Take Care of Heavy Junk Removal Today

A typical home can have anywhere between 4,000 to 6,000 pounds of stuff. That is a couple of tons of things in your house. What do you think the heaviest thing in your home might be? A piano or treadmill would win that prize but it could also be a sofa or bed frame. All that heavy stuff was brought into your home by a pair of movers. When it is time to get rid it, you’ll need another pair of movers. That is exactly what Junk King Boston can provide: A team of capable movers who can handy your heavy junk removal.


Usually when you think of junk, it is something that is left outside to rot away in a landfill. But junk is really anything you no longer need or want in your home. That loveseat could still be comfortable but after sitting on it for ten years, you’re looking for a change. That makes it junk for you and Junk King is in the business of helping you get that stuff cleared.

You main reason for hiring Junk King might be to get rid of that single piece of heavy junk but there could be a lot more you want to get rid of. Take full advantage of that two-man moving crew and have them clear out all your junk items, big and small. The team from Junk King won’t let you lift a single item for this task. If you have something upstairs that you want carted away, then just leave it right there. The Junk King squad will easily move it from the spot.

Junk King’s helpful removal work can extend beyond the inside of your home and include clearing yard waste. That can be a big help especially if you’re getting some planting done.

How fast do you want your heavy junk gone? With Junk King on the job, it could be gone as early as today. If you call in early enough and a team is close to your home, then there could be a same day pickup arranged. That’s fast. Make room in your home today by having Junk King Boston haul away all your heavy junk.