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Garbage Removal Contra Costa CA

There are a lot of things that the city of Contra Costa does for its residents that nobody ever notices. It’s only the things like potholes, broken streetlights and missed garbage pickups do people pay attention to. With regard to the garbage removal, like most other cities, the Contra Costa municipal workers have to follow strict guidelines. They can only take away the things that are in your trashcan. Although you’re supposed to have the can on the street, the workers aren’t above moving the can down from the sidewalk if it is blocked. However, if you want to get rid of a sofa, TV or refrigerator, then the city might not be much help. There just won’t be room on the truck! Instead, for those big garbage removal jobs you’ll want to bring in the team from Junk King. They’ll get that job done right every time!


Junk King will provide a moving crew and huge truck for every junk removal session. That’s what you would get if the garbage workers took care of the job but the big difference with Junk King is that you don’t have to bring anything down from the house. All your heavy stuff can stay right where it is. The team from Junk King will pick it up from its current location even if that means climbing stairs!

The other benefit with hiring Junk King is that they are going to make sure your junk is properly disposed off. The garbage that is collect by the city goes straight to the landfill. That’s not going to be good for the environment. With Junk King on the job, your unwanted items have the potential to be repurposed through drop offs at charities or recycling centers. Junk King is happy to avoid the landfills all together!

An added benefit of all that recycling is the lower cost. Landfills charge heavy dumping fees that are usually by the pound. Junk King’s pricing structure involves estimating how much space your junk will fill on the back of the truck. It’s all about volume and that is the fairest way to price out this type of service. For those times when your garbage removal is too much for the city to handle, you can count on Junk King.