How To Make Your Los Angeles Staycation The Best Vacation Ever

There are hotels all across the country that probably proclaim that they can provide you with all the comforts of home. That is certainly enticing but you have to wonder why you would need to travel to get the comforts of home? It makes a lot more sense stay home on a vacation then deal with the crowds or waste time traveling. If ever there was a city made for staycation, then it’s Los Angeles. Here’s how to make the most of your Los Angeles staycation:


Have A Game Night

When was the last time you got serious about playing Monopoly? Is your vast knowledge of trivia going to waste? All of this sounds like it’s time for a game night. This can either be fun night with the kids or with your grown-up friends. Nothing wrong with going retro with your games and that includes all the tasty treats to have as snacks.

Fine Day New Beach

Santa Monica and Venice are two of the most popular beaches in Los Angeles. But traveling just a bit further north and south will introduce you to some other amazing beaches. Spending the day at the beach is a great idea for one of your staycation days. Start out early so that you can beat the traffic and score a good spot in the sand.

Go To A Theme Park

Lego land. Universal Studios. Disneyland. Six Flags. Those are four amazing theme parks that people travel hundreds of miles to visit and you can probably get to in under an hour. When was the last time you went to one of those terrific theme parks? As a California resident, you will also joy the benefits of cheaper admissions.

Take A Class

There are many one-day classes available throughout Los Angeles that could open up a whole world of new possibilities for you. You can learn to cook a fancy meal or create a piece of pottery. There are even art classes where you can indulge your creative side. A staycation is a great time to sign up for one of these classes.

Before you embark on your staycation fun, you will make sure your house is in order. Just because you’re off for the week doesn’t mean you need to spend that time doing all the things you’ve been putting off on your to do list. But it would be nice to get a few things accomplished. One call to Junk King Los Angeles can certainly take care of removing all your unwanted rubbish items. If you have a collection of unwanted furniture, appliances and other household goods, then Junk King Los Angeles can sweep in and have them taken away in less time than it takes to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. You’ll enjoy your staycation a lot more when the home is clear of clutter thanks to Junk King Los Angeles.

Amazing Moving Hacks For Your Next Move

The decision to move is a big step. Most moves allow you 30 days between the time you give notice and the day you move into your new space. That is plenty of time to get your life packed up. The last thing you want to do is scramble on the day of the move. Here are some amazing moving hacks that will make your next move hassle free.


Tackling the Kitchen

Of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen might be the most difficult to pack up. Between all the pots, pans, gadgets, dishes, silverware and food items you’ve got a lot going on in there. Two to three weeks before your move is when you should focus on clearing out the freezer and your pantry shelves. In other words, it’s time to eat the leftovers!

When you pack up your dishes, they should be vertical instead of horizontal. Wrapping them in tissue paper might not keep them safe. Instead, consider using some of your bathroom towels or T-shirts. As for all your silverware, you could literally shrink wrap your silverware holder and put that in a box. Be careful overloading boxes with too much pots and pans.

Move In the Middle

Everyone moves on the last day of the month. That means that last weekend is going to be heavily booked by movers. Even though they say they’re available you could find that they’ve double booked or are stretched too thin to get your job done. Instead, try to move at the beginning of that last week or even in the middle of the month. You may score a better deal and have a lot less stressful move. It also gives you plenty of time to clean up your old place before you need to turn over your key.

Utilize Every Empty Container

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll go through boxes for your next move. A good place to start is with all the containers you already own such as laundry baskets, suitcases and even trash bins. These can all be packed up a wide variety of your property, bedding and clothing.

Hire Pros For Tossing The Junk

As you pack up your stuff, you’re going to discover plenty of things that you don’t need in your new place. That certainly holds true for things like old computers, clothing that doesn’t fit, furniture that’s worn out or anything else you have it used in over year. All of that stuff can be turned over to Junk King Los Angeles. Junk King will provide you with another type of moving crew but this one is taking your stuff on a one-way journey. Most of what Junk King Los Angeles collects is donated or recycled. That makes them the perfect moving partners. Don’t bring your old junk to your new place give it all to Junk King Los Angeles instead.

Unique Hollywood Memorabilia Going Up For Auction

Los Angeles is definitely an industry town and that industry is making movies. It’s hard to live here without bumping into the occasional film crew out on the street. Everywhere you turn there are reminders that Hollywood is a big business. Part of that business is selling movie memorabilia. Every so often auction houses will get their hands on some iconic prop, costume or piece of artwork that will fetch big dollars from collectors. Going up on the auction block this summer is a wide range of collectibles from early Hollywood history right up to today’s cinematic gems. Here’s what’s being auctioned off:


Saturday Night Fever Dance Floor

Every so often a movie will come along that will define a generation. For the disco era, that movie was Saturday Night Fever. Now you can own one of the most important pieces from that movie: the actual dance floor where John Travolta strutted his stuff. The floor lights up with red, blue and yellow lights all played in rhythm to whatever music is playing. It measures 24′ x 16′. It is estimated that the floor could bring up to $1.5 million. Imagine putting that in your living room!

Disney Memorabilia

Anytime something from the Disney studios go up for auction bidders from around the world clamber to own some of the magic. This summer a 147-page hand annotated working draft of Cinderella will be auctioned off. What makes this special is that it actually contains Walt Disney’s handwritten notes. There are also costumes from Disneyland theme park attractions going up for sale and a small stove that Walt Disney built himself for his backyard railroad.

Battlestar Galactica

Before there were work computer generated special effects, TV shows and movies built models of spaceships and film them against a star backdrop. Some of the models used for TV shows Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers are going to be auctioned off. There are 23 spaceships in a single lot that might fetch as much as $2 million.

Of course, not everything created at a studio is meant to be a priceless collectible. There are many flats, pieces of scenery, drapery and other items that can no longer be recycled into other productions. Studios know they can always count on Junk King Los Angeles for fast disposal of those art department discarded items. Junk King Los Angeles provides the crews and the trucks to haul away just about any size item. If Junk King Los Angeles can clear out a Hollywood studio just think of how much help they can be around your house.

Great Ideas For Backyard Fun This Summer

Summers were made for Los Angeles. Although there is plenty of fun to be had on the miles of Southern California coastline, you can also have just as much fun in your own backyard. Some of these ideas make for a great sleepover with your kids and their friends. They also are perfect for the adults in your social circle. Summer is a time to create terrific memories and here are some great ideas for backyard fun:


Camp Out

There are plenty of places around Los Angeles that make for great camping. However, they are always a bit of a drive away. That involves a lot of packing and planning. Why not just camp out in your backyard? You have all the comforts of home while still sleeping under the stars. You can pitch the tent early in the evening and cook you dinner on the grill just like you would at a regular campsite. There will even be time for s’mores! Best of all, everything you need is just a few steps away. And if things get too cold you can always go back inside.

Host an Outdoor Movie Night

Throughout the summer, you’ll find that there are plenty of parks and even cemeteries around Los Angeles that host outdoor movie screenings. These can be fun events to go to but like everything else in Los Angeles you have to fight the traffic and the crowds. Instead, you can host your own outdoor movie night. There are many affordable movie projectors and inflatable screens that you can set up in your yard. You can also rent these for a special party. Break out the sleeping bags, comfy chairs and start popping that popcorn.

Throw a Luau

The golden rule of hosting a party is to have a theme. The perfect backyard party theme is a Hawaiian luau. Make Hawaiian shirts mandatory. You’ll find there are plenty of party stores that are stock full of all kinds of Tiki goodies. You don’t have to be ambitious and dig a fire pit to roast a pig. There are plenty of wonderful Polynesian recipes you can adapt for your party. Better yet, make it potluck and see how creative your friends can be.

Before any having any kind of fun in your backyard, you want to make sure it’s clear of clutter and debris. One call to Junk King Los Angeles can take care of that job. While you’re planning your event, the crew from Junk King Los Angeles can sweep in and remove all kinds of unwanted yard debris like palm fronds, broken lawnmowers or rusty patio furniture. Once cleared, you can create the backyard oasis you have always dreamt of.

What kind of fun will you be having in your backyard this summer?

Read What Homeowners Are Saying About Junk King Los Angeles

Writing an online review about a business is a great way to let that business know what kind of job they’re doing. It’s also very helpful to a new customer who wants to know if their money will be well spent with that company. Based on what customers are saying about Junk King Los Angeles it is clear that when it comes to quality junk hauling this is the best company in LA.

“I was needing to remove my junk the same day I requested service and Junk King was able to fulfill my request within a couple of hours. Friendly employees, prompt service, and technologically efficient! I will highly recommend JK in the future.” – E.A.


The junk King crews days are always full but that doesn’t mean they don’t have room on the truck or time to take on an added assignment. You might not always be able to benefit from the same day pickup but if your junk is ready to go, then Junk King Los Angeles will do everything in his power to get it taken away in as little time as possible

“Anthony and his associate were very professional and courteous and kind. They were in and out within no time flat. They were on top of their job.” – D.L.

Junk King Los Angeles likes to move fast if for no other reason than to make sure you get to enjoy the rest of your day off.

“They called, came on time and were very pleasant and helpful. Only wish I had more stuff to give them! Many Thank you’s.” – C.S.

It doesn’t matter to Junk King Los Angeles if you’re throwing away a lot of stuff or just a few items. What does matter is that you want something gone. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they can load up all kinds of unwanted clutter from your home.

“The gentlemen who came out to haul our stuff away were absolutely professional, incredibly polite & friendly, and handled the job in less than 10 minutes. I know they had to drive way out of their way in LA rush hour traffic to meet me when I could be at home too, so if you have any idea what that traffic is like, you can appreciate their effort. If you need a hauler/junk remover, definitely hit these guys up, couldn’t recommend them more. Super nice guys too.” – B.P.

Traffic is always an issue in Los Angeles. That’s why the crews from Junk King Los Angeles will always stay in touch with you on the day of your appointment. Your understanding is always appreciated. Getting rid of junk doesn’t have to be complicated when you turn the job over to Junk King Los Angeles.

Bring In Junk King Los Angeles For Old Swing Set Removal And Rubbish Hauling

Homes with a backyard are a great selling feature especially for families. It’s a safe bet that that backyard will quickly be filled up with all kinds of kid friendly play zones such as a sandbox, inflatable pool and swing set. Those are all great when the kids are growing up but what happens once they’ve outgrown those play areas? You have the choice to wait until grandkids come along or to take back your yard. If taking backyard is on the agenda, then you can count on Junk King Los Angeles for old swing removal and rubbish hauling.


Taking down a swing set is in complicated but it is certainly labor-intensive. It’s a two-man operation and that is just what you’ll be provided with by booking a junk removal session with Junk King Los Angeles. The pair of movers will be coming to your home for the appointment will have a lot of experience taking down things like a swing set or playground. These items have to be dismantled before they can be loaded onto the truck. Over the years, some of those screws might have gotten rusty which will take a bit of torque unlock. You’ll get plenty of that manpower with the crew from Junk King Los Angeles!

What other items of rubbish do you have in your backyard that you could get rid of at the same time? You can turn over things like unused lumber, broken patio furniture, rusty auto parts and even a spare tire. None of that stuff you need to keep any longer. It can all be gone in a matter of minutes with Junk King Los Angeles on the job.

The price for this service is very reasonable. Junk King Los Angeles charges a flat rate based upon how much room your stuff will fill in the back of the truck. This is a fair price for this type of service and includes all the labor regardless of how long they may be at your place taking down that old swing set. Are you ready to take back your yard? Count on Junk King Los Angeles for fast old swing set removal and junk hauling every time.

Junk King Los Angeles Helps With Your Storm Debris Cleanup

While out of the rest of the country spent time digging out from snow, folks in Los Angeles were sending back pictures of sunny days by the beach. That’s not to say that Los Angeles didn’t have its fair share of fierce winter storms. But storms in Southern California are furious for one or two days and then they’re gone. But they can certainly leave a lot of damage in their wake. The most common problem is fallen tree limbs and palm fronds. Those are both very hard to cram into a trashcan. That’s where a company like Junk King Los Angeles can be a big help. Although “junk” is in their name, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much storm debris cleanup they can handle.


The two most important things for storm debris cleanup is a big truck and a dependable work crew. That is exactly what Junk King Los Angeles is going to provide. The crews working for junk King have a lot of experience with this type of debris removal. You don’t have to gather all your fallen tree limbs into a pile. The Junk King Los Angeles crew will pick them all up from the spot. While the rather they can also remove anything else that might’ve been damage in the rains and winds. That includes patio furniture and playgrounds sets.

When the Junk King Los Angeles crews finished cleaning up your storm debris, you can have them move indoors to pick up all the unwanted clutter you have stored in your garage and closets. Space is always at a premium in any home but that’s especially true when you’ve been “collecting” stuff for the past several years. Now is the time to say goodbye to all that unwanted clutter. Give it all to Junk King Los Angeles.

The majority what Junk King Los Angeles collects from every home has a chance to be repurposed. That translates into dropping off items at a charity thrift store or church. These are the organizations that no the best way to redistribute things like old furniture, clothing, books, toys and other household goods. It is a great way to give back to the community and reclaim space in your home. Start with storm debris cleanup and end with a home that is totally clutter free all thanks to Junk King Los Angeles.

Junk King Los Angeles Helps You Clear Out The Cardboard Boxes And Other Clutter

Amazon is already proud of its fast delivery service. There many items that you can order that can be delivered within 24 hours but that still isn’t fast enough Amazon. They are developing a program for drone delivery. The goal is that some small packages could be delivered by drone within 20 minutes of placing an order. That can make for some very interesting air traffic! Although that can be great for drop-offs, it certainly doesn’t help with all the cardboard boxes that will be left behind. Too bad those drones can pick up boxes on the same trip that they drop-off. The more you order the greater the chance you have for a cardboard box overload. When that happens, one call to Junk King Los Angeles can be a big help.


It’s not unusual to pile up cardboard boxes. Like a lot of other things in your home you always think you’ll have a use for them someday. Unfortunately, they can end up taking up valuable storage space and that just adds to the clutter of a closet or garage. Junk King Los Angeles can help with that clutter by dispatching a pair of movers in a big truck to your home. This is the team that can remove just about any rubbish item from your house. Think of how that’s going to open things up.

All those cardboard boxes you getting rid of won’t go to waste. Junk King Los Angeles has set up a partnership with many recycling centers throughout the area. They’ll make sure those boxes get dropped off at those facilities. At the end of every day, the Junk King workers sort through all the stuff they collect back of the depot and create piles of recyclables. When they have enough to fill the truck that’s when the make the drop-off. All this happens long after they’ve left your home with your stuff but it’s all included in the flat fee you pay for the services. Best of all, that fee is never based on weight. The quickest and most affordable way to handle cardboard box and clutter overload it to turn it all over to Junk King Los Angeles today.


Hiring Junk King Helps You Have Fun In Los Angeles

On any given weekend there is a lot going on in Los Angeles. Whether you have downtown to check out the Grand Central Market or had done the Venice Beach for a little fun in the sun you have plenty of opportunities to indulge yourself in all kinds of activities. All you need is the time. That is something that Junk King Los Angeles can help you with. This is a junk removal service that can make very quick work of hauling away all your unwanted clutter. If this is the job that you’ve been putting off, then wait no longer. Bring in Junk King Los Angeles today and you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy all that the city has to offer.


The where the Junk King Los Angeles operates is simple: they do all the work. That means you don’t have to bring anything down to the street for them to pick it up. You also don’t have to distinguish between something that is broken or just worn out. If you want to get rid of it, then that is all Junk King Los Angeles needs to know. They’re going to send over a crew to help take away all the stuff you’re done with. This can be any piece of furniture or appliance regardless of how bulkier heavy it might be. The Junk King Los Angeles crews can also take apart something like bookshelves or an entertainment center if you want to toss those out as well.

Everything is going to go on the back of the truck for swift removal. Before the crew starts loading there to present you with an estimate based upon the space in a truck. It all comes down to how much all your junk will take up. That’s actually can be determined by the crew just by having them look over all your stuff. There really great it packing up that truck taking up as little space as possible with a lot of things. They want to be able to get to as many homes as possible throughout the day. The upside of that is that you’ll pay the low end of the price scale every time.

You don’t have to put off getting rid of your junk. Give that job the Junk King Los Angeles today and your junk can be gone by tomorrow.

Junk King Los Angeles Helps You Kickstart Your Spring Cleaning

The first rule of spring cleaning is you don’t have to wait for spring to do your cleaning. While most people back east are anxiously waiting the day they can throw open the window to let in the fresh air, here in Los Angeles we can do that practically every day. That you should definitely inspire you to kickstart your spring cleaning tasks around the house.


The key is not to be distracted. It’s easy to get lost a stack of magazines you haven’t read or buy something that catches your eye on TV. Spring cleaning works best when you tackle each room from start to finish.

As you do your cleaning, you’re probably going to come across a lot of things that could be tossed out. This might be a lot a little stuff that adds up to several bags of trash or it could be some big items like a recliner or loveseat that is seen better days. Taking out the trash is on you but when it comes to removing those bigger items you can always count on Junk King Los Angeles.

So far this year Junk King Los Angeles is already literally removed tons of unwanted rubbish from homes and businesses. They’ve helped real estate brokers clean out foreclosed properties. And they’ve assisted department managers in clearing out the junk that left behind by former tenants. All of this is accomplished by a dedicated pair of movers. This same pair will be assigned to your junk removal task. It is a team that is going to show up to your home with a very friendly attitude. It’s also a team that won’t be challenge by lifting any heavy object. The Junk King Los Angeles crew can just as easily take away a treadmill as they can an old television.

Just because you’re throwing out a lot of things doesn’t mean that all have to end up in a landfill. Junk King Los Angeles would much rather skip that trip and instead drop your things off to a recycling center or charity. This is their way of protecting the environment. It’s also your way of reducing your carbon footprint by proxy. Your spring cleaning won’t be complete without a junk removal session with Junk King Los Angeles.

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