Junk King LA Customers Post Positive Comments

Los Angeles is a town built on reviews. Every movie, television show and song that gets produced here will literally have hundreds or not thousands of instant opinions posted across the Internet. Even the LA businesses depend on positive reviews in order to bring in the customers. Junk King Los Angeles is one of those companies that provides a valuable service to homeowners and businesses. How valuable? Just read what a few recent customers has to say:


“We called the Junk King when my office recently completed a move and relocation to another office. Michael and Alex worked extremely hard to remove the last remaining furniture and office supplies from our old office space, which filled up an entire truck. They were professional, friendly and worked extremely hard. They took instruction well and worked around some others who were taking donated furniture. This is the fourth time in a year that I’ve worked with the Junk King. Though each time it’s been a different location and with a different crew, each experience has been positive. I like that the company practices sustainability, is eco-friendly and donates some of the items they are picking up. I’ve talked about Junk King and recommended your services to many people I know.” – C.H., Los Angeles

Junk King clears out homes, apartments, offices, stores, restaurants and even vacant lots. When a business gets a recommendation from a customers, then they know they’re doing what they promised.

“Very professional and worked fast! I would definitely use this company again. They were right on time even though I was not, then they came again because I was late. They were friendly and approachable. Great customer service, no complaints.” – Ladonna Reid, Azusa

If there is one thing the Junk King squad knows, it is getting stuck in traffic. They’ll always let you know how far out they are so you can be ready.

“Always on time, always reliable, awesome workers who get the job done! No complaining. Always a reasonable quote that’s on point- can never stop referring them to anyone who will listen or needs this kind of service. I finally found a place who has hard working people who are always pleasant – huge job or a quick junky eyesore couch you inherited — it’s as easy as 1,2 … done! Five stars!” – R.P., Wilmington

“The 3 gentlemen were accommodating to our hurdles in a condo building on a busy street. They worked with our budget, got the junk removed quickly and were accommodating with our availability.” – K.G., West Hollywood

When it comes to getting rid of junk from your home, Junk King Los Angeles always makes it easy. Are you ready to toss out your rubbish?

How To Get The Best Deal On A New Car

Los Angeles is a car town. You only have to spend time on the 405 or the 10 to know this. Our cars quickly build up the mileage, which means you might be more inclined to buy a new car in less time than the average American. If you’re shopping for a new car this spring, then you’ll want to consider these approaches to getting the best deal on a new car.


Sell Your Old Car Outright

Trade-ins are a big part of the new car buying experience but things have shifted in the last couple of years. Back in the day, trading in your car at a dealer was the only option. But thanks to all the resources online, you could sell your old vehicle on your own. You will probably make more money, too. You can assess the current value but a dealer will always undercut that and there is no negotiating on that. Instead, post a price that is a little high online and let someone undercut that to the price you really wanted. Everybody wins. You can then take that money and put it towards your down payment.

Focus on Price Not Payments

Yes, your car payments are going to be a big part of your budget, but it is the final price of the car that is going to determine those payments. You need to negotiate that price as low as you can go. First, look at all the add ons. They might look cheap on the page but they add up fast. Next, try to set up gap insurance with your own insurance company instead of getting it at the dealer. If you are trading in a car, then wait until the last possible minute to “drop it in.” This will lock in a much better price. A dealer will always try to up the price.

Use Email

You can now contact dealers by email to start the ball rolling. Just know that they’ll keep contacting you until you tell them you bought a car so don’t give them your cell number. You’ll also be able to find out who is willing to work and who isn’t going to cooperate. This will save you trips to the dealer.

Once the deal is done, you want to keep that car pristine, at least for a little while. That means getting your garage sorted to make room for your ride. Junk King Los Angeles can help with that. Their crews of professional movers will make short work of hauling away all your garage clutter. Get your garage ready for a new car by letting Junk King Los Angeles haul out the junk first.

Family Fun Ideas For A Los Angeles Spring Break

No one ever turned down taking a break. At work, breaks are the only way to get through the day. For kids in school, a spring break is just what is needed for that last push toward final exams. If you’re taking a spring break in Los Angeles, then you’ve got a lot to keep yourself busy. When you consider all there is to do, it is a wonder we ever get any work done! Here are some of family fun ideas for a Los Angeles spring break:


Theme Parks

Not matter where you live in Los Angeles, you’re not a long drive to amazing theme parks. You can decide on which park you want go to based on your preferences. Minions, Transformers and Harry Potter are at Universal Hollywood Studios, Snoopy is at Knotts Berry Farm and Mickey, Star Wars and Marvel are at Disneyland. Is there such a thing as too many theme parks? Not in LA.

Santa Monica Bike Path

A fun outing for the family would be to park at the Santa Monica Pier and rent some bikes. The decision then is to go north or south. North heads up to more beaches while south can take you into Venice. Lots of places to stop in between.

California Science Center

Just because the kids are on a break from school doesn’t mean they can’t learn a few new things. That will certainly happen at the California Science Center. They can get to know exotic animals and ecosystems with many hands-on exhibits.

MB2 Raceway

Sooner or later your kids are going to learn how to drive. They can get started with go-kart racing. At the MB2 Raceway only ten racers are allowed at a time. In between, there is an arcade to keep everyone busy. Fun day.

Before heading out to any of these spring break ideas, you might want to take care of some things around the house first. It’s always nice to come home to a clean house. This is where a session with Junk King Los Angeles can make a big difference. How long have you been putting off getting rid of the old furniture and broken appliances? How much clutter can be cleared from your garage? All of that can be hauled away by Junk King and it will happen with you lifting a finger. Make a junk clearing session with Junk King Los Angeles part of your spring break. You’ll be glad you did.

Getting Rid Of Rubbish In Manhattan Beach

A $4 million renovation of the Roundhouse Aquarium got under way in Manhattan Beach. Cambridge Seven Associates, a world-renowned creator of educational aquariums, is behind the new design in what is being reported as the “largest improvement to the Roundhouse Aquarium since 1992 when the structure was completely rebuilt.”


“It’s not only going to benefit the people who come out to the roundhouse but will make our pier better,” said Mayor Amy Howorth to a local newspaper. The goal is to complete the project by May.

Fans of the iconic roundhouse exterior will be happy to know it will remain unchanged. However, it will get a fresh coat of paint, new doors and windows, a new roof and a new cupola. Insider, there will be new fish tanks, a complete floor plan revision, digital media kiosks and new marine support equipment will be installed.

What kind of renovations could you do around your home if you had $4 million to spend? Tear it down and build from the ground up, right? Actually, there are a lot of improvements you can make at your Manhattan Beach home without breaking the bank. Start with getting rid of all your clutter. That will allow you to get clean and organized. The best approach to that task is a call to Junk King Los Angeles.

Before you set up your appointment with Junk King, you might want to get a sense of just how much stuff you will be getting rid of. This will help Junk King make sure you have the right amount of manpower and truck space. Every session will be staffed with two capable movers but on the bigger clearing jobs it might take more help. Junk King will happily provide the extra labor at no extra cost.

Deciding what you want gone before calling Junk King can also mean you could benefit from a same-day pickup. If you’re ready and the Junk King crews are in the neighborhood, then they could swing by and clear everything out in no time at all. Getting rid of rubbish in Manhattan Beach is all about Junk King Los Angeles. Put them to the task today.

Get Your Garden Ready For Spring

The “farm to table” movement has been growing by leaps and bounds. Around the Los Angeles area, there are farmer’s markets every Sunday and scattered throughout the week. All of that means fresh produce is readily available but image if you could go outside and pick your own salad right from the backyard. That can happen if you fire up your garden. Here’s how to get your garden ready for spring.


Survey the Area

The recent cold snap has kept most Los Angelinos inside but warm weather won’t be far off. When it does get warmer, you’ll want to go outside and survey your space. If you have raised garden beds, then you’ll want to check the sides to make sure they aren’t bowing. There might be a lot of winter weeds that need to be plucked out. Any fences, stakes or trellises in need of repair should be tended to.

Inspect Your Soil

After months of inactivity and bouts of rain then dry spells, your soil could have become severely compacted. You need to start working it. A good test is to pick up a ball of soil. If it stays compacted, it is too early to work. If it breaks apart easily, then its time to work it over. You’ll also benefit from a soil testing kick to make sure you’ve got the right measure of nutrients.

Clean Up Perennials

Your perennials will be the first flowers to make their appearance. You need to do some pruning and clearing of dead scrub in order for the rest to flourish. Once they have been cleaned up, you’ll get a better sense of any gaps that need to be filled in.

Map Out the Patch

With regard to your vegetable patch, you’ll want to map out exactly where you’re going to grow what particular plant. This map will come in handy later on if you’ve forgotten what you planted.

Overall, you want to have any and all yard debris cleared from your backyard. That debris can also come in the form of man-made items like rusty furniture, birdbaths, lawnmowers and grills that you want to replace. Getting rid of all of that is easy with a call to Junk King Los Angeles. Hauling old furniture and appliances are their specialty but they can also do amazing things with yard clean up. You point and it’s gone. Your garden won’t be totally ready until Junk King Los Angeles has worked through.

Home Renovations With Best Investment Return

Anytime an investment is made, the hope is that there will be a return on that investment. You invest in a car and would like to get some money back for a trade in. You invest in stocks and want to see dividends. What about home renovations? You initially make these investments to improve your living environment but there is no reason why they should provide you with a decent return when it comes time to sell your home or refinance. Here are the home renovations with the best investment returns:


Added Insulation

In recent years, the biggest cost-versus-value analysis has shown that attic insulation is providing the biggest return on an investment. You could spend around $1,500 on insulation and find that the return value tops 100%. The reason for this is that proper insulation makes a home cheaper to “operate.” That is a very attractive amenity.

New Garage Door

A new garage door can actually help sell a house based on the boost to curb appeal that is provides. The goal is to install the right door. Not only should it look good but it should be durable and easy to operate. A brand new remote is a good way to go.

Stronger Front Door

Safety is always a concern for homeowners and that safety begins at the front door. Many homeowners are opting to replace old wooden or fiberglass doors with a steel version. Thanks to innovations in design, steel doors don’t have to look like prison doors. Another smart investment.

Landscaping Improvements

A landscaping improvement goes a long way towards uplifting a home’s value. Once installed, the landscaping should be easy to maintain. That is why expanding hardscaping options that don’t require watering or mowing is something to consider.

All of these home renovation projects should start with a thorough clearing of rubbish and debris. You can’t improve a yard if you’ve got yard waste. Putting a new garage door on a garage full of rubbish is a waste. To get all your unwanted clutter removed in a timely fashion, you can always count on Junk King Los Angeles. Junk King provides the moving muscle and the truck space needed to get rid of anything you want hauled away in your home. Hiring Junk King Los Angles to clear away all your rubbish and debris is always a smart home renovation investment.

Junk Removal That Works For You

If you had a Christmas tree this past holiday, then getting rid of it was semi-easy. All you had to do is drag it down to the curb and the “green” debris pickup crew took care of the rest. It is an added service provided by the city after every holiday. Overall, the garbage crews do a decent job of helping you get rid of your garbage provide you follow the rules. Those rules are bringing the cans down to the curb and making sure you’re not throwing away anything that you’re not supposed to like electronics. What about the bulk items that won’t fit into the can?


The city allows for one pickup a year of those things but there is a limit. You have to bring it down to the curb, whatever it is. And it can’t be a lot of stuff. That might work if you’re getting rid of a single dining room chair or a small bookshelf but it’s not going to be a help if you want to get rid of a lot more. To find junk removal that works for you, you’ll need to bring in Junk King Los Angeles.

Often when you decide you want to get rid of one big item, there are a lot of other little items that could go at the same time. Junk King LA will have plenty of room on their truck for whatever you want to get hauled away. Thankfully, you won’t have to bring any of that stuff down to the street. That can make a world of difference especially if you’re living in an apartment. Not matter how many stairs they must climb to get to your stuff, the crew will make those trips.

As with every service, there is a fee for Junk King’s pickup but you’ll find this fee to be extremely reasonable considering how much it would cost to handle this type of work on your own. The price for Junk King’s service will be based on how much space your stuff fills on the back of the truck. Because the crews make a lot of stops, they like to pack up those trucks tight. That is going to benefit your final cost every time. For junk removal handled the right way, depend on Junk King Los Angeles anywhere and anytime.

How To Make Your Home Business A Success

A home business would definitely fit into the category of “small business” but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Remember, Apple Computer started out in a garage. If you’re setting up your home business, then there are some proactive steps you can take to insure success. Here’s what to consider:


Promote Your Business

Promotion is a huge part of any business. The fact that you have a home based business could actually be a nice marketing point. After all, you’re keeping costs down by not renting a commercial space. That is something a potential client will appreciate.

Don’t Stay Home

It might seem counterintuitive to become a success with a home business by not staying home. However, there are some times when getting out of the home can benefit the business like meeting clients. You could also rent a conference room for the day to give a presentation. You’re not hiding the fact that you’re working from home; you’re just keeping things professional.

Set Up Outside Post Office Box

It might help to set up an outside post office box for your home business. That allows you to set up a “buffer zone” between your business and family. It can also help if you expect a lot of package deliveries and want to keep them secure.

Set Your Work Schedule the Night Before

Before you shut down the business for the day, you’ll want to plan what happens next. More to the point, what the following day is going to look like. Set a list of priority items that you need to tackle the following morning. This will help you get a jump on the day even without the commute!

Set Up An Office Space

Yes, you can do laundry while working at your home business but you don’t want your office in the laundry room. It also shouldn’t be in the kitchen or living room, either. Any place that is going to have “family traffic” is not a good place for your home office. Perhaps a garage conversion is a good option. To help make that happen, consider setting up a junk removal session with Junk King Los Angeles. The movers who will be assigned to that session will be able to quickly clear away all the unwanted furniture, appliances and boxes of rubbish. That can translate into a lot of open space for an office. Start off your home business in a home without any junk thanks to Junk King Los Angeles.

What’s On Your New Year’s Resolution List?

A New Year’s resolution is a goal. It is a “mission” for the New Year to make improvements in your life. Those improvements can take on many forms. The thing to keep in mind is that a resolution is for the whole year. You don’t have to get everything done by January. Here are some terrific goals to add to your New Year’s resolution list:

bottle-of-sparkling-wine-2604073_1280 - Copy

Devote One Hour A Day To Your Dreams

What is your big dream in life? Start your own business? Search your family tree? Buy a new home? Whatever that dream is, you should find a way to devote an hour a day to achieving that dream. Maybe you want to learn to play an instrument. One hour of practice is perfect. Is you want to save money, then use that hour on your household budget or selling items from your closet on line. If you stick to this plan, by this time next year you will have up to 365 hours devoted to that dream. Not too shabby.

Spend More Time Outdoors

Beaches, mountains, bike trails, hike trails. There is a lot around Los Angeles to see and do that involves getting outdoors. Spending more time in nature makes your happier. It also provides a good boost to your immune system. Try to discover a new trail or neighborhood each week. Lots to explore in LA.

Enjoy the Little Things

This is the “stop and smell the roses” type of resolution. Not everything you do in life has to be an adventure (nothing wrong with those). You can take more time to appreciate the little things in life like a delicious cup of tea or an encounter with a bird. Even just kicking off your shoes and walking barefoot in the grass is a nice way to appreciate a little thing.

Clear Out the Clutter

The best approach to getting your mind clear is getting your living space clear. Try to focus on staying organized around your home by putting everything away. As for the stuff you can’t put away but need to get rid of, one call to Junk King Los Angeles gets it done. They’ll send over a team of movers who can quickly clear out your garage, closet and spare room of all your unwanted electronics, appliances, clothing and furniture. A great New Year’s resolution is to put Junk King Los Angeles to work today.

Enjoy The Holidays Without Clutter

Everyone’s wish is that the holidays will be perfect. In reality, even with a few “mess ups” the holidays are always perfect. In fact, it’s those crazy things that happen during this time a year that makes the holidays so special. You never know what you run into a party or what surprises you may get under the Christmas tree. One thing that is important is that you want to reduce the amount of potential stress. That can easily be accomplished if you ask for help. Whether getting help baking cookies or clearing your house of clutter you’ll be ahead of the game. Junk King Los Angeles might not be of any assistance when it comes to baking cookies but when it comes to getting rid of clutter they are the company you want to hire.


Only you can make the final determination as to what is clutter in your. Start with the premise that anything you no longer using or plan to use again could be considered clutter. That can be a small pile of old magazines or a worn out futon. Magazines are easy to recycle but the futon takes a bit more work to get rid of especially if you’re living in an apartment with stairs. That won’t be a challenge for Junk King Los Angeles. The crew they send over has plenty of experience in all kinds of furniture up and down stairs. all you have to do is point to what you want taken away and you can consider it as good as gone.

Clutter can also be a lot of old outfits in your closet. Space is always at a premium in any home regardless of how big that home is. Don’t want to waste your storage space by holding onto things you know you’re never going to wear again. Give all that stuff to Junk King Los Angeles and they’ll make sure it has the opportunity to be repurposed. That means dropping it off at a charitable organization. It’s the perfect thing to do at this time of year. If you’re ready to spend your holiday without clutter, then you’re ready to work with Junk King Los Angeles. Put them on the task today.

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