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Reorganize Your Office Space in Columbus

Budget tightening is not just an issue confronting the politicians in Washington, but everywhere across the country. Of course, those cuts coming from D.C. will have ripple effects reaching all the way into Columbus. Case in point: there is a plan being discussed to close 6 Columbus post offices. This is going to mean the loss of jobs and forcing other post offices to pick up the slack not to mention the inconvenience for the patrons. Perhaps the fault is not so much in budgeting cuts as it is with the need for proper organization. How many times have you been to the post office and it looks like things are just scattered everywhere? Have there been times when they can’t find a letter or parcel? Sure, they do an amazing job considering the volume of mail that moves through their system every day but we can all benefit from an “organizational sweep.”
If you’re reading this article in your Columbus Ohio office (or off hours) think about this environment. How organized is this space? Are you and your coworkers making the most of this environment? Most offices are rentals and businesses are paying by the square footage, but how much of that square footage is dedicated to productive work space as opposed to storing junk? If any of these issues give you pause, it might be time for a top to bottom review of your office and to figure out the best way to reorganize.
A great proactive first step is to get rid of everything that is no longer being used, is broke or contributes to the clutter. This could be accomplished with a quick clean up, but if you really want to get the job done you’re probably going to find items that won’t fit into a garbage can. Typically, this would be all that busted office furniture that has been shoved into a closet. That closet could also be holding all kinds of product or marketing displays that are no longer needed, office equipment that is outdated or files that need to be tossed. Too often items that fill up a storage closet do so because no one wants to take the initiative to get rid of them. Part of this could be in the practical applications: Just who is going to haul it away? If you had a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Columbus on stand-by alert you could insure that whatever large piles of office junk you have amassed can be taken away.
Once you’ve clear out the junk with the help of a team of experienced movers, you’ll be able to make better use of that space. It could be that a storage room becomes a new office or even a break room. Either one of those options is going to increase productivity. Yes, a break room is good for productivity because a happy and relaxed staff is going to get a lot more done during the course of a typical work day!

Columbus Summer Clutter Cleanup

Summertime in Columbus, Ohio is a great time for festivals. You simply can’t go a week without being able to sample one amazing festival after another. If you like the taste of good wine there will be plenty of opportunities at several wine festivals throughout the summer months. Fans of pulp fiction have their own gathering in the form of the new and improved PulpFest 2011. As for celebrating ethnic heritage there will Serbian, Irish and Latino festivals welcoming all Columbus residents to share in the music and food of these diverse cultures. There is also a smattering of jazz, rib and even a zucchini festival to enjoy. Is it any wonder that Columbus is the festival capitol of the Midwest?
Of course, while you’re spending your weekends festival hopping you still have the opportunity to tackle that big household cleanup project you were supposed to do last spring. Spring cleaning? Surely, you remember that. Funny how the best plans of cleaning up the clutter of your home has a way of being pushed off. Does this scenario sound familiar? You woke up early one Saturday morning last spring determined to clean out that garage once and for all. After bracing yourself with a strong cup of java, you went out to the garage and threw up the door and there is stood: that wall of junk. For a few moments you could only stare at the enormity. You then tried poking it to see if it might deflate but no luck. You were faced with two choices: Dive in and get this monster of a job done or go to the mall get that important shopping accomplished.
Now we all know who won out: The mall! There is nothing wrong with that. But now that spring has come and gone you really should think about tackling those major cleanup projects. It really doesn’t have to be complicated especially when you can enlist the help of a professional hauling crew like Junk King Columbus. These are the right folks to call on to get rid of all your junk in one session.
This doesn’t have to be a complicated process. In fact you could really leave all the hard work for the junk hauling crew. Your main job will be with sorting. If you want, you could go through an area like your garage or basement or even your attic and simply tag all those items you want taken away. And by “tagging” we mean slapping it with a Post-it Note. Then the junk haulers show up and you simply say “Anything with a tag has got to go!” They’ll handle the rest.
What you’ll soon discover after you cleared out the clutter is how much available space you have. There will be a temptation to want to fill up that space with more clutter. Just try to resist as long as possible! At the very least consider turning that space into something practical. For instance if your garage is now suddenly clear of clutter it can become a viable home office or workstation for arts and crafts. Knowing you’ve accomplished your big summer clean up will make going to the festivals all the more fun.
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