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Category Archives: Contra Costa County Junk Removal Team

Contra Costa Professional Junk Removal Services for Foreclosures

Being in the real estate business is not something simple. You have to deal with different types of people, know their preferences and show them the right type of property to suit their need. Taking clients to different properties is tacky, yet it becomes tougher when the establishment is in a mess. Foreclosure properties are often piled up with loads of trash and business owners might not always find time for cleaning the area. If you are also facing challenges in cleaning foreclosures, you can contact any reputed Contra Costa professional junk removal services.

By paying a few dollars to a professional company, you can ensure a complete trash free premise, which you can show to your clients at any time you want. Yet, just appointing any junk removal companies will not serve the purpose. To get the job done easily, you should take the assistance of a reliable service. If you want a hassle free experience in cleaning foreclosure, you have come to the right place. At Junk King, we have the expertise of cleaning different types of properties and can assure you complete satisfaction.

Garbage Removal Contra Costa CA

There are a lot of things that the city of Contra Costa does for its residents that nobody ever notices. It’s only the things like potholes, broken streetlights and missed garbage pickups do people pay attention to. With regard to the garbage removal, like most other cities, the Contra Costa municipal workers have to follow strict guidelines. They can only take away the things that are in your trashcan. Although you’re supposed to have the can on the street, the workers aren’t above moving the can down from the sidewalk if it is blocked. However, if you want to get rid of a sofa, TV or refrigerator, then the city might not be much help. There just won’t be room on the truck! Instead, for those big garbage removal jobs you’ll want to bring in the team from Junk King. They’ll get that job done right every time!


Junk King will provide a moving crew and huge truck for every junk removal session. That’s what you would get if the garbage workers took care of the job but the big difference with Junk King is that you don’t have to bring anything down from the house. All your heavy stuff can stay right where it is. The team from Junk King will pick it up from its current location even if that means climbing stairs!

The other benefit with hiring Junk King is that they are going to make sure your junk is properly disposed off. The garbage that is collect by the city goes straight to the landfill. That’s not going to be good for the environment. With Junk King on the job, your unwanted items have the potential to be repurposed through drop offs at charities or recycling centers. Junk King is happy to avoid the landfills all together!

An added benefit of all that recycling is the lower cost. Landfills charge heavy dumping fees that are usually by the pound. Junk King’s pricing structure involves estimating how much space your junk will fill on the back of the truck. It’s all about volume and that is the fairest way to price out this type of service. For those times when your garbage removal is too much for the city to handle, you can count on Junk King.

Pleasanton CA Attic Cleanout

Could you provide a complete inventory of everything that is currently in storage up in your attic? Sure, you can probably list the holiday decorations and some old baby clothes and furniture but what about the rest of the stuff? Just like our garage, the attic becomes a very popular place for storage. Even a wobbly ladder won’t keep you from cramming boxes up there. Of course, once something does go up into the attic, it stands a good chance of being forgotten until you move out of the home or decide to clean it up. If cleaning is on the agenda, then Junk King is the company to call.

Junk King offers every customer the same basic junk removal package. That includes a two-man moving crew and a huge truck. That truck will be big enough to hold whatever you’re tossing out. As for the crew, they are going to do all the work for you. That is literally all the work. All you need do is point to what you want removed and it will be gone.

In the case of an attic cleanout, the Junk King team will be happy to climb up and down those stairs or ladder as many times as it takes to get that area cleared out. If you’re lucky enough to have an attic space that you can actually stand in, you might want to consider converting that space into something more practical than a storage area. It can become a home office, a playroom for the kid or another bedroom. It can also become your quiet zone where you can relax and melt away the troubles of the day. First, you have to clear it all out and that is where Junk King comes into play.

Along with all the clutter that can be removed from your attic, the Junk King crew can also work wonders taking away unwanted items from your closet and garage. All those old clothes, furniture and household goods can finally be gone. Best of all, none of those items will have to go to waste. With Junk King on the job, everything collected stands the chance of being recycled or donated. That is just how Junk King rolls!

Hiring Junk King for your attic cleanout can lead to a home that is totally transformed for the better.

How To Calculate Your Contra Costa Junk Removal Cost – Use Junk King’s Pricing Estimator

Every type of service industry will provide some sort of estimate for their business. At Junk King, the online pricing estimate can provide you with an instant range of cost by itemizing the specific objects you want thrown out. Plus, it’s really fun to use! Before accessing Junk King’s pricing estimator, you’ll want to get a sense of exactly what you’re throwing out. This will mean sorting through all your unwanted items that are being kept in storage in your garage, closets, attic or spare rooms. You don’t have to pull anything out of the house for the Junk King crew’s pickup. They’ll removed it right from the spot.


Now that you have a general idea of what you need removed, start clicking! The Junk King pricing estimator takes you through a virtual tour of your home room by room and lets you list all the pieces. By the end of the tour you’ll have a pretty good range of what the cost could be. It is important to remember that this won’t be the final estimate. That can only happen when the Junk King crew sizes up your stuff in person.

The reason that the crew needs to see your junk before the final estimate is that you could end up adding more to the pile between the time you use the pricing estimator and the scheduled appointment. Also, just because you list something like a sofa doesn’t mean it will take up the same amount of space as every other sofa. That is actually an advantage for you. The Junk King crews like to pack up their trucks very tightly. This allows them to make several stops during the course of a day. It also means you’ll be paying on the low end of the estimate range.

When you agree to the final estimate, then that price becomes locked down and the loading can begin. If it turns out that your stuff takes up more space, you’ll only pay that original estimate. This is what makes Junk King the fairest professional junk hauler in Contra Costa.

As you’ll see from the website items list, there is no limit to what you can have removed by Junk King. Even if something didn’t make the list, chances are it can still be hauled away. For fast and affordable junk removal, go with Junk King every time.

Feel Safe With Your Contra Costa County Junk Removal Team

Do you have an emergency escape plan for your home? Even if you only have a front door, you can still have a plan for getting out of windows in the back in cased of trouble. A plan like this is important especially for a big family in a big house. Not only will you need to have an evacuation plan but you should also set up a call plan to notify others about your whereabouts. It’s best to call a designated person outside of your state to prevent a busy signal. Having an emergency plan can provide you with a sense of security the same way that secure locks on your doors and windows can. It’s all part of a protection plan that you have to be proactive about. That extends to hiring workers who come into your home.


The people you want to avoid as workers would be anyone who hasn’t been vetted. In other words, just because someone is advertising their services on a flyer tacked to a telephone pole doesn’t mean they are trustworthy. The same can be said for a Craigslist posting. Where are the references? Where are the customer reviews? Those are the things any type of service professional should be able to provide to you.

In addition, a service professional should also be licensed, bonded and insured. Even if the job is something as fast a junk removal, you should demand that level of professionalism. Junk King provides that plus a whole lot more.

When you set up a junk removal appointment with Junk King, you’re actually getting two capable workers who will be doing all the actual work. That will make a huge difference when it comes to getting those heavier objects taken from your home. This crew can also be utilized to dismantle any object. Things like hot tubs, pool tables, swing sets and tool sheds might have to be broken down before they can be loaded up. That won’t be a problem for Junk King.

You’ll also feel good about hiring Junk King when it comes to the environment. Junk King follows strict guidelines for disposal. These guidelines include dropping off the bulk of what they collect to recycling centers or charities. For professional junk removal from start to finish, Junk King is the only way to go.

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