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How To Compare Junk Removal Companies In Los Angeles

One of the best ways to compare junk removal companies in Los Angeles is first check out the company websites. You know if the site is easy to navigate, full of information and allows for comments/reviews that this is a professional company. If it looks like something that has just been slapped together for the sake of having a website then imagine what they will do when they come to your property.

Then you have to check out the reviews. Every company doing business today is going to get reviewed whether they like it or not. You would be hard pressed to find any company in the service business that has a 100% customer satisfaction rating. You just can’t please all the people all the time! However, when it looks like there are a majority of reviews on the positive side then you have to consider those as proof that the company is performing as it should.

Now let’s consider Junk King. This is the professional junk hauling service that has been in operation in Los Angeles for over a year. Here are some reviews that came in within the last week:

“Very polite. Willing to work with us. VERY hard workers. Verified what was to be taken.”

“Easy to schedule, friendly, on time, got the job done thoroughly and quickly, while maintaining the low fee we were promised.”

“Professional and prompt. Friendly workers.”

Clearly, Junk King LA is a hit! There are positive reviews like this popping up every week on our Facebook page. Here’s what they’re saying over on Yelp:

“These guys rock. My sister and I are selling my late parents house and it had nearly 60 years of married life in it. It took one full truck to clean out the garage last Saturday and a full truck to take away the rest of the junk in the house today. Both sets of guys were courteous, friendly and fast.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the service. I would recommend them to anyone! You got junk they take it.”

“They came by and dismantled and hauled away an old trampoline. Thanks guys!”

“Best service ever!! I didn’t know that companies still had employees that worked so hard all while being polite and very thorough. We had the best experience with Junk King this morning. The employees actually showed up early and were in and out in just over an hour- and we had enough junk that they had to load their entire truck! Very, very pleased with this company and the service they provide. We will be using them again when in need of junk hauling! Thank you, Junk King!”

How can Junk King LA help you? They’ll be sending over those same crews to help you haul away whatever junk you want taken away. Ultimately, the best way to compare junk removal services is to put them to the work. Of course, once you hire Junk King you won’t need to do any more comparisons! Call today to schedule your removal appointment!