Junk King Los Angeles Helps With Your Storm Debris Cleanup

While out of the rest of the country spent time digging out from snow, folks in Los Angeles were sending back pictures of sunny days by the beach. That’s not to say that Los Angeles didn’t have its fair share of fierce winter storms. But storms in Southern California are furious for one or two days and then they’re gone. But they can certainly leave a lot of damage in their wake. The most common problem is fallen tree limbs and palm fronds. Those are both very hard to cram into a trashcan. That’s where a company like Junk King Los Angeles can be a big help. Although “junk” is in their name, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much storm debris cleanup they can handle.


The two most important things for storm debris cleanup is a big truck and a dependable work crew. That is exactly what Junk King Los Angeles is going to provide. The crews working for junk King have a lot of experience with this type of debris removal. You don’t have to gather all your fallen tree limbs into a pile. The Junk King Los Angeles crew will pick them all up from the spot. While the rather they can also remove anything else that might’ve been damage in the rains and winds. That includes patio furniture and playgrounds sets.

When the Junk King Los Angeles crews finished cleaning up your storm debris, you can have them move indoors to pick up all the unwanted clutter you have stored in your garage and closets. Space is always at a premium in any home but that’s especially true when you’ve been “collecting” stuff for the past several years. Now is the time to say goodbye to all that unwanted clutter. Give it all to Junk King Los Angeles.

The majority what Junk King Los Angeles collects from every home has a chance to be repurposed. That translates into dropping off items at a charity thrift store or church. These are the organizations that no the best way to redistribute things like old furniture, clothing, books, toys and other household goods. It is a great way to give back to the community and reclaim space in your home. Start with storm debris cleanup and end with a home that is totally clutter free all thanks to Junk King Los Angeles.

Junk King Los Angeles Helps You Clear Out The Cardboard Boxes And Other Clutter

Amazon is already proud of its fast delivery service. There many items that you can order that can be delivered within 24 hours but that still isn’t fast enough Amazon. They are developing a program for drone delivery. The goal is that some small packages could be delivered by drone within 20 minutes of placing an order. That can make for some very interesting air traffic! Although that can be great for drop-offs, it certainly doesn’t help with all the cardboard boxes that will be left behind. Too bad those drones can pick up boxes on the same trip that they drop-off. The more you order the greater the chance you have for a cardboard box overload. When that happens, one call to Junk King Los Angeles can be a big help.


It’s not unusual to pile up cardboard boxes. Like a lot of other things in your home you always think you’ll have a use for them someday. Unfortunately, they can end up taking up valuable storage space and that just adds to the clutter of a closet or garage. Junk King Los Angeles can help with that clutter by dispatching a pair of movers in a big truck to your home. This is the team that can remove just about any rubbish item from your house. Think of how that’s going to open things up.

All those cardboard boxes you getting rid of won’t go to waste. Junk King Los Angeles has set up a partnership with many recycling centers throughout the area. They’ll make sure those boxes get dropped off at those facilities. At the end of every day, the Junk King workers sort through all the stuff they collect back of the depot and create piles of recyclables. When they have enough to fill the truck that’s when the make the drop-off. All this happens long after they’ve left your home with your stuff but it’s all included in the flat fee you pay for the services. Best of all, that fee is never based on weight. The quickest and most affordable way to handle cardboard box and clutter overload it to turn it all over to Junk King Los Angeles today.


Hiring Junk King Helps You Have Fun In Los Angeles

On any given weekend there is a lot going on in Los Angeles. Whether you have downtown to check out the Grand Central Market or had done the Venice Beach for a little fun in the sun you have plenty of opportunities to indulge yourself in all kinds of activities. All you need is the time. That is something that Junk King Los Angeles can help you with. This is a junk removal service that can make very quick work of hauling away all your unwanted clutter. If this is the job that you’ve been putting off, then wait no longer. Bring in Junk King Los Angeles today and you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy all that the city has to offer.


The where the Junk King Los Angeles operates is simple: they do all the work. That means you don’t have to bring anything down to the street for them to pick it up. You also don’t have to distinguish between something that is broken or just worn out. If you want to get rid of it, then that is all Junk King Los Angeles needs to know. They’re going to send over a crew to help take away all the stuff you’re done with. This can be any piece of furniture or appliance regardless of how bulkier heavy it might be. The Junk King Los Angeles crews can also take apart something like bookshelves or an entertainment center if you want to toss those out as well.

Everything is going to go on the back of the truck for swift removal. Before the crew starts loading there to present you with an estimate based upon the space in a truck. It all comes down to how much all your junk will take up. That’s actually can be determined by the crew just by having them look over all your stuff. There really great it packing up that truck taking up as little space as possible with a lot of things. They want to be able to get to as many homes as possible throughout the day. The upside of that is that you’ll pay the low end of the price scale every time.

You don’t have to put off getting rid of your junk. Give that job the Junk King Los Angeles today and your junk can be gone by tomorrow.

Junk King Los Angeles Helps You Kickstart Your Spring Cleaning

The first rule of spring cleaning is you don’t have to wait for spring to do your cleaning. While most people back east are anxiously waiting the day they can throw open the window to let in the fresh air, here in Los Angeles we can do that practically every day. That you should definitely inspire you to kickstart your spring cleaning tasks around the house.


The key is not to be distracted. It’s easy to get lost a stack of magazines you haven’t read or buy something that catches your eye on TV. Spring cleaning works best when you tackle each room from start to finish.

As you do your cleaning, you’re probably going to come across a lot of things that could be tossed out. This might be a lot a little stuff that adds up to several bags of trash or it could be some big items like a recliner or loveseat that is seen better days. Taking out the trash is on you but when it comes to removing those bigger items you can always count on Junk King Los Angeles.

So far this year Junk King Los Angeles is already literally removed tons of unwanted rubbish from homes and businesses. They’ve helped real estate brokers clean out foreclosed properties. And they’ve assisted department managers in clearing out the junk that left behind by former tenants. All of this is accomplished by a dedicated pair of movers. This same pair will be assigned to your junk removal task. It is a team that is going to show up to your home with a very friendly attitude. It’s also a team that won’t be challenge by lifting any heavy object. The Junk King Los Angeles crew can just as easily take away a treadmill as they can an old television.

Just because you’re throwing out a lot of things doesn’t mean that all have to end up in a landfill. Junk King Los Angeles would much rather skip that trip and instead drop your things off to a recycling center or charity. This is their way of protecting the environment. It’s also your way of reducing your carbon footprint by proxy. Your spring cleaning won’t be complete without a junk removal session with Junk King Los Angeles.

Make Valentine’s Day Special With A Junk Removal Session From Junk King Los Angeles

Have you worked out what you’re going to be doing for Valentine’s Day this year? In Los Angeles, there are certainly plenty of options. It might be smart to avoid the rush on the actual day and have your special dinner the weekend before. The same could be said for buying roses and chocolates. If you can do that a week in advance, then you’ll avoid the rush and be ahead of the game.


Of course, chocolates, flowers and dinner are a bit standard when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. They are certainly welcome but aren’t that special. If you want to do something that will truly light up your partner’s eyes, then consider a junk removal session from Junk King Los Angeles. Just think about how many times they’ve wanted to get rid of clutter around the house. Now you can make that happen with one phone call to Junk King.

Junk King Los Angeles is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers. They must adhere to a high standard of customer service. Their goal is to get all the junk you want removed in a single session. That session happens on your time. If it works best for a Saturday morning, then that is when Junk King Los Angeles will come by. If you would rather get your stuff gone right away, then Junk King Los Angeles might be able to swing by within a couple of hours.

As a Valentine’s Day gift, your junk removal session shouldn’t come as a complete surprise. In other words, you don’t want the crew showing up asking what will be taken out without that person knowing they were coming. They might need time to sort through closets and boxes in order to determine all the things that they can get rid of. If the garage has become the big storage area of the house, then they’ll definitely need time to go through there to pull out all the items that can be loaded on to the Junk King truck.

Once Junk King Los Angeles has worked their magic you’ll be left with a home that is totally junk free. Just think how much that will be appreciated. This Valentine’s Day give the gift that says you really care: a junk removal session from Junk King Los Angeles. It will totally work!

Turn Your Apartment Clean Up Chore Over To Junk King Los Angeles

Your cell phone camera isn’t just for taking pictures of what you had for lunch. It’s great for backing up your version of events. This is especially true with apartment rentals. Before you move into an apartment, you should do a walk-through with your cell phone camera recording the space. Point out any problem areas like damage to windows or doors, issues with plumbing, or scratches on the floor. That way when you move out you have evidence of what the place look like before you moved in. This will help you get back your security deposit.


You also have to make sure you’re not leaving anything behind. Don’t assume that the new occupant will want your old sofa. Instead, you’ll want to bring in Junk King Los Angeles as the last thing you do in that old apartment. These are the professional junk haulers who will be able to handle your apartment clean up without any effort on your part. That’s a good thing indeed!

Junk King Los Angeles is all about making your life easy. That starts with scheduling. You can set up your appointment by going online and clicking the perfect day and two-hour window. For an apartment clean up you could schedule Junk King Los Angeles to show up after all your other furniture has been moved out. That way they know that whatever is left behind an apartment needs to be loaded onto the truck. Junk King Los Angeles works on the weekends so if you’re moving on Saturday in need than the come by late in the afternoon that will be a problem.

It also won’t be a problem for Junk King Los Angeles to dispose of your items in a responsible way. That means staying away from a landfill at all cost! Instead, they will be dropping your stuff off at a charity that can put it back to use. It doesn’t matter what condition your furniture or household goods are in. Many of these organizations employ people to reupholster and repair the stuff they intend on giving out. It’s a great way to handle discarded items. One call to Junk King Los Angeles takes care of your apartment clean up fast. Book them today.

Make 2017 The Year You Create More Room With Help From Junk King Los Angeles

There are literally hundreds of new laws being enacted on January 1, 2017 here in Los Angeles. These laws cover everything from Uber rides to minimum wage requirements. Obviously, some people will be impacted more than others will. There’s a lot about those laws that are just out of your control. The one area where you will have control in the New Year is your own home. This could be a good opportunity to start the year by taking stock of how you utilize your space. If there is an opportunity to make more room, then you can depend on getting the right help from Junk King Los Angeles.


Junk King Los Angeles aren’t contractors that can build in addition onto your house. However, the work that they can do removing unwanted clutter from your garage and spare rooms can go a long way towards opening up more space. You may need to spend a few hours going through all the stuff you have in storage in your garage. Most homes in LA really use a garage to actually park the car in. Instead, it becomes the family storage locker. Although that is practical’s to a certain extent it only works if the stuff you’re keeping in storage are item you actually plan on using again. If you’re holding onto things like old computers, clothing and doesn’t fit or broken appliances then you’re just wasting that space. All of that junk can be gone in a matter of minutes with Junk King Los Angeles on the job.

Junk King Los Angeles provides you with all the necessary equipment you need to get rid of all that clutter. That would be two strong movers and a big truck. The movers are going to be the ones doing the actual work. Although you may feel inclined to help them, they would prefer if you would sit on the sidelines and just point to what you want taken away.

You may also want to start the New Year focused on reducing your carbon footprint. That is another benefit with hiring Junk King Los Angeles. They are able to maintain a very respectable diversion rate that keeps the majority of what they collect out of local landfills. You get the credit towards reducing your personal footprint. Start 2017 with more room in your home thanks to a Junk King Los Angeles junk removal session.

Kickoff 2017 With A Clean Home Thanks To Junk King Los Angeles

What are your New Year’s resolutions? If you’re like most folks then getting into shape or quitting a bad habit is top of the list. Too often, we dive into these resolutions hoping for fast results and get disappointed in a few weeks when they haven’t been achieved. With things like weight loss “slow and steady” wins the race every time. There is one resolution you could make that can be achieved very quickly. That would be getting a home free of junk. To make that happen you only need to reach out to Junk King Los Angeles. These are the junk removal pros that can make any amount of clutter vanish before your eyes!


Los Angeles is a town full of directors. For your junk removal session you’ll be directing the Junk King Los Angeles team. This is a crew who will be at your beck and call for the duration of that appointment. All you need to do is tell them exactly what you want taken from your home. You don’t have to bring anything down to the front door. That’s what you’re hiring the crew for. That means your back will never be at risk!

In order to make this process go smoothly you should be very clear about what you want to toss out before the crew shows up. That might be easy if you have big pieces like furniture, appliances or electronic gear. But if you need to go through your closet or all the boxes out of the garage, then make sure you get that done before the appointment. That is can be time well spent when you consider all the new storage space that can open up once that clutter is gone.

Everything that’s collected by Junk King Los Angeles will have the opportunity to be recycled. That doesn’t automatically any dropped onto a conveyor belt and ground up in a machine. Instead, the bulk of what is collected from Junk King Los Angeles makes its way to one of the many charitable organizations in the area. These are the groups that can fix furniture or appliances and put them back into circulation. That means you don’t have to worry about the condition of what you’re getting rid of. Just leave that final determination to Junk King Los Angeles.

Your New Year’s resolution of a clean home is going to be easy to keep with help from Junk King Los Angeles.

Get Your Home Ready For Holiday Guests With Help From Junk King Los Angeles

Living in Los Angeles means you are going to be very popular this time of the year especially if you have friends on the East Coast. That’s because everybody wants to visit sunny California for the holidays. It doesn’t matter if they catch Santa surfing, the idea of avoiding snow and freezing temperatures is too much to resist. The holidays all about opening your home to guests and that puts the responsibility on you to make sure your home is ready. Thankfully, you don’t have to do that preparation alone. For starters, you can hire Junk King Los Angeles to sweep through your home and make sure all the unwanted clutter in junk is gone for good.


A spare bedroom in a home or apartment to easily falls into the trap of becoming a storage zone. It starts with a box or chair. Then it becomes close your no longer wearing and books you no longer reading. Before you know it, everything that can’t fit in your closets or garage makes its way into the spare room and you can hardly open the door without stumbling into something. It might be that buried under all that clutter is a bed meant for your guests. The quickest way to get to that would be to hire Junk King Los Angeles.

The two things you need to get rid of junk is the muscle and the truck space. Junk King Los Angeles will provide both in abundance. The muscle comes from the two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your junk removal task. The truck space comes in the form of a moving truck big enough to hold an entire home’s worth of furnishings. Just think of what you can do with those two “tools” at your disposal. Not only can you sweep through that spare room and get rid of all the unwanted stuff you have stored in there but you can also clear out your closets, cabinets and garage of even more clutter. This clearing can extend out to the backyard as well. Junk King Los Angeles can take away all kinds of yard waste in a single session. Your holiday guests will feel welcome in a junk free home thanks to Junk King Los Angeles.

Junk King Los Angeles Helps You Have A Happy Clutter Free Holiday

Between now the end of the year television stations will be rolling out their holiday movies. These will be everything from the classics to new stories involving people searching for the meaning of Christmas. As anyone who works in Hollywood knows, it takes a dedicated art department to transform a home into a festive holiday place. Usually these movies are made in the middle of summer, which makes decorating even more challenging.


A good art department crew can string lights, put up a Christmas tree and fill a room with all kinds of decorations in no time at all. As soon as the director yells, “that’s a wrap” all those decorations are just as quickly packed back up. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an art department crew decorating your house for the holidays? Although you might not be able to score that kind of decorating help you could certainly get a lot of help it comes to getting rid of the clutter. That is where Junk King Los Angeles comes into play. This is a team of dedicated professionals who never met a pile of junk they couldn’t get rid of in the blink of an eye.

The crew provided by Junk King Los Angeles for your junk removal session will have a lot of experience with lifting and loading. You should never put your back at risk moving furniture or appliances. Even though you might feel guilty asking the Junk King crew to bring something down from upstairs, you shouldn’t. This is what you’re hiring them for and it’s something they’ll have no trouble with.

As the Junk King Los Angeles team gathers up the things that you want to get rid of they’ll be keeping an eye out for any object that might benefit a charity. There is a lot of stuff that you might think should be trashed that could actually be reupholstered or refinished. That’s a perfect thing to make happen especially this time of year. There many charity organizations that keep people gainfully employed with this kind of work. You don’t even have to ask for these donation drop offs to happen. Junk King Los Angeles will take care of that automatically and at no extra charge! Your happy holidays begin with a junk removal session from Junk King Los Angeles!

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