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Boston Junk Removal Prices

There is just so much that municipal workers can do when it comes to picking up trash. The residents of East Boston are dealing with that fact as they struggle to keep their sidewalks clean. This seems like a never-ending battle. Residents and business owners in this neighborhood are happy to clean up after the garbage crews have come and gone but it seems that there is always trash left over after pickup day no matter how hard they try to stay on top of it. In fact, residents even have gone so far as to set up the Facebook page “Cleanup Eastie” to draw attention to this situation. The problem seems to stem from a combination of trashcan overflow and simple carelessness. Perhaps the more people who take to the sidewalks with brooms the great the chance of improving attitudes with it comes to tossing out the trash.


Obviously, there are some cleanup jobs that can’t be handled with a broom. When it comes to thorough junk removal, you’ll want to turn to the pros at Junk King. This is a Boston branch of a national franchise of junk haulers who take all the hassle and hard work out of junk removal. First step is to call into Junk King to set up your junk removal appointment. You’ll need to tell the service rep that scope of your job. Are you getting rid of a few pieces of furniture or an entire home’s worth? Are you cleaning out the garage and attic or just your closets? This matters because Junk King wants to make sure you’ve got the right size crew for your job. At the minimum, you’ll have at least two hard working movers who will do all the lifting and loading. For the bigger jobs, Junk King will dispatch even more workers.

In terms of pricing, you’ll find that Junk King is surprisingly affordable. Before the work begins, you’ll be presented with an estimate based on how much space your junk will occupy on the back of the Junk King truck. This is not based on weight but volume. Since the Junk King crews like to pack up their trucks tight, you can bet you’re going to get a great bargain no matter how much you’re throwing out. Check around and you’ll see that Junk King is the best deal in Boston for professional junk removal.

Hoarder Cleanup Help In Boston

Recently, CBS News conducted a survey that found one third of all Americans think they have too much clutter in their homes. You can probably live with a little clutter like a few errant magazines or newspapers. Maybe a stuffed junk drawer. It’s when you reach hoarder levels of trash that there is a problem. From a psychological standpoint, serious hoarding can be diagnosed as a mental disorder. It is a kind of an offshoot of obsessive compulsive disorders. Even though they may be surrounded by trash stacked to the ceiling, a hoarder might not see it as a problem. They usually won’t even get help until a family member or city official steps in to compel them into action.


Hopefully, your levels of clutter haven’t reached epic proportions. One sure way to determine if you’re a hoarder is your desire to get rid of your trash. Don’t confuse that desire with the means. Sometimes you just need a little extra help to get the cleanup job accomplished. That is why a company like Junk King is so important to add to your contact list. Junk King is the team of professional junk haulers that is part of a national franchise. They have some pretty high standards to follow when it comes to providing exceptional customer service. This is why some many therapists call on Junk King to help with their patients’ hoarder cleanup. They know Junk King will be totally compassionate and professional about the job.

When it comes to your own version of a “hoarder cleanup” Junk King can step in to assist with the removal of old furniture, appliances and household goods. Remember you’re going to have a two-man moving crew and huge truck to put to use. Why not go for the big picture and have all your unwanted junk removed in a single trip.

As an added bonus, Junk King is also a very green company. They strive to make sure the bulk of what they collect never gets into a landfill. They accomplish that task by adding recycling facilities and charities to their drop off circuits. Best of all, you don’t have to ask for the recycling. It’s all part of the complete Junk King service.

You’re going to feel a lot better when you’ve got all that cluttered cleared from your home.

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