Smart Ways To Motivate Your Family To Clean

When it comes to messes around the house, do you have a single worst offender or does the entire family equally create clutter? It is ironic that the same amount of effort exerted to dropping a backpack on the floor could be used to put that backpack in a bedroom. That’s true for shoes, coats, hats and the rest of items you’re family leaves in a trail. Maybe it is time to switch up your game to find a better way to motivate your family to clean. Here are some ideas to consider:


Make Them Understand

There is a chain reaction for not cleaning that you should make your kids aware of. If you’re the one doing the cleaning, then that means less time you can spend with those kids. It also means you get aggravated which leads to stress. That isn’t good for anyone in the house.

What about not finding things? How much time is wasted looking for a particular outfit or toy? If those things were put back where they belong, then everyone would know where to find them. Simple.

Provide Incentives

You are motivated to go to work because you know at the end of the week, you’ll be getting a paycheck. It is understandable that your kids could benefit from the same kind of incentive based motivation. Yes, you can give them an allowance in exchange for doing chores but there are other ways to get them excited about cleaning. Maybe there is a movie they want to go see or a favorite restaurant they want to order dinner from. Those are all things that can show your appreciation for a job well done.

Make It a Competition

If you have more than one child, then you have fierce competitors. You can turn cleaning into a competition. Set a timer and tell them they have five minutes to pick up the stuff in their room. Just watch how fast they spring into action.

Once you get your kids motivated to clean, they should stay in the habit. You can offer assistance for the big junk removal by bringing in Junk King Boston. These are the pro junk haulers who can help get rid of old furniture, boxes of clothes and any other big clutter item you can’t toss in the trash. Your family will appreciate living in a junk free home thanks to Junk King Boston. That’s great motivation.