Hoarder Level Cleanups Are No Problem For Junk King Los Angeles

There are two kinds of hoarders. The first is the clinically diagnosed type of hoarder that has a complicated relationship with rubbish. This is someone who finds it extremely hard to let go of anything. The result is that their properties become overwhelmed with all kinds of junk that they feel has value but in reality, is just trash and a health hazard. The other type of hoarder could be considered the “casual” kind. This is someone who has accumulated a lot of clutter and rubbish around their property but has no problem getting rid of it. The only challenge for them is finding the right crew and truck to haul it all away. As you can see from this video, no matter what type of hoarder level cleanup is required, Junk King Los Angeles is the best option for getting the job done.

Safety First

The hoarder cleanups that have gotten out of control can present a health hazard not only for first responders and the occupant of the property but also for the Junk King crews. You might have noticed in the video that one of the team members was wearing a full hazmat suit. That is the kind of safety precautions that Junk King takes to make sure that their crews are kept from coming in contact with has is curious. Usually, in hoarder cleanups those suits are required for the backing up of all the trash and debris. Once those items have been brought out to the house, they can easily be loaded onto the truck.

No Job Too Big

You can also see from the video that this was an especially large cleanup job. When that type of situation has been assessed by Junk King, they will provide extra crews and trucks to make sure everything gets cleared away in a single session. You certainly don’t want to leave any amount of trash out on the curb.

Your cleanup might not be as intense but that doesn’t mean it won’t be taken care of the right way by Junk King. You’ll get the same level of dedication and attention to detail to ensure that you will be totally satisfied at the end of the job.

Hoarder level cleanups can be taken care of with one call to Junk King Los Angeles. Book that session today.