Enjoy The Holidays Without Clutter

Everyone’s wish is that the holidays will be perfect. In reality, even with a few “mess ups” the holidays are always perfect. In fact, it’s those crazy things that happen during this time a year that makes the holidays so special. You never know what you run into a party or what surprises you may get under the Christmas tree. One thing that is important is that you want to reduce the amount of potential stress. That can easily be accomplished if you ask for help. Whether getting help baking cookies or clearing your house of clutter you’ll be ahead of the game. Junk King Los Angeles might not be of any assistance when it comes to baking cookies but when it comes to getting rid of clutter they are the company you want to hire.


Only you can make the final determination as to what is clutter in your. Start with the premise that anything you no longer using or plan to use again could be considered clutter. That can be a small pile of old magazines or a worn out futon. Magazines are easy to recycle but the futon takes a bit more work to get rid of especially if you’re living in an apartment with stairs. That won’t be a challenge for Junk King Los Angeles. The crew they send over has plenty of experience in all kinds of furniture up and down stairs. all you have to do is point to what you want taken away and you can consider it as good as gone.

Clutter can also be a lot of old outfits in your closet. Space is always at a premium in any home regardless of how big that home is. Don’t want to waste your storage space by holding onto things you know you’re never going to wear again. Give all that stuff to Junk King Los Angeles and they’ll make sure it has the opportunity to be repurposed. That means dropping it off at a charitable organization. It’s the perfect thing to do at this time of year. If you’re ready to spend your holiday without clutter, then you’re ready to work with Junk King Los Angeles. Put them on the task today.

Make Your Holiday Guests Feel Welcome

Los Angeles is a great place to visit for the holiday. You could go surfing in the morning and skiing in the night. There are theme parks decked out for the holidays and plenty of amazing restaurants to sample. You might even have a brush with a celebrity! That means you could be inviting out-of-town guests for a holiday vacation. Whether their old friends or family members you want them to feel welcome. Here are some great ways to make that happen:


Check Their Dietary Needs

As anyone living in Los Angeles knows, changing diets is a very popular activity. Your holiday guest might have decided they don’t want anything to do with gluten. They might also have an aversion to seafood. Perhaps they’ve given up coffee in exchange for fresh brewed tea. These are all the little dietary details you should know before your guests arrive. That way you can plan your meals and have the right snacks waiting for them.

Provide Bathroom Amenities

Everyone who travels knows enough to bring their own toothpaste and toothbrush. But many people get into the habit of having hotels provide them with soap, shampoo and conditioner. You can take care of that as well by buying travel size bottles of shampoo and lotion. Set them out in a nice wicker basket along with fresh bar soap and clean towels. It’ll be as if they’ve checked into a four-star hotel!

Set Up The Adventures

If this is the first time that your guests are coming to Los Angeles, then there’s a lot they want to check out. You might not be able to go with them but you can certainly provide them with a fun adventure itinerary. It might even be smart to make sure they have an Uber account. You can always set up their Uber so that your pain with your account. That way you won’t have to worry about them getting lost.

Get The Guest Room Ready

You want to make sure that the bed your guests are sleeping in is situated with fresh linens, fluffy pillows and blankets. If it’s been a while since the comforter has been clean, then you might want to drop it off at the dry cleaner. It would also be helpful to make sure all the clutter is removed from the guest room. You don’t want them to feel like they’re sleeping in a storage locker. That’s where hiring Junk King Los Angeles can make a huge difference.

As you get your house clean for your guests, you may notice a bunch of things that should be tossed out. The team from Junk King Los Angeles can sweep in and remove any object regardless of weight or size. You’ll be amazed how quickly they can make your junk disappear. Your holiday guests will feel welcome in a home that doesn’t have any clutter or junk. One call to Junk King Los Angeles gets it done.

Get Rid Of Scary Junk Today

How long do you think all the Halloween candy will last? Between the leftovers and what the kids might bring in, you could have sweets until Thanksgiving. What about all the Halloween decorations? How long will they be kept up? Unlike Christmas, Halloween decorations don’t fare well the day after. Time to pack them up. It might also be time to get rid of the rest of your scary junk. This would be all the rubbish that is crammed into your garage, closets and spare room. Why not treat yourself to a session with Junk King Los Angeles today? You’ll be amazed at how one session can transform your home.


The amount of unwanted clutter we accumulate is directly related to the amount of free time we have. After all, if our weekends were open, then maybe we could rent our own truck, load everything up and drive an hour to get to the proper disposal center. The alternative is letting Junk King come over for a few minutes and clear everything away. It might still take them a few hours to properly dispose of things but that isn’t anything you have to worry about. When the crew pulls away from your home, the job is done on your end. You can then plan all things you’re going to do with the reclaimed space.

Along with all the clutter Junk King Los Angeles can take from the inside of your home, they can also work wonders with the outside. This might be a good idea especially if you have some leftover debris from your Halloween decorations. Everything can go on the back of the truck. Junk King doesn’t charge one price for furniture and another price for boxes. The price is always about how your stuff will fit onto the back of the truck. The Junk King crew will know this after looking over all the things you want to get rid of. This is what they’re trained for. Once that estimate is locked down, they’ll spring into action and your clutter will vanish. Don’t let your junk scare you. Give it all to Junk King Los Angeles today.

Where To Find Reliable Debris Removal

The recent fires that swept through California are a grim reminder of how life can change in a flash. What started as a small brushfire quickly spread to several thousand acres leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Los Angeles County wasn’t totally spared from fire season this year. Unlike on the East Coast where there is a dedicated hurricane season, fire is a problem for California all year long. It is important to have an evacuation plan for your family regardless of where you live. Is equally important to know how you might take care of any potential cleanup or debris removal. That can be an overwhelming job if you tried to do it on your own. Thankfully, a company like Junk King Los Angeles has a lot of experience with these types of clean up and is always standing by to lend a hand.


Working with Junk King Los Angeles means you’ll have a dedicated crew to your debris cleanup task. This is a team that will show up at the appointed hour and won’t leave until you are completely satisfied. The amount of what you have to clear way would never be an issue with Junk King. In fact, if they make the assessment that you would need additional crews and trucks that they will quickly dispatch those to your location. It’s not unusual for Junk King to take this approach especially with a major debris cleanup that might be left over after a natural disaster.

Debris cleanup usually means clearing away things that are officially useless. However, they might be a way for them to be recycled. If there is any material that can be pulled from the debris pile and turned into recyclables, then Junk King will make it happen. They have partnerships with recycling centers all throughout the area. They know what these facilities are looking for on any given day. You’ll have to do any of this research. Junk King has it covered.

You might also benefit from working with Junk King to clear way brush and other rubbish that might prove to be hazardous. As they say, an ounce of prevention goes a long way. You should never have to stress over debris cleanup as long as Junk King Los Angeles is just a phone call away.

Junk King Los Angeles Earns More Rave Reviews

If ever there was a city that was built on reviews, it is Los Angeles. Every new TV show, movie, food truck and service professional garners an instant review. Some of those folks might not like to read what the public has to say. But that is certainly not the case with Junk King Los Angeles. They are scoring rave reviews every single day. Here is a small sampling of some of the recent reviews posted to their site:


“They are on time and genuine in how they deal with you. They listen and do not waste time in doing their job. Very efficient.” – R.S., Pomona

Junk King approaches each job understanding that their customers have hectic days. The sooner they get in and get out the sooner those customers can get back to doing what is important to them. Junk King Los Angeles will always move fast. That starts with the booking and ends with the final sweep up.

“The drivers called to update me on their arrival time twice and arrived when they said they would. They were both friendly and efficient. I will be calling on Junk King again soon to dispose of more of our old furniture. Thank you.” – B.G., Los Angeles

The crews working for Junk King are always at the mercy of Los Angeles traffic. That’s why they want to keep in touch with their customers throughout the day. It’s also why they asked for two-hour window for the pickup. That’s plenty of time to get from one spot to the next.

“I liked that everything was professional from the quote request to the pickup time. The communication was outstanding and the driver was on time and the crew was efficient and polite.” – G.C., Azusa

“Rudy and Angel did a super awesome job! They were professional and very polite. They were fast and left nothing behind and swept the area before leaving. Great crew, great job, super happy! Would definitely recommend Rudy and Angel!” – I.M., Los Angeles

Whenever you hire professional service worker you should feel safe and secure inviting them into your home. It helps when they have a positive attitude. Junk King Los Angeles proves time and again they are worthy of their rave reviews.

Tips For Holding An Estate Sale

On any given weekend, you can drive around Los Angeles and find dozens of yard sales happening. However, it is the occasional estate sale that attracts the most attention. This is when an entire home is opened up and every item inside his put up for sale. People will go out of the way to look for estate sales and will most likely show up the very minute you open up “business.” If you are in charge of holding an estate sale, you might want to put a few of these tips into action:


Write An Inventory

You should have an inventory of all the things you plan on selling as well as the things you won’t be selling. You can divide inventory into categories by room. It might help to list the price you want to charge and what kind of condition you feel these items are in. If you have to do some research on eBay or Craigslist to see what similar items are being sold for.

Fix and Clean

Most of the things that you’re going to be selling will be “as is.” But you could do a quick polish or superglue fix that will help you take something from trash to treasure. Even if it brings in a few extra bucks it is still worth the minimum amount of effort.

Price everything

After you do all your research about the fair market value of what you’re selling, make sure you put a price on everything. You don’t want to waste time guessing as to what you should be selling something for. Keep in mind, that nearly everyone who shows up to buy something is going to haggle over that price. You’re not going to be getting fair market value but instead a depreciated value. That doesn’t mean you have to give things away.

Try to anticipate a good flow

As buyers browse through each room, you don’t want them to get crowded. That’s why you want to keep items in the center or perimeter. Don’t clutter up tables with too much stuff that could block the door. You want to have enough room for people to stand and deliberate without holding everyone else up.

At the end of the day, you may be left with several pieces of furniture and piles of stuff that you have no use for. That’s when you call in Junk King Los Angeles. These are the junk removal professionals who will easily clear out all the unwanted clutter. The best way to handle an estate sale is to book Junk King Los Angeles for the final cleanup.

Refocus On Your Home After The Kid Goes Off To College

If you sent one of your kids off to college this fall, then the summer was probably a flurry of activity. You are probably getting them ready packing up their room and stuff, buying things they need for the dorm and having farewell parties. Now that you’re back from the camp is drop-off it’s time for you to refocus on your home. It’s always recommended that you stay busy in those first couple of months when your kid is off to college. You’ll absolutely stay in touch with your college student. In fact, it’s a lot easier today than when you were in college. In between the FaceTime sessions, you can get a lot of organizing work done around the house. Here’s where you can refocus your efforts:


The Closets

Whatever your kid needed in college, you probably sent along with them. Anything else that’s been left behind is something they might have outgrown. That’s true for clothing, sporting equipment, toys and books. All those things can be gathered up and donated to a charity. Before you do though you should let your kid know if you are donating anything that they may want to keep.

The good news is that you don’t have to drive around to all those charities with your car overflowing with boxes. Instead, you can turn that job over to Junk King Los Angeles. They make charity drop-offs part of their daily routine and will be happy to do the same for the stuff you want to get rid of.

The Garage

No matter where you live in Los Angeles, space is at a premium. That’s why many garages are a use for storage as opposed to actually parking a car in there. You can change that by dedicating a few hours of sorting through all the clutter in your garage. At the end of that sorting time, you will have amassed a pile of items that can be tossed out.

This is more stuff they can go on to the back of the Junk King truck. Remember, Junk King is going to send over two workers for this task. They will be the ones who will do all the lifting and loading so don’t hesitate to give them the heavy things you want to get rid of like an old treadmill or pool table. One call to Junk King Los Angeles will help you refocus on organizing your home. It’s a call to make!

Prep For Fall By Clearing Out The Clutter

Fall in Los Angeles does not mean extreme changes in the weather. While most of the country might be experiencing cooler days and rainy nights, Los Angeles will more than likely be just as hot and humid as it always is. It’s not until December or January do we see any severe changes in the weather. That doesn’t mean you can’t do some prep work around the house to get ready for the new season. The bulk of that prep work should involve clearing out the clutter. Here’s the areas you should focus on:



Is your garage primarily for storage or can you still park your car there? Most Los Angeles residents find storage space a premium and use their garage to supplement the lack of closet space. There’s nothing wrong with that unless you are holding onto a lot of useless clutter. It might be a good idea to dedicate a Saturday morning to sorting through everything in your garage. You only have to make two piles: keep or haul away. Of course, you don’t have to do all the hauling yourself. This is a perfect job for Junk King Los Angeles. These are junk removal professionals who have a lot of experience clearing out clutter from garages all across the city. They’ll back the truck right up to your garage door and load everything up in a very short amount of time.

Once all that clutter is gone, you’ll be able to organize the things you’re holding onto. This will make finding things like holiday decorations and other household goods a lot easier.


Just as you should fill up your garage with unwanted clutter, you also shouldn’t way space in your closet with things you know you’re not going to use. A good test is the one-year rule. If you haven’t worn an outfit in over year, then there is a good chance that outfit might not be want to get. The Junk King crews will collect all the things you’re piling up from your closets throughout the house. You don’t have to bring anything down from upstairs.


This is also a good time of year to go through all your kitchen cupboards and pull out the stuff you’re not using. You may discover long-lost gadgets. It might also be expired can goods that should be tossed out in the garbage. The rest of the clutter can be turned over to Junk King Los Angeles.

Your home will look and feel a lot better this fall once all the unwanted clutter is hauled away by Junk King Los Angeles.

Smart Ways To Bring In More Customers To Your Restaurant

There are new restaurants open in Los Angeles every day. That makes the competition for customers fierce among those eateries. If you happen to be among the many LA restaurants, then you know what a challenge it is to attract customers. Even though you are spending a lot of time on menu and staff, you still need to devote energy to awards marketing. Here are some ideas you could put into action today.


Post Amazing Food Photos

Don’t you get hungry when you watch cooking shows on television? All those images of delicious food fires up the appetite. That is exactly what you should be providing for your potential customers across all your social media platforms. Every new dish that comes out of your kitchen should have its photo taken and posted. This is especially true with new menu items that you’re proud to announce.

Provide Free Wi-Fi

If there’s one thing your customers like to do while eating, it is checking in on their Smartphones. restaurantProviding free Wi-Fi is a nice little touch that will have your customers remaining loyal. It’s an added incentive that really doesn’t cost a lot.

Keep a Smartphone in the Kitchen

You should have a smart phone in your kitchen dedicated for your social media posts. If you have an expediter, then they would be in a good position to get those posts going. Los Angeles is full of creative types and there is no doubt that you have plenty of them working in your restaurant. See if you can put their creativity to work with your tweets and posts.

Make Your Website Simple

A customer that’s frustrated with ordering online probably won’t come back to your restaurant. You want to make your website easy to navigate not only for a laptop but also for a tablet and a mobile phone. You don’t need a lot of extras like background music. It’s just annoying. What are important are menu, contact info, location and when you’re open. Everything else is just filler.

Be Prepared For Business

Not having a steady stream of customers can sometimes make a staff get lazy. If you start implementing some of these marketing changes, then you could find yourself getting very busy. Your staff needs to stay on top of things not only with how they handle customers but also in the kitchen. It is equally important to maintain high standards of cleanliness throughout your establishment. Your staff will be taken care of most of this but for removal of the big stuff like old furniture or kitchen appliances you can count on Junk King Los Angeles. These are the junk removal pros that will send over a team of strong movers and do all the lifting and loading. Make sure your restaurant stays clear of rubbish with a call to Junk King Los Angeles.

Best Way To Organize Your Storage Unit

Instead of cramming more things into your garage or closets, it might be a good idea to rent a storage unit. This frees up space in your home and allows you to keep your property safe. Storage units are rented by size. You want to maximize that space as efficiently as possible. Here are some of the best ways to organize your storage unit:


Use Pallets

It’s a good idea to put your boxes up on pallets. This prevents past from making a home in your boxes. It also can help with potential flooding if your storage unit helps be outside and on the ground level. It will help to visualize the space before you start packing it so that you can arrange your pallets accordingly. The goal would be to create pathways between the boxes that allow you easier access to them.

Put Up Shelves

You can put up shelving units in addition to the pallets to organize your storage unit. Again, it all comes down to a matter of accessibility. They will come a time when you might want to get a one of the boxes and you want to be able to find it without pulling everything out.

Take Extra Caution

If you are storing large mirrors then they should be carefully wrapped in moving blankets and stored standing on end, never flat. You probably should stack boxes any hire then you can reach them. The heavy boxes need to be on the bottom. If you know you’re going to be taking items out like holiday decorations, then those should be the last thing in, so they can be the first ones out.

Utilize Empty Space

You can utilize the empty space in your own furniture that you’re putting in storage. For instance, a refrigerator that has been cleaned out and is totally dry makes a perfect place for a few boxes. The same can be said for an old armoire. If you’re putting suitcases in storage, then fill those up with some items as well.

Don’t Pack Clutter

As you move items from your home into the storage unit, you don’t want to bring clutter with you. That’s just paying to rent space for junk. Instead, turn all that clutter over to Junk King Los Angeles. These are the professional junk haulers who will quickly make your unwanted rubbish disappear. Getting rid of that clutter could cut the things you want to put into storage in half. A rubbish removal session from Junk King Los Angeles is what you need to organize your storage unit.

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