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Lawn Mower Disposal In Richmond

lawn mower disposal RichmondThe big question on everyone’s mind is “Where did the summer go?” It seems like just yesterday that school was letting out. Now the kids are heading back to the classroom. Was it that long ago when you planted a garden? Now you have to get it ready for cooler nights in the fall. How many times did you cut your grass this summer? Before you know it you’ll have to put your lawnmower away.

Yes, when it gets colder and the snow shows up you won’t have to pull out that lawnmower but that doesn’t mean you can take advantage of change in season by actually getting a new lawnmower. It might be that all you really need to do is sharpen the blades on your old model. But if that machine isn’t doing the job anymore then you’ll want to get a new one before next spring.

This is a good time of year to buy a car or a lawnmower. That’s because every salesperson wants to get rid of their summer stock. You should be able to snag a great deal on a mower. Maybe this is the year you upgrade to a power mower instead of the old push kind. Your yard doesn’t have to be acres and acres to benefit from a power mower. It’s all about getting the job done right. Owning a power mower means you’ll need a place to store it. That could be in a backyard shed or in your garage. Do you have the space? You would certainly have more space when you got rid of the old lawnmower. Instead of loading that thing up on the back of your car and driving around looking for a dump, just call Junk King Central VA. They’ll know how to take care of your old lawnmower.

A lawnmower is the perfect example of the kind of junk you need to call Junk King to remove. It’s too big to be thrown out in the garbage and you can’t leave it on the curb for the city garbage men to pickup. They’ll drive right by! Instead Junk King can load up that mower onto the back of their truck without any fuss. The same can be said for all the rest of your junk. Whether you want to toss out old furniture, appliances, box of clothes, newspapers, computers or mattresses it can all fit onto the back of the JK Richmond’s huge truck.

When it comes to junk removal in Richmond, Junk King is head of the pack. This is because they provide dependable service with every appointment. It’s the only way they could stay in business. Give them a call today to find out how they can help make your junk disappear.

Richmond VA Attic Clean Out

Attic Clean UpAt some point you might have the desire to get rid of all your junk and think that a yard sale is a good way to go. There are some advantages to having a yard sale, most notably getting some extra cash in your pocket for stuff you would ordinarily throw out. However, a yard sale is a labor-intensive project. First, you’ve got to make some signs to put up in the neighborhood to let everyone know you’ve got a sale coming up. If you’ve got kids to help then this can be a fun arts and craft activity. Without kids, you’ll be stuck making the signs.

On the day of the big sale, you’ve got to drag everything you’re selling out to your front yard. Hopefully, a lot of that stuff would be in your garage where you can pull it out without much hassle. But if you’ve got junk in your attic then you’ll be making several trips up and down those stairs to put your stuff up for sale. You’ll also have to give up a Saturday and/or Sunday sitting out on your yard, hoping customers will come by. Here comes the bad news: What happens if you don’t sell everything? Back up into the attic or garage it goes. That kind of defeats the purpose of having the yard sale. A better approach for getting rid of all your junk is to hire Junk King Central VA. All it takes is one removal appointment for all your unwanted stuff to be hauled away for good.

Keep in mind that when you hire Junk King you’re not going to get someone who pulls up in a truck and waits for you to bring out your junk. The Junk King crew goes where you’re keeping the junk. That means they’ll be the ones climbing up into the attic or down in the cellar. If it takes them several trips up and down those stairs then so be it; that is part of the Junk King service.

As Junk King pulls away with all your clutter, you can start planning how you might turn that attic into a better living space. Maybe it can become an art studio or spare bedroom. Perhaps it can become a quiet room where you can unwind after a hard day. Whatever you’re planning for your attic, you have to start with cleaning it out. Forget the yard sale and stick with Junk King Richmond. They’ll make sure your home is clutter free in no time.

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