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Haul Junk Out of Your Columbus Home and Create a Home Office

Before moving into your new Columbus home you probably had visions of what you would do with each room. Obviously the bedrooms, living room and dining room are only a matter of arranging furniture. But what about those spare rooms you might be lucky enough to have? No matter what your original thought was for how to occupy those rooms often they become the depository of all the junk a family can collect over the years. This is the room where a spare sofa ends up or where the old futon goes to live or it becomes a de facto kid’s playroom. Now that the kids are grown up perhaps it’s time to turn that room into something more productive like a home office.
A home office is actually a space that can become a tax deduction. However, there are some stipulations. For instance the home office needs to be used exclusively for your off-site business. If your kids use it to play video games or do their homework then it might be an issue when it comes to taking a deduction. This is a matter that’s best discussed with your tax accountant. Even beyond a potential tax deduction there are still many other benefits of creating a home office space.
Having a dedicated home office allows you to have a space where you can focus on your work. This is a vitally important especially if you’re living in a busy household. It might be hard to take your laptop to the kitchen table and get work done while everyone else is buzzing about. Your home office can also be established as a privacy zone. You can set out the rules that when the door is closed no one should come in. This will allow you to get that work done without any interruptions. There’s also a psychological component to having a home office. It allows you to separate work from family time.
A home office also helps you stay organized with regard to all your bills and important paperwork. This could be where you manage all the household expenses. This organization can also serve as an inspiration to the rest your family who might be a bit “challenged” when it comes to keeping things together!
Before you can convert that spare room into a home office you’ll need to clear out all the junk. You can get help by calling upon the services of professional Columbus Hauling team like Junk King. to come by and take out all the stuff you crammed into that spare room over the years. During the same trip those junk haulers can also take away any other big bulky items you been hanging onto in your home. With your new home office clear of debris and junk you’ll be able to focus more clearly on the tasks at hand. Who knows? Your new home office might even inspire you to start your own second business. Wouldn’t it be great if you’re commute to work was just a few steps down the hallway?

Clearing the Clutter for Your Columbus Thanksgiving

The perfect Thanksgiving begins with the perfect preparation list. While it is true that some people like to just roll with the punches and take things as they come those who embrace the concept of making less seem to have many more hassle free experiences. If your Thanksgiving celebration involves guests coming over and cooking a big meal then you want to do yourself a favor and put together a thorough preparation list.
Plan your dinner menu. When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner there are some items that just aren’t negotiable. These would be a juicy turkey, savory gravy and spicy stuffing. There are all sorts of variations of side dishes that you can incorporate into your meal but a Thanksgiving dinner is not the time to experiment. If there is a new side dish you saw your favorite celebrity chef make why not try it out before the big day? This way you can truly see if you can make it and if it’s any good.
Plan your shopping list. It might seem redundant that part of your preparation list is to make another list for your shopping. However, your shopping list needs to be as thorough as possible because the last thing you want to do is race back and forth to the grocery store as you get closer to the holiday. The more you can shop for in advance the better off you’ll be.
Plan your cooking times. This is where organization really comes into play. Starting with the turkey you want to plan out exactly how long things are going to take to cook so that everything comes out on time. It’s that bird that really causes plenty of problems for chefs all around the country. That’s why Butterball sets up a 24-hour hotline on Thanksgiving! As any good chef will tell you taking the turkey out of the oven and right to the table is a mistake. It needs to rest for a little bit before you start slicing. In those final resting moments is when you can put the finishing touches on the rest of your side dishes. They should all come out together.
Plan your seating arrangements. It’s the obvious choice is to go boy/girl, boy/girl you might want to mix it up a bit more and have the couples split up so that they are sharing their personalities with the rest of your guests. Place cards are a fancy touch that you can add to your dinner that will make everyone feel special.
Plan the cleanup. As the cook you should not be the dishwasher. But the real cleanup will begin days before Thanksgiving when you need to get rid of all the junk in your home to make room for your guests. Even though you might not have clutter in your living room there could be items stuffed in closets or in spare rooms or in a garage that you should clear out just to make the place look nicer. You can accomplish this simply by hiring professional junk haulers like Junk King Columbus to show up for scheduled removal appointment. Once the junk is out of the way you can focus on your dinner!
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