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Midlothian VA Junk Removal

There are some areas of the country like Southern California that can count the number of rainstorms that occur in a year on one hand. Here in Midlothian summer storms are part of the charm. While it might be fun to cozy up with a special someone during a thunderstorm, the aftermath cleanup is no picnic. In the worst-case scenario where flooding in your home occurs you really need to scramble to get out all the soggy stuff before it turns to mold. This is where a company like Junk King Central VA will be a true hero.

You can call Junk King the minute you see storm clouds brewing or the moment the rain stops. Either way you can depend on a fast response. With Junk King on the job you’re sure to have all your storm debris cleaned up in a breeze. That’s because Junk King dispatches a two-man crew and huge truck to tackle every removal assignment. If it happens that your cleanup job is exceptionally big then you can expect even more workers from Junk King. Have no fear; you won’t be paying extra labor costs. All you’ll be charged for it the amount of space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. Whether it takes four guys and two trucks it doesn’t matter. One price and you’ll agree to that price before any work is started.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for a storm to hire Junk King Richmond. They are available throughout the year for any type of junk removal project you can think of. Businesses use Junk King to clear out storage rooms and take away all kinds of office furniture and equipment. In extreme cases when inventory is ruined then Junk King will make quick work of removing all of that as well. For the homeowner, Junk King is happy to clear out basements, attics and garages of all kinds of junk including old furniture, appliances, sporting equipment and auto parts.

The other benefit with hiring Junk King for your junk removal needs is that they’re going to do their best to make sure your junk gets recycled. Not everything can be reused but if there is an opportunity, Junk King Central VA will insure your stuff is dropped off at nearby recycling centers or charities that do refurbishing. This way you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint without lifting a finger. Give Junk King a call today and find out how they can help with your clutter removal.

Richmond Virginia Junk Removal Reviews

A billion people can’t be wrong. That’s how many Facebook users there are and that number is growing every day. When Facebook first started up it was a way for college students to connect and check in with one another. That idea soon expanded beyond the campus to just about every other corner of the planet. Not only can individual person have a Facebook page but so can a business. This is an opportunity for those companies to share positive feedback and provide benefits for all their “likes.” Junk King of Richmond is only too happy to have a Facebook page where their satisfied customers can talk about their experiences.

Here’s what a recent Junk King customer had to say about their removal appointment:

“Junk King was awesome! They showed up on time, did exactly what needed to be done and were extremely polite. I am amazed at how much they got done in such a short time period. In 2 hours, they save me days of agony. I have been telling everyone that this is the best money I ever spent! Highly recommend to anyone and I will use them again.”

Not only can you get your junk removal in a fast manner but you’ll also be treated with respect. That’s respect for your property and for your time. That professional customer service is a recurring theme with the Facebook reviews. Consider these positive mentions:

“Very nice people, professional and quick, same resource used before who seems like great guy and very helpful.”

“Prompt, courteous and pleasant. Would definitely use them again.”

“Extremely polite and very professional.”

These mentions would definitely fall under the category of “positive word of mouth.” That’s how a local business can succeed. Since Junk King Central VA is part of a national franchise they have to maintain those standards of excellence otherwise they’ll be in hot water with the parent company that is protecting the brand.

What do you want to get rid of? Whatever you’re throwing out the Junk King crew can handle. As for pricing, you’ll be charged for the amount of space your junk takes up on the truck. No extras or hidden costs.

“Everyone was polite, courteous, respectful, helpful, etc. You did the job well and left no mess. Boy can you guys pack a truck! I’ve already recommended you to my daughter who is a realtor. Thanks for your help.”

Packing a truck is an art form and the goal for a Junk King crew is to fill up their truck. That means many stops in a day and it also means getting your stuff into as small a space as possible. That’s going to make a huge difference with your estimate. What will you have to say about Junk King Central VA? We can’t wait to hear from you.

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