gym you’ll want to get a fresh start which includes a better diet and a home free of junk. What does one have to do with the other? If you can get rid of that old exercise equipment you won’t be kicking yourself every time you walk past it. This is the time to stay positive.

Junk King Seattle can certainly haul away that exercise equipment without breaking a sweat. These are the junk removal specialists who know what a clean home can look like. Moving out those big items will free up your home for more practical uses. Would a desk or chair look better in the corner where the treadmill is? Could you convert you unused workout room into a home movie theater? Why not? Start with Junk King Seattle and see where that takes you!

Seattle Computer Monitor Recycling

“Our goal is to educate the community about responsible recycling practices and provide our friends and neighbors with a convenient solution to a growing problem,” so says Mark Querry, President of American Electronics Recycling.

This is a company who is dedicated to handling the proper disposal of e-waste and that’s a big issue for Seattle and elsewhere. As EPA estimates, there are anywhere between 4 to 8 pounds of lead based in a typical computer monitor or television. A circuit board and flat screen monitor can contain toxic metals. If you were to toss these objects into a landfill any and all of those harmful elements could be released into the environment. That’s why a company like Mark’s is so important. The only hitch is that you have to go to him or wait for a sponsored event. Either way you’ll still be doing all the loading up and driving. Is there a better way? There is if you hire Junk King Seattle.

Junk King Seattle’s teams are composed of professional junk haulers that provide door-to-door service as in your front or back door. Either way you let the Junk King crew in, they’ll be doing all the work of lifting and loading. Yes, every Junk King removal appointment comes with at least two able bodied haulers who will have no problem taking away what you’re tossing out. All of your junk will be loaded onto the Junk King truck for the final drop off. With stuff like e-waste the Junk King crew might just end up stopping by a company like American Electronics Recycling. But whether they go there or some other certified drop off site, you’re not going to be charged any extra. Your cost will be based on how much space your stuff takes up on their truck. No surprise charges. You’ll also know what that price is before anything is moved. That way you can agree or say, “Thanks but no.”

Hardly anybody says “no” to Junk King Seattle. That’s because they make things so easy. On any given day, a Junk King crew is working the neighborhoods of Seattle. You could call the office and discover that a truck could be dispatched to your home right away. Within an hour or two you can finally be rid of all your junk and e-waste. Won’t that be a relief? Now you’ll have more room in your closets, basements and attics. If you’re one of the lucky few living on a Seattle houseboat then you know how valuable space is. In fact, anywhere you live you should be living efficiently. That can happen when your junk is taken away. Let Junk King get you there.

Seattle Concrete Disposal and Recycling

Back in the day, bartering was all the rage. If you wanted to “buy” something you could trade something you had. Recently, a smart trader started with a red paper clip and traded that online all the way up to free rent in a home for a year. In your own neighborhood you could barter with a friend to help with landscaping. They help you in the garden and you help them in their garden. Or maybe you do a babysitting exchange. Either way no money has to exchange hands and you can get a lot of things done.

Borrowing is also a good way to go. Instead of rushing out to buy gardening tools you could ask you neighbor to borrow a rake or shovel. If you have to get a bigger job done like breaking up a cracked driveway then you could rent heavy-duty equipment like a jackhammer or pick ax. Use it for a weekend and bring it back on Monday. With a big backyard cleanup, you might reach a point where you’ll have to hire professionals like the Junk King Seattle.

These would be the experts in junk hauling that can help you take away things like piles of busted up concrete, dirt, soda, wood, lumber, tree limbs, above ground swimming pools or a hot tub. When Junk King is on the job they will do the heavy lifting and hauling away. You can’t really ask a neighbor to get their truck dirty or give up hours to drive to a dump. You shouldn’t have to do that either and you won’t when you work with Junk King Seattle.

Junk King of Seattle is part of the national franchise of professional junk haulers that have been in business since 2005. Although still a young company, in that short time they’ve managed to cart away tons of unwanted items. Most of that stuff goes for recycling or refurbishing. That’s because Junk King is dedicated to keeping the environment clean. With something like busted up concrete that can be ground up and reused in new mixes. If you’ve ever seen a bag of recycle cement this is where is comes from: somebody else’s old patio.

The Junk King Seattle crew doesn’t just have to help you clean up your yards. They’ll be happy to take away whatever you’re throwing out. Now is the time to clean out your garage. At long last you can reclaim that space and put it to more practical use. The same can be said for your basement, closets and any room in your home. How can Junk King help? Call them today to find out.

Seattle Grill Disposal and Recycling

It’s always good to be number one no matter what business you’re in. In the junk hauling arena, Junk King is proud to be the number one rated Seattle junk removal and hauling service. What can the Seattle Junk King do for you?  Think about your home as a model of efficiency – everything in it should be there for a reason.  Whether it is practical or sentimental, the furniture, appliances, electronics, and items you place in your home are a real description of your character.  That’s why junk is the enemy of any home – it shows the ‘bad’ side of us all, those items that we want to get rid of because they are useless, but simply haven’t had the time or manpower to take on.  That’s why Junk King Seattle is here.

In a more specific case given the warming weather, Junk King Seattle is the company to call on when you’re ready to upgrade your BBQ grill. No, they can’t supply you with a new grill but they can certainly clear the way by removing your older model. Most backyard grills take a beating from the weather especially here in Seattle. Even with a proper cover there is still going to be damage over the long term. If grilling is your thing then you know how important it is to have an efficiently working grill. Grilling food is also the healthiest way to eat. Throw on a fresh piece of salmon from Pike Place Fish Market with a little dill sauce and you’ve got a top-notch dinner.

On that same trip when Junk King takes away your grill they can also clear out the rest of your clutter from your backyard. Maybe it’s time you can replace your patio furniture that has also taken a beating from the winter storms. Bottom line: if you need to get rid of something that needs to be lifted by a crew and loaded on a truck then Junk King is your best bet. The pricing structure for Junk King is a pretty good deal, too!

A Junk King supervisor will come out to your home to access the amount of junk you have and how much space it would take up on their truck. You could probably skip this step if you’re just tossing out the grill but why not put the JK crew to work? Once the estimate is agreed on you’ll set up a removal appointment that works for your schedule. This is usually a two-hour window and Junk King won’t keep you waiting. Remember that number one rating? That means being on time and getting the job done right. Call Junk King today to see how they can get the clutter out of your life.

Seattle Old Washing Machine and Dryer Disposal

Is there anything better than slipping on a cotton shirt that has just come out of the dryer? If you don’t appreciate that your pets would probably love diving into a load of fluffy, warm clothes! When your dryer isn’t delivering the goods like it should perhaps it’s time for a new model. Before making your purchase you might want to consider a few things. Top of the list would be gas or electric. A gas dryer costs anywhere from $50 to $150 more but will save you a lot in electric bills. For the gas dryer you’ll need a gas hookup (naturally) and a 120-volt outlet. As for the electric dryer needs a 240-volt outlet.

In terms of dryer capacity, you don’t need to get hung up on all the options. Basically look for something that is slightly bigger than your washer capacity. You want your clothes to have room to “move around” in the dryer. For the occasional big bulk drying like a comforter you might want to try the front-loading big machines as the local laundromat.

Clothes can be damaged in a dryer by over drying. Yes, we’re talking about shrinkage. Some of today’s modern dryer design comes equipped with moisture sensors which can shut down the cycle when the clothes have become dry. You can help this process by setting your drying cycle for a “less dry” type of spin. You can always run a few minutes more for a touch up. A dryer with touchpad controls might be fun to operate but that won’t change the machine’s main function performance. One area you should be concerned about is the level of noise a dryer can produce. This is important if the dryer is going to be adjacent to a bedroom. There are also dryers that can let you turn off those loud buzzing alarms. Always helpful!

As for getting rid of your dryer you need only contact Junk King Seattle for the removal. Since it took a truck and at least one able bodied mover to bring your dryer into the house it’s going to take at least that much to remove it. That’s just what you’ll be getting when you hire Junk King. Don’t expect the store you’re buying your new dryer from to provide removal services. Besides with Junk King you’ll be able to toss out a lot of other unwanted stuff with the same appointment. In other words, start with getting rid of that old dryer and don’t stop until your home is completely free of junk! Let Junk King Seattle show you the way.

E-Waste Recycling in Seattle

When it comes to the proper way of getting rid of e-waste the there are no short cuts to be taken. Two officials of Executive Recycling Inc. found that out the hard way when they were recently convicted of multiple counts of mail and wire fraud all stemming from the illegal disposal of collected e-waste. According to the law, all e-waste collected in the U.S. has to stay in the U.S. to be properly disposed off. It can’t be shipped overseas. That’s because the conditions of those overseas dumping sites are nothing less than deplorable. However, the executives at this company gave the order to work around the law and ship the e-waste to China even after claiming they weren’t doing that. As a result those execs are now facing up to $250,000 in fines and 20 years in jail. You don’t want to mess around with e-waste. That’s why you should always call upon a trusted professional like Junk King Seattle to handle the collection and disposal of your electronic waste.

What exactly classifies as electronic waste? “Electronic” is the key word. Anything that has to be plugged into an outlet to power up is considered e-waste. This means all your old televisions, computers, monitors, fax machines, copiers, cell phones, DVD players and boom boxes would all fall under the e-waste classification. The reason these items have to be taken apart and sorted is that some of their components can contain toxic materials. They are no harm to us when they are being used but if these components are tossed onto a trash heap and allowed to decompose then those toxins can end up in the environment and that’s not going to be good for anybody.

With Junk King Seattle on the job you can rest assured that your e-waste will be dropped off at a certified recycling facility. That holds true for any of your other junk items that could be recycled or donated. Junk King will do all the work of lifting, loading and delivering. It’s all part of their comprehensive junk removal services.

And just because you’re hiring Junk King to recycle your old computer doesn’t mean they can’t handle picking up any other oversized item. Once again they will do all the work. You don’t need to drag anything out of your house and down to the street. Already the Junk King crews have carted off pianos, rowboats, treadmills, trunks, fenders, lawnmowers, mattresses and sofas from all over the Seattle area. When you’re ready to toss out your e-waste with the rest of your junk give Junk King Seattle a call at 1-800-995-5865 : they’re going to get the job done right!

Seattle Old TV Disposal

It’s TV buying time! As a smart Seattle shopper you know the holidays are the best time of the year to get a new television. Often the longer you wait the better the deal you might get but you don’t want to hold out for too long. If inventory goes down, those retail outlets might not be able to restock their shelves in time for Christmas. If you see a good deal, snag it and hold onto the receipt. Many stores will offer a refund if you can find a better price for the same item somewhere else. A TV is something you want to see in a store before deciding on but that doesn’t mean you have to buy that TV in the store. You could pick out the make and model you want and then search the internet for an every better bargain.

First step before buying a new TV is to measure the place you’re going to be putting it in. Just because the new line of HDTVs are flatter doesn’t mean they will fit in your entertainment center. You also want to make sure you’ve got room behind the set and to the side for the hook up of your DVD/Blu-ray player and speaker systems. If you’re going for a bigger screen (and why shouldn’t you?) then you’ll want to consider the viewing area. The best for a set that is 42-inches is to sit back at least around 4 to 5 feet. Double that for a 50 or 60 inch set.

If you’re going to be taking that TV home in your car, you better measure that, too. Sure you could fit a 42 inch set in the back of your SUV but with the packing and box that set is going to be a lot bigger.

Then there is the issue of your old TV. Trust us; once you get a look at HD you’re not going to be able to watch anything else! You could try to give the TV away but most folks are happy with their own sets. To get rid of a TV the right way you should call Junk King Seattle at 1-888-888-JUNK.

These are the Seattle junk removal experts who won’t be dumping your TV into a landfill but instead making sure it is properly recycled. While they’re at it, Junk King can also take away any other oversized item you want to get rid of.  You don’t need to worry about hurting your back or scratching your car – they’re professionals in the truest sense of the word.  That’s because they’ll be showing up with a huge empty truck that’s just waiting to be filled up. You’ll enjoy your new home theater a lot more knowing you’ve gotten all the junk out of the house! Call Junk King today and see how they can help you get there.

Seattle Appliance Disposal

If buying a new kitchen appliance is on your holiday shopping list this year make sure you get the best bargain by doing a little ground work before heading out to the store. Old fashioned coupons are always a good place to start from. Every Sunday paper from now until Christmas is sure to be jammed pack with circulars and coupons. If you don’t get the paper, the investment you make one Sunday could save you big bucks. You can continue your search for coupons on line. Just Google the item you’re looking for or the store you’re thinking of buying it from and add the word “coupon.” You’ll be amazed at how many printable coupons are online waiting to be snatched up.

Although all the talk about shopping is Black Friday don’t think you’re missing out on a bargain. Yes, there might be some fantastic door buster deals but they’re not worth spending the night in line or running the risk of being stampeded. Take your time. Stores are always slashing prices and offering sales especially the closer you get to Christmas. If you do a little research on line and print out a sale price for a particular item then take that into the store, you could make a bargain to walk out with the thing you want at the lower price.

If you’re buying a big appliance like stove or refrigerator, you want to check out the store’s return policy and warranty. Make sure you can bring it back if it turns out to be a lemon. With something like a fridge or washing machine, it might pay to have the extended warranty provided it covers parts and service calls.

You can also do comparison shopping on line. Yes, you can buy a refrigerator on line and get it shipped to you for less than it might cost to have it delivered. Online retailers love making shipping costs a bargain and you can benefit from visiting a couple of sites before hitting the click buy button.

Before you can bring in the new appliance, you’re going to have to get rid of that old one. That can happen very quickly when you hire Junk King Seattle. Junk King is the Seattle based business that is part of a national franchise of professional junk haulers. These are fully certified and insured workers who will treat your home with respect. After removing your junk they’ll be making sure it is properly disposed of at a recycling center or state certified landfill. This is important because many of these big items can’t be dumped at a landfill and can only be recycled. Junk King Seattle will know right where to take your old appliances. All you have to focus on is what great creations you’ll be cooking up in your new kitchen!

For the best in Seattle Appliance Disposal services, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today.

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