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Monterey Refrigerator Disposal

Over at the official website of the city of Monterey, they provide some helpful information about getting rid of bulky items. Basically, you’re told that to get rid of something that won’t fit into your weekly garbage can pick up you can call for an appointment with the city. You need to tell them 24 hours in advance of your regular pickup. Then, and here is the catch, you’ve got to drag that item out to your curb and hope for the best. “Hope” is indeed involved with this process because as it clearly states on the website “For numerous items Athens Services might require more than one pick-up day for removal.” To demonstrate this point, the website features a photograph of a hideous pink sofa someone has dragged out to their curb waiting for a pick-up. By the looks of this sofa, it wouldn’t be surprising even if the garbage collectors drive on past.

Now put yourself in the place of that pink sofa. First of all, if you had a really bulky item like an old refrigerator would you even be able to drag it out to the curb? Probably not without a couple of strong backs and the right moving equipment. Then what happens if they don’t have room on their truck. Well, they say they’ll provide you with “further instructions.” Sounds rather ominous. What this means is that you’ll have to wait until the following week when they can bring a bigger truck to haul off your fridge. Congratulations. Now you have an old refrigerator sitting in front of your house attracting all kinds of unwelcomed “guests.” You better have the door taken off the fridge or wrap it in chains and a padlock. That’s the state law for abandoned refrigerators on your property. Without those precautions you could be slapped with a severe fine. There has to be a better way.

Actually, there is a better way and it puts you in complete charge. You can hire a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Monterey to remove your old refrigerator or any other bulky item. The big difference is that these movers will be working on your schedule, not the other way around. If you want to get rid of something on a Monday then that’s when you schedule the appointment. If it has to wait until the weekend or after dinner, so be it! Also, you won’t have to move this item one inch. Not to the curb. Not to your front door. Junk King will be handling that task. The only lifting you’ll do is with your finger to point to the item you want taken away.

Because you’re hiring these professionals at Junk King Monterey, they are working for you which means if you have more junk to load up on this removal day then all the better! Take this opportunity to finely get rid of all those useless items that have been taking up space in your life. Don’t wait for the city to do your clean up… do it yourself with the help of Junk King Monterey.

Monterey Yard Waste Removal

As proclaimed by the Monterey County Herald, garden shows are in full bloom. Changing the clocks over for daylight savings time is a perfect reminder that spring is just around the corner and garden shows are great way to catch spring fever. This year the 27th annual San Francisco Flower and Garden show will be featuring vibrant exhibitions from many gardeners who called Monterey their home. What makes these types of garden shows unique is their ability to display the many wide varieties of drought tolerant plants. As the song goes “it never rains in California.” That means our gardens have to be adaptable to prolonged dry spells. That’s not a problem for these gardeners as they will be showing off literally thousands of varieties of plants and shrubs all grown to picture perfect perfection.

Obviously the gardeners who are displaying their wares at a gardens have a lot of time to dedicate to their craft. You might just fancy yourself a weekend gardener but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own lush backyard landscapes. Spending the afternoon at a garden show is a great way to find inspiration for your own landscaping. You might see varieties of flowers you never imagined could be grown in California. What’s great is you also have an opportunity to talk with the actual gardeners themselves and pick up some terrific gardening tips. Outside of the big San Francisco show there are also upcoming events in Monterey like the Monterey Bay Area Cactus and Succulent Society and the Monterey County Spring Home Show.

After viewing all of these blooming garden displays you might return to your home and stare out at your own backyard wondering, “Now what?” Just as a painter needs a blank canvas to begin their next masterpiece you need to clear your yard of any debris so that you can start planting fresh. This is not a task that you have to take on by yourself. You have the opportunity to hire professional junk haulers like Junk King Monterey to help you remove all your yard waste. It might seem odd to think about junk haulers as yard waste removal specialists but as far as they’re concerned dirt, tree branches or junk is all the same thing. In many cases they’ll also end up in the same place!

What’s great about hiring some professional to help out is that they’ll do all the bending and lifting. You won’t have to strain your back carrying wheelbarrows full of sod or chunks of broken concrete. If you really want to clear out your backyard you can also get rid of any old patio furniture that has rusted or fallen apart. You might even have an old grill that has seen better days. All of that waste will be loaded up onto the truck and taken away. Once that has been accomplished you’ll have your proverbial clean slate to begin planting. Who knows? With a little effort you just might make it to the big garden shows with your own flowers!

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