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Columbus Tree Branch & Yard Debris Disposal

It’s not easy seeing trees cut down especially when they are part of a bike and jogging trail. Recent visitors to the Blackhand Trail experienced this when they stumbled upon a stretch of the trail missing around hundred trees. This was done along the property line between a private landowner and the city of Columbus to make way for a oil pipe extension. There were no surprises between the city and the owner but the same can’t be said to those folks who use those pathways and are now missing the scenic view.

Often trees are look at as “friends” that provide shade and comfort. But a tree on your property that has weakened or fallen branches can turn into an “adversary” if those branches end up on a power line or crashing into a structure. Residents have become all too familiar with waking up after a storm to find all sorts of debris in their yards. When this happens there isn’t an easy solution to the clean up unless you hire a company like Junk King Columbus.

Junk King is a Columbus based business that is part of a national franchise of professional junk haulers. While they make their “bread and butter” hauling off things like worn out furniture and old kitchen appliances, they are also quick and adept at clearing out yard waste like tree branches. Whether those branches broke off on their or you had a hand cutting them down that is not something you want kept on your lawn. A Junk King Columbus crew can easily toss those branches on the back of their truck. They will then get that wood to a proper disposal center where it could be ground up for mulch to spread around the city.

That same disposal routine can happen with the rest of your household junk. Now is the time to finally get rid of all the stuff you’ve been hanging onto for no other reason that it’s too hard to throw away. If all that has been standing in the way of getting rid of that junk is the truck space and requisite hauling muscle than have no fear; Junk King is here!

Usually it will take a Junk King crew less than an hour to load up everything you want take away. Compare that with all the time it would take you to rent a truck, load it up and then drive it to the right local Columbus dump site or recycling center. If you did that it could be an all day affair. Don’t you have a better way to spend your Saturday off? One call to Junk King Columbus is all it will take to get your yard and home junk free.

Columbus Computer Recycling and Disposal

There are certain trash items that have no business being thrown out in the trash. That might sound like an odd statement but the truth is that electronic waste or e-waste is considered hazardous when it’s not properly disposed of. To handle this type of trash those items need to be disassembled and the basic components sorted for disposal. If left unintended in a local Columbus landfill, the chemical compounds which are part of the e-waste can eventually seep into the surrounding environment and that’s not going to be good for anyone in our neighborhoods.

On the long list of “what is e-waste” are such items as computers, servers, monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, printers, fax machines, copiers, scanners, stereo equipment, cell phones, camcorders, DVD/CD/Blu Ray players and any type of phone equipment. So ask yourself what kind of e-waste you have tucked away in a closet or under your bed? You’re probably holding onto that stuff because there was no way of getting rid of it. Now there is a way, and that would be with hiring Junk King Columbus.

Junk King takes care of all kinds of junk removal projects around the Columbus Ohio area, and that make it their mission to insure whatever they collect is disposed of in a manner that is good for our local community. When it comes to e-waste there are several certified centers around the Columbus area which accept this type of junk. You don’t have to bother with finding out which center is closest to you or will accept what you’re throwing out. Junk King handles all of that as part of their complete junk removal service.

On the same trip that Junk King is getting rid of your e-waste they can also take away any oversize item you’ve been itching to toss out. Things like old sofas, stoves or washing machines can also be destined for recycling centers. In fact, the majority of what Junk King collects will never make it to a landfill. Instead it will be repurposed and reused.

A Junk King crew can also handle the removal of any type of yard waste such as debris left over from the last storm or patio furniture that was ruined from the lasts snow? Nothing will be out of bounds for Junk King. When it comes to pricing, all you’ll be paying is based on the amount of space your junk takes up on the back of their truck.

There are no hidden charges with a Junk King Columbus junk removal job. Whether you’re getting rid of one old computer or an entire room of furniture Junk King is the call you should make (1-800-995-5865).

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