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Category Archives: Los Angeles Junk Hauling

Hire Junk King Los Angeles for Warehouse Cleanouts to Reduce Accidents

As Junk King Los Angeles – Warehouse Cleanout experts, one priority is getting rid of the junk that’s clogging up the efficiency and safety in your warehouse. Some of what we haul away will be disposed of, some donated and some recycled.

We’re extremely proud of the fact that our efforts declutter your warehouse space. More than one of our warehouse clients has come back to tell us that hauling junk out of their space has allowed them to increase efficiency and reduce accidents.

For example, some warehouse owners leave outdated stock in certain areas. After it’s been left there for some time, it can become a fire or safety hazard. Our crews can haul it away in a safe and efficient manner so that safety products like guardrails can be put in that space.

These guardrails serve a few different purposes. First and foremost, they can prevent machineries like forklifts from running into boilers and generators. These safety additions can also send a clear message to employees to stay away from certain areas.

Mesh Railings
Another popular option that warehouse managers implement after we haul away renovation or construction debris is wire mesh railings. These are excellent for protecting stock and machinery because they provide a barrier to easy entry.

Quite often, our Junk King Los Angeles – Warehouse Cleanout department gets called to look after e-waste. When warehouse managers upgrade computers to new models, the old ones can sit in storage rooms or even out on the open floor. Not only can we get rid of this possible safety hazard for you, we will even make sure those old gadgets get to the right location.

Old Printers
Our Junk King Los Angeles – Warehouse Cleanout team can get rid of old printers as well as computers and copy machines.
Once we’ve disposed of a lot of the junk that’s been clogging up your warehouse space, you’ll be able to see where other improvements are necessary. For example, plastic beam protectors are an excellent idea because they surround those columns supporting your entire roof. Most warehouse managers know how critical it is to keep these in the best condition.

Big Ideas
One of the big ideas here is that you can’t see some issues before a disaster strikes. For example, a damaged upright could cause a whole rack to collapse. If there’s debris from a renovation or outdated inventory in the way, you might not see the issue until it’s too late.

Our Junk King Los Angeles – Warehouse Cleanout services are proactive and can help.

Junk King Los Angeles Junk Removal Service

Locals may benefit from Junk King Los Angeles’ prompt and efficient services, but we have an international reputation. Junk King is the top-ranking junk removal business in North America, with a presence in hundreds of cities and a strong dedication to upholding the ethics and principles upon which we were founded: customer service, safety, and sustainability.

No matter where you are in Los Angeles County, and no matter the scale of your project, we are more than prepared to handle heavy lifting, decluttering, and junk removal. We have helped homeowners and business owners pare down their living and work spaces in as little as a few hours. We remove, haul, and recycle junk—even the stuff that you might think is invaluable or insignificant.

Decluttering and Downsizing

Minimalistic living is becoming the norm nowadays, especially amongst Los Angeles residents. We are proud to help keep LA green by recycling and reusing at least 60% of our products. In addition, we are proud to help stressed out and frustrated homeowners declutter their living space and turn it into a place of peace and harmony rather than anxiety.

Too many people choose to hold off on calling in the professionals for their junk removal needs, due to concerns about the length of time it will take, the cost, and the certainty that they can do it themselves. Unfortunately, most people who attempt to declutter on their own do not do an effective job. In the worst cases, they sustain injuries trying to haul heavy furniture or mattresses. Junk King Los Angeles is staffed with a team of highly professional and technically skilled laborers who know exactly how to handle the most high-stress situations.

Preparing for a Move

Junk King doesn’t simply help people downsize—we also help people prepare for the most exciting new stages in their lives. If a move, large or small, is looming in your future, there’s no need to feel worried or overwhelmed. Before a move you should be focusing on the larger details, rather than the trivial ones.

Junk King Los Angeles hauls furniture, mattresses, pianos, and other heavy items out of your home so you can clear it out in time for house staging or the move itself. There has never been a better time to shape up and ship out!

Best Way To Organize Your Storage Unit

Instead of cramming more things into your garage or closets, it might be a good idea to rent a storage unit. This frees up space in your home and allows you to keep your property safe. Storage units are rented by size. You want to maximize that space as efficiently as possible. Here are some of the best ways to organize your storage unit:


Use Pallets

It’s a good idea to put your boxes up on pallets. This prevents past from making a home in your boxes. It also can help with potential flooding if your storage unit helps be outside and on the ground level. It will help to visualize the space before you start packing it so that you can arrange your pallets accordingly. The goal would be to create pathways between the boxes that allow you easier access to them.

Put Up Shelves

You can put up shelving units in addition to the pallets to organize your storage unit. Again, it all comes down to a matter of accessibility. They will come a time when you might want to get a one of the boxes and you want to be able to find it without pulling everything out.

Take Extra Caution

If you are storing large mirrors then they should be carefully wrapped in moving blankets and stored standing on end, never flat. You probably should stack boxes any hire then you can reach them. The heavy boxes need to be on the bottom. If you know you’re going to be taking items out like holiday decorations, then those should be the last thing in, so they can be the first ones out.

Utilize Empty Space

You can utilize the empty space in your own furniture that you’re putting in storage. For instance, a refrigerator that has been cleaned out and is totally dry makes a perfect place for a few boxes. The same can be said for an old armoire. If you’re putting suitcases in storage, then fill those up with some items as well.

Don’t Pack Clutter

As you move items from your home into the storage unit, you don’t want to bring clutter with you. That’s just paying to rent space for junk. Instead, turn all that clutter over to Junk King Los Angeles. These are the professional junk haulers who will quickly make your unwanted rubbish disappear. Getting rid of that clutter could cut the things you want to put into storage in half. A rubbish removal session from Junk King Los Angeles is what you need to organize your storage unit.

How To Compare Junk Removal Companies In Los Angeles

One of the best ways to compare junk removal companies in Los Angeles is first check out the company websites. You know if the site is easy to navigate, full of information and allows for comments/reviews that this is a professional company. If it looks like something that has just been slapped together for the sake of having a website then imagine what they will do when they come to your property.

Then you have to check out the reviews. Every company doing business today is going to get reviewed whether they like it or not. You would be hard pressed to find any company in the service business that has a 100% customer satisfaction rating. You just can’t please all the people all the time! However, when it looks like there are a majority of reviews on the positive side then you have to consider those as proof that the company is performing as it should.

Now let’s consider Junk King. This is the professional junk hauling service that has been in operation in Los Angeles for over a year. Here are some reviews that came in within the last week:

“Very polite. Willing to work with us. VERY hard workers. Verified what was to be taken.”

“Easy to schedule, friendly, on time, got the job done thoroughly and quickly, while maintaining the low fee we were promised.”

“Professional and prompt. Friendly workers.”

Clearly, Junk King LA is a hit! There are positive reviews like this popping up every week on our Facebook page. Here’s what they’re saying over on Yelp:

“These guys rock. My sister and I are selling my late parents house and it had nearly 60 years of married life in it. It took one full truck to clean out the garage last Saturday and a full truck to take away the rest of the junk in the house today. Both sets of guys were courteous, friendly and fast.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the service. I would recommend them to anyone! You got junk they take it.”

“They came by and dismantled and hauled away an old trampoline. Thanks guys!”

“Best service ever!! I didn’t know that companies still had employees that worked so hard all while being polite and very thorough. We had the best experience with Junk King this morning. The employees actually showed up early and were in and out in just over an hour- and we had enough junk that they had to load their entire truck! Very, very pleased with this company and the service they provide. We will be using them again when in need of junk hauling! Thank you, Junk King!”

How can Junk King LA help you? They’ll be sending over those same crews to help you haul away whatever junk you want taken away. Ultimately, the best way to compare junk removal services is to put them to the work. Of course, once you hire Junk King you won’t need to do any more comparisons! Call today to schedule your removal appointment!


Haul Away Junk From Your Los Angeles Home

Haul Away Junk Los AngelesJust because LA doesn’t ever have a white Christmas, doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy celebrating the holidays. In fact, nothing beats going down to the beach for a Christmas morning stroll. Who knows maybe you’ll even see a surfing Santa. And have you checked the price of gas recently? It’s the lowest it has been in several months. This is really good news as we head into the holidays. It can also mean you might have a lot of folks headed your way. Will you be ready for the out of town guests? Is your guest room full of clutter? Maybe this is the perfect time to call Junk King of Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles branch of Junk King has been open for over a year and in that time they’ve helped hundreds of families haul away tons and tons of junk. As you go to pull down the Christmas decorations from your attic or garage you’ll once again be reminded of all the junk you’re holding onto. Aren’t you tired of the broken appliances, the out of date e-waste, the busted sporting goods and everything else that keeps you from finding what you really want? Take note of every item you’d wish could vanish and then call Junk King. When the crew shows up for your removal appointment just point to all those items and they’ll handle the rest. There will be no lifting on your part when Junk King is on the scene.

Not only can Junk King help you clear out your garage and spare room but they can also do some serious de-cluttering in all of your closets. Just pull out the stuff you don’t want and leave it in a pile right where it falls. The Junk King crew will come by and make sure it is gone for good.

Aside from a warm Christmas, the other great thing about living in Los Angeles is that we know what it means to be “green.” We take great pride in all our eco-friendly ways of living. Junk King LA is right up there with the greenest of green businesses. They provide free recycling services for the vast majority of everything they collect. This means that Junk King will make the drop off at the appropriate recycling facility. You don’t even have to give a second thought to what can be recycled. The JK crews are trained at sorting and sifting through all the junk they gather up.

Start your holiday prep off on the right tract with a home free of junk thanks to Junk King. That will put you on the “nice list” for sure!

Summer Decluttering in Los Angeles

It stands to reason that the place where movies are made would have the coolest places to watch those movies. As summer kicks into gear, there are plenty of unique outdoor screening events taking place all across Los Angeles.

One of the most popular is the screenings at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. These movies are hosted by Cinespia and feature films made between 1930 and 1990 that were filmed right here in Los Angeles. The screenings are held on the Fairbanks Lawn which is named for the crypt holding the remains of Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. and Jr. The movies themselves are shown against the wall of the Cathedral Mausoleum which is the final resting place of silent era screen legend Rudolph Valentino. For those who like to dine out while watching movies outdoors there is the Street Food Cinema showcase that features outdoor movies, food trucks and live music. These screenings are held at the Los Angeles State Historic Park down by the USC campus.

You might enjoy these kinds of outings a bit more if you’ve checked off all the things you’re supposed to do around you home. If you’ve been putting off a major de-cluttering project there is no time like the present to get that job done. This can easily be accomplished when you enlist Junk King LA to the task.

Junk King has only been operating in Los Angeles for little over a year but in that time they’ve already achieved the status of becoming the leading professional junk hauler in the area. They’ve managed to hit that goal thanks to their dedicated and hardworking crews. It’s also the high standards of customer service set forth by the parent company that has earned Junk King Los Angeles such a solid reputation.

A call to Junk King in the morning could mean having a crew out to your property by the afternoon. Before you put that plan into action, you’ll want to assess just what it is you’ll be throwing out. This is important because Junk King determines your fee based on the amount of space your junk will take up on their truck. This is truly the best way to price this type of service. Don’t worry about packing up the truck. This is where the Junk King crew really shines. Whether you’re getting rid of an entire living room worth of furniture or a garage full of boxes, the crew will do all the loading.

They’ll also be sorting as they pack because they want to make sure if any of your junk can be recycled that it will. This might mean a little extra work for the crew but that’s nothing you have to worry about. It’s all part of the Junk King’s complete service package. Call them today and schedule a pickup. You’ll still be able to make your movie!

Los Angeles Trash Out

It looks like your garbage might be going on a bit of a road trip. The vast majority of garbage collected around Los Angeles ends up at the largest landfill in the country. That would be just south of the 60 Freeway by Hacienda Heights. However, as that landfill is reaching capacity, LA trash is headed south to Orange County. Last week, Los Angeles County signed a contract to begin sending its trash to the Olinda Alpha Landfill near Brea. This is going to start in October right after the Puente Hills Landfill closes.

For the folks living near the Puente Hills Landfill they won’t notice a difference. But it’s some of the residents of North Whittier, Avocado Heights and the tiny communities of Gladstone, Bassett and Pellisier Village say are up in arms about the new arrivals. This is because the trucks are going to be dumping trash at the Puente Hills Material Recovery Facility which is a lot closer to homes than people would like. Even though this facility has been opened since 2005, now it’s really going to see some action.

“There is too much foul air, dust, noise pollution and diesel pollution from trash trucks. We’ve had enough. We want to stop this expansion,” said Teresa Aguilar, a resident of Avocado Heights recently told a local newspaper.

When you get right down to it, nobody wants trash. Unless of course you’re Junk King of Los Angeles. These are the junk removal specialists who absolutely love filling up their trucks with trash. If you’re ready to get rid of your trash you might find a positive experience working with Junk King. Jason of West Hollywood sure did. “These guys were amazing! They were able to schedule a pick up the next day from when I called,” he writes on Yelp. “They came exactly when they said they would. They were INSANELY fast, and I was even over quoted, meaning I ended up paying less than they originally thought, and the original price was extremely reasonable in the first place. Definitely use these guys!”

The Junk King crews are also known for going the extra mile when it comes to a cleanup. “Very professional and helpful,” writes Thomas of Durate. “They gave me a great price to haul away a bunch of junk during a re-model. Then they went above and beyond what was required of them, even sweeping up afterwards. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone who needs stuff hauled away.”

Best of all, Junk King strives to make sure the bulk of what they collect will never make it to a landfill. That’s because they’ll get it recycled or refurbished. Orange County won’t have to worry about junk from LA collected by Junk King and neither will you!

Spring Cleaning Tips In Los Angeles

Let’s get real; there are only a few people in the world that really love to clean. Some do it for a living but for the rest of us, we’d rather put off the dusting and instead head to the mall or a movie. Yet, when it comes to a deep spring-cleaning we know it’s something that should be done at least once a year. There is a great sense of accomplishment when you give your home a thorough cleaning. When all is said and done you wonder what the fuss was all about. Before you get there you’ll be well served to get organized.

Take a tip from the professional cleaners. If you’ve ever seen them in action then you know they prefer to carry all their cleaning supplies around with them in a handy tray. This puts all that you need to clean with at your fingertips. When you break it down you really only need an all-purpose cleaner for the majority of what you’ll be wiping down. If you’ve got wood furniture than a good polish will do the trick. Have plenty of disposable clothes on hand. That’s important if you want to take a “green” approach to cleaning. Save the paper towels. You can also find recipes on line to turn common kitchen ingredient like baking soda or white vinegar into terrific eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

A good spring-cleaning isn’t just about wiping, dusting and moping but also de-cluttering your home. If you find yourself moving stacks of junk out of the way to clean and then putting that junk back in its place then you’re defeating the purpose of really cleaning. You should be thinking about tossing out as much as you’re cleaning. With some items that is easier said than done. You can surely bag up some old clothes for a drop off at a local charity. Throwing out magazines or newspapers is easy with your trusty blue recycle bin at your side. It’s the big stuff that becomes a problem. Getting rid of things like old computers, printers, TVs, furniture or appliances can be a hassle if you do it without any help. The help you seek can be found with a call to Junk King Los Angeles. Those are the junk removal specialists who have been carting off tons of junk from your neighbors home. Why not put them to work for you?

A Junk King LA crew can cart off any bulky item you want removed from your home or yards. They’ll have the truck and the muscle to get the job done. Let Junk King be your spring-cleaning partner!

Los Angeles Concrete Disposal and Recycling

As a homeowner you should embrace the simple concept that your living space doesn’t have to end at your back door. Why not consider extending your living space beyond the home and into the backyard? Yard space is at a premium in Los Angeles. Are you getting the most out of your space? Remodeling a backyard doesn’t have to be a complicated or expensive proposition. First consider your dream backyard. Are you someone who likes to entertain on a warm evening? Is there a master griller living under your roof? Then perhaps you’ll want to have an inviting deck or patio centered around a built-in bar-be-que. Add a trellis covering for shade and you’ve got a terrific space that also increases the value of your property.

If kids are in the picture, then you might want to rethink their play area. Instead of concrete you could install protective rubber padding to make for a safe play zone. Or you could take the beach approach and bring in some sand to make an extended “box” for fun. Another popular option is to install a pool or hot tub. You don’t have to live in Beverly Hills to have the luxury of a cool dip.

Any one of those backyard remodel brings should begin with a “clean canvas.” That will require removing whatever you have in place now to make room for the improvements. If you’ve got an old cracked patio or driveway then you’re best option is to bust up that cement and start from scratch. Junk King Los Angeles can be a big help in this endeavor by helping you get rid of all that concrete. This is important because you can’t start a makeover project until that debris is taken away. And you can’t toss it out in the garbage because it’s too heavy. Junk King Los Angeles offers the perfect solution with their strong work crew and empty truck. That concrete doesn’t stand a chance!

What’s great about hiring Junk King LA for concrete removal is they don’t have to stop there. On that same pickup appointment they can also take away any other oversized item you want to get rid of. Imagine what you can finally get rid of if you have a truck and moving crew willing to help. The other thing to keep in mind is that Junk King is a “green” business. The vast majority of what they collect ends up at a certified recycling center and that goes for concrete, too! That cement can be ground up and poured into new cement mixes. Nothing will be wasted with Junk King on the job!

Furniture Donations Pickup in Los Angeles

The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles recently made a huge donation to hospitals in Port-au-Prince, Haiti who are still struggling in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake three years ago. All totaled the donation represents over $300,000 but it’s not money that made its way to Haiti but much needed equipment and hospital furniture.

“We want to set a course of excellence, reminiscent of great teaching hospitals in the U.S. This represents a generous donation of specialized medical equipment, hospital bed frames, cribs, pediatric ventilators, incubator warmers and other supplies that are in short supply and badly needed in Haiti. The hospitalized children will benefit greatly,” Dr. Henri Ford told a local news organization. He’s Los Angeles surgeon-in-chief who will actually be traveling to his native country later this month to help oversee the distribution of the more than 650 items.

Most of what is being donated has been in storage for over a year and is still viable. The items included are 60 hospital beds, 26 cribs, 118 nightstand, 31 parent sleeper chairs, ventilators, cardiac monitors, exam tables, wheel chairs, scales and I.V. poles. This proves that just because something isn’t being used or is in storage doesn’t mean it can’t be put to work again. Do you think you have something like that in your home? If so, then Junk King Los Angeles would be the perfect partner to help you get rid of it. That’s because Junk King goes out of its way to see if collected items  can be refurbished and turned over to local LA charities. You don’t have to worry about picking those charities or figuring out if your used furniture is worthy; the Junk King crew will handle all of that as part of their complete removal service.

If something you’re donating can’t be fixed up it might end up at an LA recycling center. That’s another way that Junk King handles the responsible disposal of all that they collect. Quite often most of the workday for a Junk King LA crew is taken up in traffic as they travel to one drop-off center to another. As a LA resident you know what that kind of traffic is like but with Junk King on your side you won’t be stuck there. You also won’t be paying for any additional travel time or dumping fees. All you’ll be charged is by the amount of space your junk takes up on the back of their truck. When you get right down to it, Junk King is really your best option for all types of junk removal. Give them a call today to set up a removal appointment.

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