Get Rid Of Old Carpets With Help From Junk King

There are probably more red carpets per capita in Los Angeles then there are anywhere in the country. The most famous red carpets are the ones used every year for the Oscar ceremony. But throughout the year, there are literally dozens of premieres and special events that all have a red carpet as part of the proceedings. Rolling out the red carpet signifies that something special is about to happen. Ironically, there aren’t many homes with bright red carpets. That kind of color could end up being to “riveting” for normal use. The best carpets for home use are the ones with muted tones but after years of family “traffic”, those carpets will need to be replaced. If you’re ready to roll up the carpets in your home, then you’re ready for a hauling session with Junk King Los Angeles.


The moment a carpet is rolled up, it becomes a very heavy object that requires two movers to get out of the house. That is exactly who Junk King Los Angeles will be sending over. These two moving know the right way to lift and maneuver all kinds of bulky objects. You can trust them to get your old carpets out of the home without any damage. You can also trust them to remove a whole lot more in the same session.

What other heavy objects do you have in your home that you could get rid of with a little moving help from Junk King? Don’t worry if you live in an elevator building or a walk up apartment. The crews working for Junk King will easily navigate those areas to get your stuff removed.

The hauling work provided by Junk King can extend to the yards on your property as well. Whether you have concrete patio or a grass lawn you probably have some things you want to get picked up and cleared out. Again, size, weight or grime won’t be an issue for Junk King.

When your old carpets are rolled up, count on Junk King Los Angeles to haul them along with the rest of your junk. That’s always a special event.

Junk King Handles All Kinds of Big Garbage

If you’ve ever gone to Hollywood Boulevard for a movie premiere, then you’ll see what a massive undertaking it is to roll out the red carpet for all the stars. Often, it is not just the carpet that goes out but also bleachers for the fans, velvet ropes and all kinds of promotional posters. For the really big movies, they’ll often recreate sets right on the street and throw the big after-screening party there. Then when the party is over at midnight, a might squad of workers swoop in to clear away all that stuff so that be the next morning there isn’t a trace of that premiere. Now you can have you own version of that cleanup crew to handle all kinds of big garbage removal from your home. All you have to do is call Junk King Los Angeles.


It is easy to decide what is big garbage. That would be anything you want to get rid of that you can’t toss out in the trash. Furniture, electronics and appliances would certainly qualify as big garbage. But what about all the things from your closet? How many outfits, shoes, coats and sweaters are you positive you’ll never wear again? Once that pile is created it could be considered as big garbage but you don’t want to throw it in the trash. Here is where Junk King can make a difference.

The Junk King crews have all been trained to sort through everything they collect in order to pull out those things that can be donated. You don’t have to worry about what condition an item might be in or whether or not it is in style. Just turn it all over to Junk King and they’ll strive to get it to a local charity. As for the other big garbage items, they could be dropped off at recycling center. Junk King is determined to help LA reach it’s zero waste goals!

When big garbage items are removed from your home or apartment, you’re going to find yourself with a lot more usable space. Let Junk King Los Angeles help with that goal. Put them to work today.

A Better Plan For Your Inventory Storeroom

One thing Los Angeles residents can agree on: No matter where you live or work, storage space always seems to be at premium. It fills up fast whether that is your apartment storage bin, your garage or your business’s inventory storeroom. When it comes to your business, that storage space can become a hindrance if it isn’t utilized properly. Here’s how to make it work.warehouse-485240_1280

Draw Out a Good Floor Plan

Even a small storeroom in the back of a restaurant should have a floor plan. This plan can be drawn up, laminated and posted for anyone to see. It should detail where things are on a shelf and which set of shelves. Think of it as a “roadmap” for your staff to follow. It will be very helpful for new staff to follow the map vs. constantly asking where something is.

Set Policies

A big business like Amazon has an automated warehouse with a massive data system that tracks every item. When supplies are low, the supply chain is alerted and arrangements are made to replenish. At lot of this happens automatically. Your business might not have a system like that in place but there can still be policies that establish a supply chain that works best for your company. When you need to reorder an item it crucial and every employee who works in the storeroom should know when to trigger those reorders.

Provide for the Staff

As best as you can, you should try to provide space for your staff to take breaks or hold meetings. You don’t want them sitting on crates in the alley eating their lunch. If a separate breakroom isn’t feasible, then a table with benches can serve the same purpose.

Utilize the Space

This pertains to the concept of what is valuable and what is a loss. Obviously, the bulk of your inventory should be items that are either being sold at a store or shipped to a customer. There will probably also be returned and damaged items that can’t be sold again. Those are the loss items but do you have to hold onto them. Once a record has been made of them, they should be consider rubbish and at that point you’ll want to hire Junk King Los Angeles for a rubbish clearing. Junk King can send over a dedicated team and truck that can handle a relatively large amount of rubbish removal. When the goal is to make more space in your inventory storeroom, you can count on Junk King Los Angeles to be a big help with rubbish removal.

Good Advice For Back-To-School Prep

When it is back-to-school time, everything around the household changes. Even though summer vacation wasn’t technically that long, it was long enough to forget about what it takes to get up, get ready and get out the door for school. Those challenges are in place whether you’re sending a toddler or a teenager off to school. Here is some good advice you can put into place to make your back-to-school transition run smoother:


Identify Priorities

The older the student, the more opportunities for activities that happen outside of school time. Sports, theater, friends, social media and homework all have to find a way to get squeezed into the day. This is when you need to identify your student’s priorities. They can spend time with all of those activities but not at the detriment of grades. TV shows can be recorded and watched later. Friends can wait until the weekend. The focus should be dedicated time each night for homework. After that, the other things can fall into place.

Social Media Cut Off

Speaking of social media, you need to establish some boundaries with regard to Smartphone use. It should probably be shut off during homework time but also during family meals. In fact, no phone should make an appearance at the dinner table! It is also important to set a curfew for social media. It’s not hard to imagine kids staying up all night texting back and forth. If it becomes a real problem, then perhaps the solution is to surrender all devices at bedtime and retrieve them in the morning.

Ask Questions

As the parent, you’re going to want to find out how their school days are going. The classic “How was school today?” and cliché response, “Fine” might not provide the information you’re really seeking. You’ll want to go deeper and ask questions that provoke better answers like “What kind of challenges did you overcome today?” “Who did you help?” “What is your goal for tomorrow?” There might be some grumbling at first but keep pressing until a dialogue happens.

Remove Clutter

Starting the school year is a clean slate for the kids. It should also be a clean slate around the house. The less clutter, the less distractions. Junk King Los Angeles can prove to be a terrific decluttering partner. All those unwanted items from your kid’s closet, dresser, shelves and bedroom can be gathered up and carted away by Junk King. The same goes for every other room in the house. Make this year’s back-to-school prep one that involves no clutter with help from Junk King Los Angeles.

Elevate Your Midsummer Cleaning With Rubbish Removal

The level of cleaning you do for your home depends a lot on the time you want to devote to the chore. If you decide to set aside and entire day, then you can go with a deep cleaning that clears out dust and grime from every nook and cranny. If you want to just “spruce things up” because company is coming over, then a quick vacuum and wipe down should take care of things. For your midsummer cleaning will you be going deep or quick? Either way, you can benefit from bringing in Junk King Los Angeles. They’ll help you get rid of all kinds of rubbish and that can make your home look amazing.

You should consider the rubbish that Junk King clears away to be the kind of stuff you couldn’t easily take care of on your own. Any piece of furniture or a big appliance like an old water heater or refrigerator would fall into that category. Not only would you need help getting it out of your house but you would also need a truck to haul it off in. This is exactly what Junk King is going to provide: The help and the truck. Thankfully, you won’t have to do any of the lifting. The two-man crew will handle that. And you also don’t have to devote the time to the disposal. Once the truck is loaded, the job is done as far as you’re concerned. It’s just that simple.

Where will Junk King be taking your stuff? Most people would guess a landfill but that’s not how Junk King likes to operate. They would prefer avoiding the landfill and it’s hefty dumping charges. Instead, Junk King will make coordinated drop offs at charity thrift stores or recycling centers. This is the best way to repurpose a lot of items and keep them out of the dump. That’s always better for the environment.

If you know exactly what you want to get rid of, then you can book your session with Junk King today. Just know that you might be offered the chance to have your stuff picked up right away. With Junk King Los Angles helping out with rubbish removal, your midsummer cleaning project go to a whole other level.

Hacks To Help Make A Perfect Vacation

Pulling off the perfect vacation requires planning. Of course, even with the best planning you still can’t control Mother Nature. You can take your vacation planning to the next level by implementing these smart travel hacks:


Set Up Price Alerts

Getting a great airline price is a lot like playing the stock market. There are constant changes in prices and you have to know when to jump in. The best way to do that is to set up price alerts for your specific flights. There are a lot of apps that can help with this. You should also sign up for the airline emails. They will often promote special flights with an email blast.

Pack Instant Oatmeal

Many flights have cut back on serving meals but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat. A packet of instant oatmeal and some add in toppings can make a nice breakfast. Just ask for a cup of hot water and you’re good to go.

Ask For Upgrades

All along your travels, you should ask for upgrades. Some might come with reasonable charges. Others might be given to you for free because you’re a nice customer. That actually happens! These upgrades can be on the airline but also at the car rental place and your hotel.

Pack a Laundry Bag

Going on vacation isn’t the time to bring your closet with you. A smart packer will pack an outfit for each day. You could also check the hotel to see if they provide laundry services that can mean packing less. It’s a good idea to pack a laundry bag to tuck your clothes into when you’re done wearing them. That will keep them separate from the clean clothes yet to be worn.

Before you head off on your perfect vacation, you’ll want to get things in order around the house. If you have a house sitter coming in, then you don’t have to worry about stopping the mail or setting lights on timers. What you should consider is taking care are any chores you’ve put off. You don’t want to come home and face a “to-do” list. A call to Junk King Los Angeles can help with your rubbish removal task. Put these pro junk haulers to work getting rid of your unwanted furniture and electronics. You can relax on your dream vacation knowing that Junk King Los Angeles cleared out the clutter before you left.

Use The Junk King Pricing Estimator To Set Your Junk Removal Session

Remember the last time you moved? You were probably surprised by two things. First, how much stuff you had accumulated over the years. Second, how it managed to fit on the moving truck. Movers don’t just have experience with lifting and loading but also with packing. A successful job depends on them getting everything onto the truck so that it won’t be damaged in transport. Junk King Los Angeles operates a lot of the same way. Their moving crews have experience with loading and packing, too. Although they’re not as concerned about damages! The goal for Junk King is to get as much as they can into as little space as possible. To see how this works, you’ll want to fire up the pricing estimator.


The Junk King pricing estimator lets you set up your appointment and see a possible range of fees. You have two options for using this special program. You can either list each item individually or go by the truckload. The Junk King truck equals the same amount of space as 6 pickup trucks. Could your stuff fit onto the back of one pickup truck? If so, then you can click and see what the range would be. It is just that simple.

The final price won’t be locked down until an onsite visit by the crew. This is actually a good thing because often you move over guess. When the Junk King crew sees what you have to get rid of, they have the experience to provide a clearer estimation. You won’t be upset paying less, will you?

Included in that final will be the disposal part of the service. This is where Junk King is really making a positive impact for the community. They’ve been dedicated to a green way of doing things since that started collecting rubbish. Often that means skipping the landfill and instead making a drop off at a recycling center or charity. The fewer trips Junk King can make to the dump each week, the better off everyone will be.

If you thought getting rid of your junk with Junk King Los Angeles was easy before, then wait until you fire up the pricing estimator. Put it to the test today.

Declutter Your Backyard Deck

Before a backyard deck can be declared “finished” it has to be sealed. Whatever stain you have on the wood needs an extra layer of protection from the elements. Fortunately, Los Angeles weather being what it is, rain doesn’t wear off that sealant like it does in other parts of the country. If you lived in the Midwest, you might have to reseal the deck every other year. In LA, it might only be ever five years.


Backyard decks are made for entertaining but it’s hard to enjoy that space if the deck is full of clutter. Random items like appliances, furniture and other things that don’t fit in the garage or house often end up on the deck crowding out the dining space. It might also be that the chairs or tables you have out there need to be replaced. The same could be said for a grill that has seen better days. How can you get your backyard deck cleared of all that clutter? That’s easy. Just call up Junk King Los Angeles.

Junk King LA knows all about clearing out rubbish. On any given day, the Junk King teams fan out across Los Angeles to help homeowners and businesses remove tons of stuff regardless of size or weight. The first step is to set up your appointment. That can be handled with a phone call or a few clicks on the Junk King website. You get to pick the day that works best for your schedule. Could that be today? It could be because Junk King likes to leave room in their day for same-day pick up. The sooner you call in, the more likely you are to snag that spot. If you don’t get a same-day appointment, then might be able to get that deck clutter cleared by tomorrow. Yes, Junk King moves that fast.

You could also arrange for Junk King to pick up your items without you being home. It happens all the time especially with the backyard rubbish. Junk King Los Angeles wants to make getting rid of your backyard deck clutter a breeze. Put them to the challenge today.

How To Properly Toss Out An Old Bike And Other Junk

One of the best bike paths in Los Angeles is down by the beach. You could start your bike ride in Santa Monica and go south into Venice and beyond. It depends on how much pedal power you have. It also helps to have a bike that is properly maintained. Quite often, we either out grow our bikes or have the wrong bike for the type of riding you want to do. What do you do with an old bike? This is one of those removal challenges that is best answered with a call to Junk King Los Angeles. Instead of having that old bike clutter up your limited storage space, turn it over to Junk King.


To hire Junk King you need to call to set up an appointment. They’ll then schedule a time that works best with your day and dispatch a team of movers and a big truck. That might seem like a lot of effort just to get rid of a single old bike. In a way, it is and that’s why you should take advantage of those movers and truck to clear out the rest of your unwanted junk. If the goal is to reclaim space in your home or apartment, then there are probably a lot of things you can get rid of along with your old bike.

When you hire Junk King, there won’t be any limits with regard to size or weight. You can get rid of a bunch of heavy furniture or a dozen boxes of clothes. It’s all the same to Junk King. The only thing they’re focused on is how they’re going to pack up the truck. Their goal with that task is to get as much of your stuff into as little as space as possible. The result of that will you be paying the low end of the price scale. All of this will be worked out before the loading begins. The crews have the experience to look over all your stuff and know how it will fit on the truck. It’s their special talent!

Getting rid of an old bike and other junk items can help you take back storage space in your home. Junk King Los Angeles can make that happen today.

Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

Are you the type of person who the moment they wake up that think about when they can go back to bed again. It’s a way of actually helping you get out of bed. You’re essentially promising yourself that you’ll be “back to bed” in no time at all. Waking up tired is a good sign you might not be getting a good night’s sleep. Here are some tips you can take to achieve that goal of good sleep:


Relax and Clear Your Mind

Although running a marathon might make you tired, you probably wouldn’t be able to cross the finish line and fall asleep. Your body would be too charged up. That happens to you on a smaller scale throughout the day as you navigate through your work, family and other relationships. Before bed, you need to find ways to “shut down” you mind and relax. You might try listening to relaxing music or taking a warm bath. Your goal is to calm down the body. If you can go through this routine every night, then your body will know it’s time for sleep.

Write Out Your To-Do

Often we can’t get to sleep because our minds are working on overtime. That is understandable but it’s not helping. One thing you could try is to write out all the things you need to accomplish the following day. That includes any calls you have to make or bills you have to pay. That list becomes your “marching orders” for when you wake up in the morning but once you write it down, you don’t have to dwell on it. All that stuff will get done. Relax.

Get a Comfortable Mattress

Sometimes getting comfortable in bed isn’t about calming down the mind but trying to find the perfect sleeping spot. The older your mattress is, the more of a challenge it is to find that sweet spot. It might be time to replace you mattress. Before that can happen, you need to arrange for the old mattress to be removed. That can be quickly handled with one call to Junk King Los Angeles. Not only can you get rid of your old mattress but also all the rest of the clutter in your home. When you hire Junk King Los Angeles to clear the clutter from your home, your chances of a good night’s sleep will go up.