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Monthly Archives:

Most Effective Ways To Organize Your Kitchen

There might be a lot of clutter around your home but most of it is probably in the kitchen. Just as with a closet full of clutter, having a kitchen full of clutter makes it difficult to get things done. Just think of all the time you waste looking for stuff. The following are some effective ways to organize your kitchen. Once you set this up it will be easy to have everything find a new home.


Hang Your Cleaning Products

You probably store a lot of cleaning products under your sink. They can become a real hodgepodge of spray bottles. A small tension rod can be suspended under the cabinet that allows you to hang those bottles. That frees up space below for baskets to put the rest of your cleaning supplies. Those same tension rods can be set up in a cabinet vertically to make a kind of separator for cutting boards.

Use Magnets More

If you have a drawer full of loose knives, then you might want to hang up a magnetized strip on the wall. Those knives can then be attached to the magnet for easy access. There are also magnetic spice racks that can attach to your fridge or on strips inside of the cabinet. Remember, the goal is always to reach for something that you can easily spot as opposed to rummaging through things to get to what you need.

Utilize Wall Space

Your wall space in a kitchen is a perfect spot for organization. You can put up a painted piece of pegboard to hang pots and pans. You can also find decorative pieces of trellis to use with hooks for the same purpose. Even a hanging magazine rack can be adapted to hold a lot of your cookware.

Elevate Your Fridge

Your refrigerator will come with a limited amount of shelves and drawers. That doesn’t mean you can’t supplement that space with your own storage ideas. Small plastic bins are great for separating things like condiments, vegetables and fruit. If you can find ones with handles, then they are easy to pull out. You could also add a wire shelf or a Lazy Susan turntable.

Stack Your Bulk Items

Savvy grocery shoppers know that buying in bulk is always the best way to go. You can store your bulk items like sugar, flour and other dry goods in stackable plastic bins. Another good tip is to print out a conversion chart, get it laminated and then hang it on the inside of a cabinet door. That way it’s always handy for you to look up while you’re cooking.

Toss Out the Unwanted Appliances and Junk

As you go through your kitchen, you’re sure to find plenty of things that you can get rid of. This can be as big as a dishwasher that you replacing or small as a box of gadgets you never use. Instead of shoving those out into the garage want to turn them over to Junk King Boston. These are the junk removal professionals who can help you transform your home into a junk free zone. One call will set up an appointment with two capable movers and a big truck that will hold everything you need to haul away. Get your kitchen organized with a little help from Junk King Boston. You’ll be glad you did.

How To Make Your Remodel Contract Work For You

Are you planning a remodeling project this summer? Although it may cause a lot of upheaval around the house, the end results will be well worth it. Before the work begins, you’ll going to be entering into a contract with a professional contractor. Just because you are a novice at remodeling doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a contract that works in your advantage. Here’s what you should include:

All the Details

There is going to be a final price for your kitchen or bathroom remodel and there are many factors that go into that price. You need to include the scope of the details. For instance, you may be tearing down a wall or adding a window. A sink that is being moved requires new plumbing. The same for a gas hookups for stove. Those are all the kinds of things that should be included in your contract details.


You should also make sure your contract spells out the amounts paid for every item and when they should be paid. Obviously, some of this might be approximations especially when it comes to labor cost if a crew ends up working overtime. That is why you should always build in a contingency so that there won’t be any surprises.

As For Fixed-Price Contract

A fixed price contract means you’ll be paying a contractor one fee for everything. It’s up to them to deliver on the parameters of the design. A fixed price contract means the contractor will pick up any differences between extra labor costs or an increase in materials. You may be asked to enter in a “cost plus” contract. This means that if there any overruns on the project you split the costs between you and the contractor. That might sound like a good deal at first but it’s also something that could set you up with a lot of squabbles.

Avoid Major Expense Allowances

Some contractors may want to include a materials allowances for major expenses like cabinets and countertops. This could mean they assign a price to those items before you even go out shopping for them. Unfortunately, you might be stuck paying for more expensive items because that’s exactly what you want. There’s nothing wrong with that but you should know those costs up front before you get started.

Wait For Materials Before Demolition

Once everything has been agreed on the project get started with the demolition phase. However, that should begin until all the materials have been delivered to your property. You don’t want to rip out your kitchen on a Monday and then wait a week for the new cabinetry to come.

Speaking of demolition, you might find that a good way to save money on your remodel is to do some of that demolition on your own. That could save on labor costs. You can also hire your own cleanup crew. That’s where Junk King Boston comes into play. These are the professional junk haulers who have a lot of experience cleaning up after remodel demolition. You want to make sure all the trash generated at your remodel can be removed in an efficient manner. Junk King Boston can do that with no problem and at a great cost.

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