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Boston Moving and Junk Hauling

Getting ready for your big move? No doubt, you’ll be doing your own packing, as you should. Although this might not be your first move, there is always an opportunity to learn new packing tricks. For instance, no box you pack should weigh over 50 pounds. This will make handling them a bit easier. You want to make sure everything is wrapped carefully. It’s vital that you don’t let anything rattle around in those boxes. Having space in between the stuff in a box can lead to it breaking if the box is shaken. You should also pack similar items together. That might seem like a no brainer, but in a scramble to get everything done before moving day, you could end up putting the coffee pot in with the family photo albums.


It is important that your boxes are labeled as to their destination. If you’re moving into a place with a lot of rooms, then you should tape a sign on each door designating what that room is. This will insure your movers will know where to put things. As you start to pack, you might come across a few questionable items. The “question” in this case would be, “Why am I bringing this junk to my new home?” The answer is you shouldn’t! That is why you might consider hiring Junk King for a junk hauling session before the move.

When you set up a junk hauling session with Junk King you’re going to be bringing in a very capable two-man team who will do all the heavy lifting. Same with your movers. Getting rid of your junk before you move is also going to save you money. Every box or big item that your movers have to deal with is going to slow them down. Can you imagine them loading up a couch only to have that couch end up in your garage?

Perhaps it will help to picture the wide-open space you’re moving into. Do you want that instantly cluttered up with stuff you’re never going to use again? One call to Junk King can have it all gone. Remember, when you hire Junk King you’re also hiring a green company. They’ll make sure that if you have anything that could be donated or recycled it will end up at the proper drop off site. Using Junk King for junk hauling will insure that your life in a new home gets off on the right foot.

E-Waste Recycling In Boston

Just because a company or institution proclaims that are rigorous recyclers doesn’t mean they are getting it right. Yes, the intent is noble but the actual recycling could be lacking. That is what happened when over 80 businesses in Massachusetts were recently cited by the Department of Environmental Protection for improper recycling. What was the problem? The majority of citations had to do when a banned material was mixed in with all the approved recycling rubbish. Every load sent over from a company or school is inspected at a transfer station. If things like construction materials get mixed in with cardboard, then the whole line comes to a screeching halt and things have to be sorted by hand.

Some of these problems can be blamed on lack of knowledge. Others point to unsecured recycling bins. Either way, if your name is on the bundle and there is a problem, then you’re going to get cited. One way to avoid this is to contract a company like Junk King to handle all your recycling needs. This especially holds true for e-waste recycling in Boston. That is not something you want to mess around with and Junk King is the perfect partner to get that job done.

The e-waste category covers a lot of ground. Computers, laptops, monitors, televisions, printers, fax machines and copiers would all be considered e-waste. Any one of those items needs to be disassembled at a certified facility. In other words, they have to be “handled with  care.” Junk King will make sure your e-waste is dropped off at the proper facility. If there is a breakdown in the drop off system, it will be Junk King that takes the hit, no you. On the other hand, if you were to throw out your e-waste in the garbage you could end up getting fined.

On the same Junk King e-waste recycling call, you can get the team to clear out other items that won’t fit into your garbage can. This is your chance to get your garage clear of clutter and your basement empty of rubbish. Having more space in your home will allow you to store the things that really matter as opposed to the stuff that is meant for the trash heap. Junk King can have it all taken care of in a single appointment. If you’ve the need for qualified e-waste recycling, then put Junk King to work.

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