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Monthly Archives:

Let Junk King Handle Your Estate Cleanout

There’s a lot of history in Richmond. Most of that history can be found in homes. Every piece of furniture keepsake has a story to tell. That is why you have to be diligent when it comes to handling an estate cleanout. You may be overwhelmed with the task at first. You’ll need to go through every room in a home and sort to the things that you want to keep. That might leave you with a lot of things that need to be tossed out. You’ll find that it is easy to take care of an estate cleanout when you put a company like Junk King Richmond on the job.


Junk King Richmond has a lot of experience with estate cleanouts. The moving crews that will be assigned to your task will be able to size up the scope of the job with one look. They’ll need to see everything that you want to get rid of in order to assess not only how much truck space you’ll need but how much it will cost. There basing that price on how the going to fit everything onto the truck. This is an estimate of whether you use one third, one fourth, or the whole truck bed. You won’t be charged extra for additional movers. That’s good when you consider that some estate cleanouts require at least six guys and three trucks.

Once a price of been agreed to the crew will spring into action. Because they’re doing all the work, you don’t have to concern yourself with gathering up all the furniture into a pile in one room. The Junk King crew will climb stairs up to the attic and down to the basement in order to clear out all your unwanted items. You only have to make those trips wants to tell them what needs to go. Leave the rest to them.

Everything that’s collected by Junk King Richmond could be repurposed. They would much rather drop your stuff off at a charity than the landfill. You don’t have to designate which items could be donated. The Junk King crews will do that automatically. An estate cleanout doesn’t have to be complicated. Just hire Junk King Richmond to get it done.

Junk King Richmond Customers Post More Positive Reviews

The best way to find out how accompanies doing is to ask their customers. Obviously, it’s not practical for you to call up every one of those customers. Instead, there are plenty of outlets online that you can read reviews about any business. It’s clear from reading these customer posts for Junk King Richmond that this is one junk hauling service that is getting the job done right.


“The price is reasonable. The men do an amazing job of clearing up all the debris and junk from the back of the house. They are polite, respectful and work hard and fast. This is the second time I’ve used them and each time just keeps getting better.” – Lynne D., Richmond

It doesn’t matter to junk King whether you’ve got something in the backyard, down the basement, up in the attic or out of the garage. All they care about is making sure everything you want removed is gone in a single session.

“Very quick/easy/efficient/reasonable service! Very personable capable young men – Jared & Dillon removed my furniture items very easily & pleasantly! We have no other help! Will definitely use your services again & will recommend to others! Thank you very much!” – L.F., Henrico

If it takes two movers to bring something into your home, then it will take two movers to take it out again. That is exactly what Junk King Richmond is going to provide to you. These are workers who have a lot of experience lifting and loading all kinds of heavy objects. Don’t hesitate to ask them to remove anything regardless of size or weight.

“Great services! The young men were polite and professional and the work was completed quickly. Will call again if I need similar services and will definitely refer them!” – Amanda J., Richmond

“I called around 10 pm on Thursday night. Your staff was there at 8:30 am the next morning. They took 30 minutes and completed removing all my junk. They were professional and very nice. They provided me an extremely fair price.” – K.T., Henrico

Junk King Richmond prides itself on its rapid response. You won’t have to wait long to get rid of your junk when Junk King Richmond is just a phone call away.

Will Your Home Be Ready For Fall?

You may not like how fast summer flew by but fall is now almost upon us. This is when things start to get really busy as you head into the holidays. It starts with getting your home ready for Halloween and ends with the ball dropping a New Year’s Eve. That’s why it’s important to do as much prep work now before things get too hectic. Here’s what needs to get done:


Rain Gutter Cleaning

The big priority is getting your rain gutters cleaned. This is a somewhat arduous task that requires a ladder, a pair of work gloves and plenty of trash bags. It might work best as a two-man operation. One person goes up the ladder while the other one holds the bag down below. Once the rain gutter is clear, you might want to hose it down and make sure the spout is flowing as well.

Check the Foundation

Cracks in the foundation can be structural or cosmetic. If you see a crack, then it’s a good idea to patch it up. If this is something that’s outside of your handyman wheelhouse, then bring in a professional contractor who knows their way around patching cement.

Cleaning the chimney

A fireplace is a great feature for any home. But if it is full of ash and soot, then it’s not going to be a very pleasant experience to light a fire in there. There are some brushes that you can use on your own to clean out the chimney from inside the living room. This can be a very messy proposition, which means make sure everything gets covered with old sheets or plastic.

Have Your Furnace Inspected

Your furnace needs to be in proper working order. You’ll notice when you turn it on for the first time there might be a funky smell coming from the vents. That should clear up very quickly. It will help to make sure you keep the vent filters clean as well. As for this furnace itself, if it hasn’t been professionally serviced then you should definitely consider contacting the company who installed in the first place and have them come do a cleanup job.

Get Rid of Your Rubbish

Getting rid of rubbish is another good idea to do in the fall for the hot they start. That rubbish can take on many forms from yard debris to unwanted clutter from your garage. Go through your entire property and identify the things you want taken away then give Junk King Richmond a call. They’ll spring into action and dispatch a team of movers and truck to your location for fast junk removal. It’s the easiest way to handle this big type of job. Start the fall with a serious junk removal session from Junk King Richmond.

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