How Junk King’s Pricing Estimator Can Work For You

One of the most revolutionary software programs has to be Microsoft Excel. This changed the way businesses keep records and remove the chance for mathematical errors. You still have to input the right numbers but once you set up your Excel spreadsheet, you can see in an instant what a column of numbers adds up to. That same type of program has been adapted by Junk King Nashville. Their pricing estimator isn’t going to help you figure out accounting numbers but it can certainly help you see what it will take to get all your junk cleared from your home. That is very valuable.


The Junk King pricing estimator lets you “add” up all the particular items you want to get rid of. You can create a list that includes one couch, one recliner, six chairs, two tables, one mattress and so on. As you add to your item list, you’ll see the price range it will cost to get those pieces removed. That price range will cover the cost of a two-man moving crew, a truck and the time it takes to dispose of those things.

On the pricing estimator, there is always a low end and a high end. That range won’t be locked down until the crew has had a chance to look over those things in person. This will allow them to see just how much actual space on the truck will be needed by all the stuff. They might agree with the price estimation and lock down the low end. But they might also see how things can get stacked for an even lower price. Junk King wants to make this process as simple and as affordable as possible.

Between the time of you setting up your appointment and the crew arriving, you might also have additional items you want to get rid of. That’s another reason to wait for the crew to get it all settled at once. One thing is for sure: Thanks to Junk King and their pricing estimator, getting rid of your rubbish has never been easier.