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Phoenix Old TV Disposal

Did you miss the annual electronics recycling day? It was held this past February 2nd and was an opportunity for you to drop off out of date computers or take care of an old TV disposal. If you missed out, you’re probably not alone. This is the kind of even that you might see a notice for, mark it on your calendar and then completely forget about it. Of course, every time you come across that piece of e-waste you’ll be reminded of how you’re stuck with that thing. The good news is that thanks to Junk King Phoenix you don’t have to be stuck with junk. It can be taken away in single removal appointment.


Suppose you are upgrading to a new flatscreen TV. You’ll have the option to have that unit mounted on the wall. Right away, that is going to prove to be a space saver. All the more reason why you should let Junk King handle your old TV disposal. You don’t want that clunky television cluttering up your spare room.

Along with the old TV disposal, you can take full advantage of your two-man Junk King crew by having them cart away all the rest of your clutter. That crew can make a clean sweep of your closets, basement, garage and attic. Point to what you want gone and the crew will whisk it away.

Not sure what should be classified as junk? Clearly, if something is broke beyond repair then it should be junk. Something that you never intend to use again could also fall into that category. It might be time to get real about that exercise treadmill in the garage. Better to join a gym and open up the space. You’ll have a lot more fun that way!

In addition to hiring Junk King for your old TV disposal, they can perform a cleanup around your yards. Junk King isn’t a landscaper but they can certainly clear the land of whatever you want to haul away. That includes all the organic and non-organic items. If you’ve got junk piled up behind your garage then turn it over to Junk King. The same goes for any rusty patio furniture, greasy BBQ grill or car parts.

All your junk will be sorted by the crew to see if it can be recycled. You can bet that your old TV will end up at a proper facility as opposed to the local landfill. This is truly a hassle-free way of getting rid of your junk.

Phoenix Appliance Removal

How many dishes do you think you’ve washed in your lifetime? Too many to count? If you’ve been lucky enough to live with a dishwasher then you know what a big help that can be. We’re talking about the “machine” as opposed to the helpful spouse! Like other major appliances in your home, your dishwasher wasn’t built to last a lifetime. Over the course of several years of use, that machine is just going to break down. As with your car, you’ll reach a point where buying a new one is more affordable than fixing the old one. Before you make the swap, you have to set up your appliance removal. That can be handled with one call to Junk King.

Full load to wash.

Full load to wash.

If you’re swapping out your old dishwasher for a new model then you need to measure exactly. Not all washers are created equal and you could find yourself with an over-sized machine that won’t fit in your current cabinet space. You’ll also be able to take advantage of new design features that can regulate cycles and improve energy efficiency.

As you settle on your dishwasher, you should have delivery and professional installation included in the price. However, when it comes to appliance removal, you might just be on your own unless you hire Junk King. Even if your appliance dealer offers to remove your old dishwasher, you still won’t be getting all the benefits of having Junk King in charge of your appliance removal.

On that same trip to haul away the dishwasher, the Junk King crew can also haul away all the other junk items you want to get rid of. This can include furniture, household goods and e-waste and that’s just from inside your home! The same Junk King crew can move out to the garage to remove auto parts, tires, lawn mowers, boxes, sporting equipment and anything else that is taking up space. But, wait, there’s more! Junk King can also do a spin around your front and back yards to pick up any rubbish or yard waste you have stacked up. You can finally clear out the piles of stuff from behind the shed or under the deck.

Everything that is loaded onto the Junk King truck can be earmarked for recycling and reuse. That is part of the complete Junk King removal package. Whether you’re tossing out the dishwasher, the dishes or anything else, Junk King is the only way to go.

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