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Surprise Someone With A Junk King Session Gift

Do you know someone who claims that they hate surprises? Usually, this issue will come up around their birthday when they insist that you don’t throw them a surprise party. That is probably their way of saying they hope you throw them a surprise party. Christmas morning is all about surprises. Each gift is a mini surprise and if done right it will be totally unexpected and very much appreciated. That would certainly describe giving the gift of a Junk King Phoenix junk removal session. No one would expect that but they would think it is amazing.


Everything you need to know about Junk King can be found in their motto: “We do all the work.” That work includes lifting and loading any heavy object from anywhere in your home. The team from Junk King won’t be put off by a few stairs or something that seems too heavy to move. What you’ll hear several times during the junk removal session is, “No problem.”

If the person you’re giving this gift to has been surrounded by unwanted rubbish, then they’re going to appreciate the level of help provided by Junk King but it doesn’t stop inside. The same crew that loads up old furniture and appliances can also pile up yard debris and construction materials. They can even take down an old swing set.

The Junk King crews know about lifting and about recycling. They have made it their mission to divert as much as they can away from any landfill. That requires extra work of sorting through the rubbish and making drop offs at charities or recycling centers. But this is work that Junk King is happy to make if it helps the Phoenix environment even a little bit.

When giving the gift of Junk King, you’ll want to coordinate the appointment and the fee payment. Junk King will just need a day and two-hour window to lock down the appointment. If your schedule is flexible, then Junk King could even pick up in the same day that you call. As for the fee, that will be worked out once the crew has had a chance to look over all the things you’re getting rid of. They’ll estimate how it will fit onto the truck and provide a fee based on that volume. Very simple and fair.

Giving the gift of a junk removal session from Junk King Phoenix might go down as the best Christmas surprise gift ever.

Start Off The Holidays In A Junk Free Home

Is there one thing that you consider as the official start off for the holiday season? Maybe it is when your favorite radio station switches to all Christmas songs. Maybe it is the first television appearance of the Grinch. Or it could just be when the holiday decorations start going up in the neighborhood. Whatever the signal is, that is when you want to start your own holiday preparations because time certainly flies fast at this time of year. A good approach would be to start off with a junk removal session from Junk King Phoenix. This is a terrific way to transform your home and get it ready for all the wonderful decorations.


It is true that a genuine transformation of the home happens with big projects like a kitchen remodel. But a big difference can certainly be made when all the unwanted rubbish is removed, too. Just think of how much better things will be when you don’t have to stare at that old sofa that you been anxious to get rid of. How much nicer will it be to pull in your garage and not be overwhelmed by boxes and clutter? And want to be nice to go and your closet and not be confronted with an avalanche of clothing and junk falling off shelves?

All of this requires a little sorting on your part but that’s easy. When the Junk King crew arrives at the scheduled appointment, you’ll be able to turn over all the stuff you sorting through. It doesn’t have to be brought downstairs for out to the driveway. You believe everything right where it is and just show it to the Junk King crew. They will pick it up right from there and have it loaded onto the truck in minutes.

If you are concerned that the stuff you’re getting rid of isn’t necessarily trash, then don’t worry. Junk King makes it a point to drop off the bulk of what they collect to charities and recycling centers. That’s a great way to handle this kind of disposal especially this time of year. Start off your holidays in a home without a speck of rubbish in it. One call to Junk King Phoenix can make that happen today.

Hiring Junk King Mean Effortless Basement Cleaning

Like every other city in the country, Phoenix is prone to occasional flash flooding. If the power goes out during the flooding, then many home sump pumps will fail. This can mean flooding in the basement. When that happens, it becomes a race against time to dry everything out before mold starts growing. Sometimes that means tossing out furniture and carpeting. This is the kind of basement cleaning that can be a bit of a challenge. Of course, anytime you’re bringing furniture or an old washing machine up from the basement it’s going to be challenging unless you’re working with Junk King Phoenix. these are the junk removal pros that make basement cleaning effortless under any conditions.


When climbing down your basement do you have to stoop in order to avoid hitting your head? Is it a narrow staircase? Those are the kinds of situations that the Junk King crew will size up right away. They have plenty of experience when it comes to carrying heavy objects up small staircases. When the crews on the scene, you only have to make one trip down the basement to show them all the things you want removed. Once they have the list it will only be a matter of minutes before everything is carried out and loaded onto the truck.

How they pack up the truck will determine your final fee. This is an estimate that will meet generated before the work begins. All the experience of the junk in crews have with lifting and loading also applies to packing up the truck. You’re gonna want them to pack up the truck as tightly as possible so that you will pay the lower and of the price scale. This is what they do on every job.

Included in that flat fee will be the disposal of all your stuff. You might think it will go to the same place where all your trash goes. Actually, Junk King will probably avoid the landfill and instead make up off the recycling center for charity. If you want to get your basement cleaned out, then don’t hesitate to hire Junk King Phoenix today. It’s the quickest way to get this job done.

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