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Hire Junk King Richmond For Your Storm Debris Cleanup Needs

Whenever there is a major storm brewing in the Atlantic Ocean, Florida always seems to take the brunt of the destruction. By the time the storm makes its way up to Virginia, it has considerably weakened. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be damage. In fact, there can be just as much damage created by heavy rain and flooding as there might be created by harsh winds.

Anyone who has ever had to deal with a flooded basement knows how problematic this type of damage can be. It means everything needs to be taken out of the basement immediately before mold can start growing. A lot of those flood damage items can be salvaged and that means they have officially become debris. This is when you should consider hiring Junk King Richmond. These are the professional junk haulers that you can always count on for any level of storm debris cleanup.

The Same Expertise

When you hire Junk King to help her storm debris cleanup you will be getting the same expertise provided for every Junk King session. That begins with the help from a two-man moving crew that is standard for every appointment. That crew will be showing up in the truck big enough to hold all of the debris that you want to get rid of in a single session. You can also count on the Junk King team to move fast. Although there might be an uptick of requests after storm, Junk King remains dedicated to completing appointments with a 24-hour turnaround.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for the next storm to put Junk King to work around your house. They can provide the kind of furniture, appliance and other rubbish removal that can go a long way towards improving your living environment.

All of this work is provided by Junk King for a flat fee. That’s lassie is always based on how the crew will pack up the truck with your debris. The more they can get into a little space, the less you will be paying.

For all of your storm debris cleanup needs, Junk King Richmond remains the best choice.

Clear The Clutter With Help From Junk King

Have you ever helped a friend move into a new home or apartment? It’s not a bad idea to save on the move by doing it yourself. But that means having enough friends who are strong enough to carry furniture up and down stairs. That is a big ask. The only benefit from helping a friend move is that they owe you and could pay you back the next time that you move.

Sometimes the help needed to carry something out of your home has to be handled by a professional. That would certainly apply to getting rid of some oversized rubbish items like furniture and appliances. That is the kind of job that Junk King Richmond can be a big help with. One call to these junk hauling pros will have your unwanted clutter gone for good.

How Fast Do You Want It Gone?

How fast would you like your rubbish gone? When you are hiring Junk King you are hiring a company that likes to fast. If you call in today to schedule an appointment, then there is a good chance that appointment can be set up for tomorrow. There is an equally good chance that a same day appointment might be available. If you need more time to sort through all of the things that you want to get rid of, then you can schedule your appointment for later in the week.

Whether your appointment will be the first one of the day or the last one in the afternoon, you will always be kept apprised of the progress of the Junk King team assigned for your pickup. They’ll be making their way from one appointment to the next within the two-hour window that Junk King ask you to set aside. You’ll find that because the crews move fast, they often are ahead of schedule.

Bottom line: you won’t be waiting all to get rid of your rubbish when you hire Junk King Richmond for the job.

Here’s Why To Hire Junk King Richmond

Any time that you hire a service professional you are making a commitment of your time and your money. That means you want make the right choice. It doesn’t matter if the job you’re hiring for is big or small; making sure that the company you hire delivers on their service promise is vital. That is where the issue of reviews come into play. If there are a majority of satisfied customers posting about a particular company, then it stands to reason that is a company worth working with. For junk hauling, Junk King Richmond would be a smart choice. The reviews support that idea:

“Terrific experience, called several companies and this was the only one that responded immediately. Easy and quick scheduling process with prompt service, the team that picked up our huge pile worked fast and were neat, highly recommended.” – Jeff, Richmond

“Scott and Ethan did a real professional job in my home, removing heavy office items safely with attention to protecting walls, doors, and the remaining items. The estimate given at the time of service was where I had anticipated it to be and fair price. Definitely can recommend.” – Dave, Henrico

“I called at 10 am to get a large piece of furniture picked up. Took 5 minutes on the phone to book a pick up for later in the same day, even though they have a 50-mile drive to my house from Richmond. I was called by the crew on route and they were right on time. Professional team, uniformed, polite, respectful of my “non-junk”. Took them 5-7 minutes to load up, they were not in the driveway 15 minutes total.  When you consider I’d need to rent a truck, find a bud to help me load and haul it to the dump, I think the price they charged me was quite reasonable. Recommended without hesitation.” – Ed, Williamsburg

These Junk King clients demonstrate how fast, fair and affordable the junk hauling process can and should be. When you need to get rid of rubbish from your home, you can put your trust in Junk King Richmond. Call to make it happen today.

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