Use Junk King National For Your Mattress Removal

When was the last time you bought a new mattress? That is one of those objects that you always have to new. You are going to go on to Craigslist to look for a used mattress. And you certainly won’t pick up one from a yard sale. A new mattress might seem like a very expensive item but when you consider that you will be using it for the next 8 to 10 years it actually breaks down to just less than a few dollars per night. Shopping for the new mattress should have you trying out a lot of different styles to find that perfect firmness. Once you have locked onto your new mattress you need to make arrangements for the old mattress to be removed. That is not something you need to keep. Thankfully, Junk King Nashville is standing by to take care of your mattress removal needs.

Two-man Operation

Mattress removal would definitely qualify as a “two-man operation.” Whether that mattresses coming down from an upstairs bedroom or from a spare room on the first floor of your home, you still need to movers to take it out of the house. Junk King provides two movers as standard for every one of their points. This is a crew that works fast. It should only take them a few minutes to get the mattress onto the truck. That leaves plenty of space on the truck and time for the crew to help you clear out the rest of your unwanted items. What else do you want to get rid of that would need to movers? Don’t worry about whether something is down the basement or up in the attic. The junk King crews won’t have a problem bringing heavy objects up and down staircases. This is the kind of work they do day in and day out.

Setting up your session with Junk King can happen online or over the phone. If you want to make the swap of your old mattress on the same day that your new mattresses coming, then you can lockdown that time with Junk King. They want to make this process easy from start to finish.

Mattress removal is a job best left to Junk King Nashville. Put them on the task today.