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For Junk Removal, Downtown San Diego Residents Have Options

junk removal san diego


Over the years around its birth as a city, San Diego has had some rough times. According to an official history, San Diego was incorporated as a city in 1850 and, under the leadership of a five-member Common Council and Mayor, it went bankrupt after two years.


The State of California then stepped in and established a three-member Board of Trustees, which ran the City until 1889, when the voters adopted a new Charter.


During those early days, trash and junk removal was sporadic and largely unregulated. In the 1880s, in fact, the City did little to manage waste.


According to historian Richard Crawford,


“San Diego had become appalling. With a rapidly growing population…San Diego was becoming a dump. Without an organized system of trash pickup, residents disposed of their

refuse any way possible. Waste was tossed in the streets, discarded in empty lots, or thrown into the Bay. Professional ‘scavengers’ collected garbage for a fee and dumped it on a 2-acre plot at the foot of the Ninth Street pier, where ‘poisonous vapors . . . wafted by the breeze over the city.”


At one point in the late 1880s, crude oil was poured onto dump sites and lit on fire to try to

deal with the problem. Eventually, the City hired a private contractor to haul the refuse out to sea. So, downtown San Diego residents hauled their refuse to the wharf, where it sat until crews loaded it onto the City garbage scow.


Fortunately, for all of us, things have changed for the better in the last 130 years or so.


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When We Need Junk Removal, Downtown San Diego has Options


While it’s not necessarily the best option, residents can manage their own junk removal if they choose to do so. The problem there is one of transportation, as well as a diminishing amount of landfill space. 


Not to mention having to do all the loading, hauling, and unloading themselves.


This isn’t to say that residents, or business owners, in Downtown San Diego are not capable of this type of DIY task. On the contrary! But the problem is that for any sizable junk load you will almost always need a truck. And even though there are plenty of pickup truck owners in San Diego, according to the automotive sales numbers anyway, not everyone with junk owns a truck.


And we haven’t even considered the logistics of getting your junk to a suitable facility for “dumping” it. That would most likely be a waste transfer station since there are precious few landfills in the region and those are not exactly in convenient locations.


Then there is the question of whether everything we call “junk” really should go to a landfill anyway?


The truth is that much of what we toss out or want to get rid of is actually reusable and, in some cases, can even be donated. And for those items and materials that are not suitable for a donation, they are still most likely recyclable. 


Which begs the question: Do you know where to take your recyclable “junk” items?


The good news is that there are better options when it comes to junk removal.


Downtown San Diego has a variety of junk removal options to choose from, but the real issue is how to determine which choice is going to be reliable, affordable, and – especially in our neighborhoods – green and eco-friendly?


And, when it comes to junk removal, Downtown San Diego has residential junk as well as commercial, or business, junk requirements. 


Which is why Junk King San Diego Downtown specializes in both types of junk removal.


full service junk removal




For Affordable Junk Removal, Downtown San Diego Has Junk King


Everybody wants affordable as well as reliable junk removal, and the residents of the greater Downtown San Diego are no different.


So, regardless of whether you live in Chula Vista, Hillcrest, National City, North Park, Coronado, or in Little Italy, you want junk removal services that you can rely on and that won’t cost you a large pile of money!


Which is why we encourage you to call Junk King San Diego Downtown for your junk removal needs. We guarantee that you will get the absolute best in residential junk removal services in the downtown San Diego area. And you will get residential junk removal service that is reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly. 


So, make the call to Junk King San Diego Downtown. Contact us today and let us know what junk items you want us to remove from your home or workplace.


And we want to give you a free estimate while you’re at it.


In fact, we give you four ways to get an estimate so you can know how much your job will cost before you book an appointment with us:




The best and most accurate way for us to assess the job and offer you the lowest price is with a free, no-obligation on-site estimate.




You can call us at 1-888-8888-JUNK or live chat with our customer service representatives.




You can take a photo or two of your items, then text us at 737-888-5865, and we’ll text back an estimate.




It’s easy! Simply click the “Pricing” tab in the navigation above, scroll to “Pricing Estimator”, and click the green “Launch Pricing Estimator” button.


Once we know what you need to get rid of, we can provide you with a free price estimate in writing that is guaranteed to beat any other written estimates. And, if you like our price, we’ll set up a time that works for your busy schedule.


One of the hallmarks of Junk King is our approach of fair and transparent pricing for junk removal services. In addition to our nationally recognized reputation for great service, we are known for our great prices.


So, call, chat, text, or go online with us today for your free junk removal estimate!


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator




When it Comes to Reliable Junk Removal, Downtown San Diego has Junk King


San Diego Downtown Junk Removal


As we are fond of saying, Junk King provides “efficient, safe and eco-friendly” junk removal services that are guaranteed to make the whole process easy for you.


What that means in practice is that you can be sure that our experienced junk removal team has all the resources they need to haul away large, bulky items quickly and easily.


And affordably.


At Junk King San Diego Downtown, we also make sure that your reusable items end up in the right place, which means “not in a landfill.” Some of your items may go to a local non-profit group for those materials that are still in usable condition. Other, unusable, items will usually go to a recycling facility. 


In other words, we work hard to ensure that your junk and other bulk trash items are disposed of in an eco-friendly way and that we deposit as little junk as possible in landfills.


That’s because “being green” and environmentally responsible is at the heart of our company mission. That mission that guides us every day and we demonstrate our commitment to it by recycling, donating, or repurposing everything we possibly can. In fact, up to 60 percent or more, to be exact.


So, when it comes to disposing of all types of junk items, we take the eco-friendly approach by sorting and separating all the metals, plastics, glass, and other materials so that they are broken down and recycled properly.


And, best of all for you, we do all the heavy lifting!


You simply point and we haul your junk items into our junk removal trucks, with no added charges or hidden fees.


Give Us a Call Today


If you’re interested in setting up an appointment, or you have further questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK today. Our customer service is ranked #1 nationally for a reason, and our friendly operators are happy to help you get started or answer any questions you might have. For the best customer service and overall value in the junk service industry, you can’t beat Junk King San Diego Downtown, and that’s our guarantee to you.


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Take Care Of Cardboard Box And Rubbish Removal Today

Cardboard Box Removal


Do you need cardboard box removal right away? Click Here.


Cardboard boxes have been around for over 200 years.


As a way of packing up things, cardboard boxes have been in existence since 1817. And they languished as a shipping device another five decades until 1871 when the corrugated cardboard box came about as a sturdy and reliable means of shipping and handling materials


However, it wasn’t until 1896 when cardboard boxes took a big leap forward.


That was the year that Nabisco ordered cardboard to package their cookies. After that, there was no turning back! Today, the use of cardboard boxes is in a resurgence thanks to companies like Amazon that are shipping thousands of packages out each day. About 1.6 million packages a day, in fact. 


And that adds up to a lot of cardboard boxes.


Cardboard Boxes: Getting Them is Easy – Getting Rid of Them? Not So Much.


Everyone ends uCardboard Removalp with empty cardboard boxes and often the paper and plastic rubbish that comes with them. 


One or two boxes are easy to break up and get rid of in the recycling can. However, if you’re running a business with multiple shipments each day, then those boxes can quickly grow into an enormous pile. In fact, these piles can get to a point that just offloading them can be a costly and time-consuming task.


How much cardboard are we talking about? 


Well, according to the experts at Cardboardbalers.org,


“In the United States, 850 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are thrown away annually. This equates to around 1 billion trees, a terrifyingly high number. To put this into further perspective, the average American uses around seven trees per year in paper and cardboard.”


Another way to look at that number is to figure this means two and half tonnes of paper and cardboard for every man, woman, and child in the United States. And, while this isn’t all made up of cardboard boxes, a sizable portion of it is.



Learn about the importance of recycling.


And getting rid of all that cardboard (boxes and rubbish) is a challenge for residents as well as business owners. 


Which is why Junk King San Diego Downtown specializes in cardboard box and rubbish removal and recycling.


What is Cardboard Box Recycling and Why is it Important?


Card Board Box Removal

Recycling in San Diego is key to sustainability as a city, as a state, a nation, and for the planet. 


The reality is that the more we can recycle or reuse, the less raw resources we have to use now, and the less carbon footprint we have to create in the process of extracting or producing those raw materials.


But the “inconvenient” truth about recycling is that not nearly enough waste is actually recycled.


The good news, however, is that when it comes to cardboard box recycling and paper recycling, we are doing quite well. In fact, properly separated materials for rubbish removal can mean that as much as 65 percent or more of our waste cardboard and paper products can be effectively recycled. 


According to a recent information published on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website, 


“Approximately 46 million tons of paper and paperboard were recycled in 2018 for a recycling rate of 68.2 percent, which was the highest compared to other materials in MSW. Nondurable goods made of paper, excluding newspapers, had a recycling rate of 43.1 percent, while newspapers had a recycling rate of 64.8 percent.“


This is promising news since paper and paperboard (cardboard boxes, etc.) make up over 23 percent of the total amount of solid municipal waste (MSW) generated each year. That was more than 67 million tons in 2018. 


full service junk removal


Of course, due to contamination, not all cardboard boxes, paperboard materials, or paper waste can be used for recycling. So, in 2018 for example, just over four million tons of this type of waste was combusted, usually for energy generation. 


The downside of all this good news is that despite the great recycling numbers and potential for paper and paperboard (cardboard) waste, over 17 million tons of it still ended up in landfills. 


Paper waste can be harmful to the environment when left to deteriorate in landfills. Paper contains many toxins that leak into the soil from open and covered landfills and into soil, where it causes ecological damage. For example, when paper rots, it emits methane gas which is 25 times more toxic than CO2.


Which is why cardboard box recycling is important.


5 Ways You Can Help Protect Earth from Junk Waste by Recycling Your Cardboard


For most of us, the most common act of cardboard recycling is when we recycle cardboard boxes. Actually, most of us don’t do the actual “recycling” – we simply make sure the box ends up in a proper recycling bin or container. 


The actual cardboard recycling is done by various green business entities that specialize in recycling and repurposing waste products. However, it is our efforts combined with their efforts that work together to help ensure that we maintain a green earth.


Here’s what happens when you and I “recycle” our paper and cardboard waste.



1) Reduces Deforestation


Our forests are disappearing at alarming rates. Paper product companies cut down millions of trees for their paper manufacturing processes. Forests are ecosystems for hundreds of species that face extinction with the disappearance of the forest habitat. Forests also contain C2O levels and produce oxygen.



2) Reduces Landfill Waste


It is estimated that 35 of every 100 pounds of waste in landfills is paper. In addition, transporting waste costs money and creates C2O. In addition, as the landfill volume increases, more land is required for growing waste containment needs.



3) Reduces Incineration


Incineration is a waste treatment technology that involves burning waste, which converts trash like paper, plastics, and metals, and food scraps into bottom ash (the heavier ash residue), fly ash (lighter, more toxic ash), air pollutants, and wastewater.



junk removal service recycling


4) Reduces Contamination


“Paper waste, like other wastes, faces the additional hazard of toxic inks, dyes and polymers that could be potentially carcinogenic when incinerated, or commingled with groundwater via traditional burial methods such as modern landfills.” – Wikipedia



5) Reduces Paper Production


“Each ton of recycled paper can avoid the use of 17 trees; 1,440 liters of oil; 4,000 kilowatts of energy and 26,500 liters of water. Paper is quite simple to recycle, yet 55 percent of the global paper supply comes from newly cut trees.”The World Counts


Simply put, by using less paper and less cardboard boxes, and recycling as much of these products as possible when they become trash, will go a long way towards helping to protect the earth.


How to Hire a Professional Rubbish Removal Company in Downtown San Diego


Here’s a fitting example of cardboard box removal and recycling done the easy way:


A couple recently moved from a house that had been their home for over 13 years. Despite offloading and “downsizing” as much as they could, the move ultimately required well over two hundred cardboard boxes of assorted sizes and types.



New Call-to-action


Once they had completed their move to a new house (in beautiful downtown San Diego, of course!) the couple tackled the job of unpacking and moving in. 


Needless to say, the enormous number of cardboard boxes and other junk was far more than they would ever be able to get into their residential recycling bin. In fact, once they managed to flatten the boxes and bundle them up (to keep the stacks from falling) they estimated that there was close to eight or nine cubic yards of cardboard that they needed to dispose of!


Fortunately, they had already used a reliable rubbish removal company at their last home during the moving process there, and they called on Junk King once again for this project.


While there are several options for removing and disposing of your waste cardboard and rubbish, the most efficient and most cost-effective solution is to hire a professional rubbish removal company in downtown San Diego. 


And the best company to call is Junk King.


At Junk King San Diego Downtown, we not only specialize in cardboard removal and recycling, but we are also experts at office junk removal and office rubbish clearance. And that includes cardboard rubbish and waste.


How to Get Rid of Your Old Cardboard Boxes for Good


Piles of cardboard boxes and plastic bottles stored for recyclingThe truth is you can simply break down your household cardboard box waste and stuff it all into your home recycling bin. And this might work for smaller quantities of trash. 


But what if you have more than you can get into the bin? Well, that often means multiple trips out to the bin each week that it’s going to be picked up by the garbage truck. Or, worse, you might be tempted to “cheat” and put some in your regular household waste bin, which means no recycling. 


Of course, you could load it all up and haul it yourself. But cardboard boxes can take up quite a bit of space and it won’t be long before your Tesla or Pathfinder is filled to the brim. And, if you own a pickup truck like many San Diegonians do, that might not be so much of a stretch.


But you still gotta know where to take it all. And you probably don’t want to dump it at your local waste transfer station or the Otay Landfill, now do you?


That wouldn’t be very “green” or eco-friendly.


Actually, your best bet for getting rid of your old cardboard boxes for good – for the good of the planet as well as permanently – is to have them recycled. And the best way to make sure that happens without doing all the heavy lifting, loading, driving, and unloading yourself is to make a call to Junk King San Diego Downtown. 


Junk King San Diego Downtown and Your Junk Removal Needs


Junk King started as a professional junk hauling service helping homeowners clear out their garages.


Now, businesses, too, depend on regular pickups from Junk King to make sure their storage areas are always clear of unwanted clutter. As for the cardboard boxes, the Junk King crew will happily break them down and load them onto the truck for swift removal.


Cardboard is one of the most popular commodities to recycle. You might not notice it but a lot of the boxes you have coming into your home or business probably have the recycle symbol on them. In fact, we manage to recycle upwards of 96 percent of corrugated cardboard every year.


That’s an impressive statistic!


And Junk King understands how important it is to recycle, which is why we make every effort to get your cardboard to one of our local, certified recycling centers.


What about the rest of your rubbish?


We realize that this is an old-school term that means “waste material; refuse or litter” – and that almost no one uses it any longer. But rubbish is a good term and is a good description of what many of us need to get rid of.


The good news is that Junk King can clear it away at the same time we pick up your cardboard waste. When we arrive, you’ll have a very friendly team at your disposal and that can make a significant difference when it comes to deciding what you want to get rid of.


By the way, the weight of your junk is not a factor at Junk King.


The Junk King pricing policy is based on volume. In other words, the amount of space your junk fills up in the truck determines how your job is priced. And you’ll know that fee amount before the work begins and, once it is agreed to, it will be locked down.


There are never any surprise charges with Junk King. The quickest way to get rid of your cardboard boxes and rubbish is to give that job to Junk King San Diego Downtown.


Cardboard Box and Rubbish Removal Means Green Disposal and Great Pricing


Junk King is in a class of their own in the world of junk removal services because of our genuine commitment to preserving the environment.


At Junk King, being “green” is far more than a nice saying or a corporate tagline. It is, in fact, at the heart of our company’s mission, and it defines how we do everything we do as a business.


When Junk King was founded in 2005, we were the first recycling-based junk removal operation in the country. And today our junk removal franchises operate around our warehouse recycling centers.


This is how it works here:


Our large, red trucks travel throughout downtown San Diego during the day picking up junk and unwanted items for our residential and commercial customers. As they do, our teams load the trucks so they can be unloaded quickly and efficiently at our local recycling center.


The goal is to be as efficient as possible in all our operations and to keep our landfills free of as many unnecessary items as possible.


We also make sure we have great pricing by guaranteeing that our prices are the lowest in our service area. In addition, part of our mission is to always provide fair and transparent pricing to our customers. 


And that means no extra charges and no hidden fees.


Another way we support our fair and transparent pricing practices is by providing free estimates – even before you book with us. In addition, we give you four different ways to get a free estimate from us:



Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


  • On-site is the best and most accurate way for us to assess the job and offer you the lowest price is free, no-obligation on-site estimate.
  • Call us at 1-888-888-JUNK or live chat with our friendly customer service representatives.
  • Text us with a photo or two of your junk to 737-888-5865 and we’ll text you back a free estimate.
  • Online is a straightforward way to get a free estimate. Click the “Pricing” tab at the top of the page, scroll to the “Pricing Estimator” and click the green “Launch Pricing Estimator” button.


From Pacific Beach to Imperial Beach, and all, and all points north and east, and everywhere in between, Junk King San Diego Downtown is on a mission to deliver the best junk removal services in our area. 


And part of that mission is to do so with superior customer service.


When You Need Bulk Cardboard Box and Rubbish Removal in Downtown San Diego 


junk removal recycling san diego


When you call Junk King San Diego Downtown, you can be certain that you’ll get prompt, courteous, and eco-friendly cardboard box and rubbish removal service.


The best part is that it means you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. And that’s a good thing since our junk removal trucks are designed for large loads of dirty cardboard, rubbish, debris, and all other types of bulky junk – unlike your family vehicle!


It also means that our experienced rubbish and junk removal team will easily and quickly remove and haul off your cardboard waste and debris, along with any other types of junk you have to get rid of, as well (Anything except hazardous waste, of course).


We are proud of the fact that Junk King San Diego Downtown is dedicated to delivering outstanding service to our residential neighbors and businesses who live and work in and around downtown San Diego.


Our professional and insured junk removal team will show up at your property and we’ll call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive. Once we’re there, we’ll give you a free, no-obligation estimate based on how much space your cardboard box waste and other junk takes up in our truck.


You simply point, and we’ll load your boxes, rubbish, and other junk items and haul them away with no hidden fees!



Just make an appointment by booking online above, or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).



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Help For Your Imperial Beach Backyard Cleanup

an Diego Downtown Backyard Clean Up


Your home is your property.


But no matter how large or how small your parcel is, you’re sharing all the borders of the property around your home. And that means, among other things, that you can’t always leave things however you want.


This is something that Imperial Beach residents found out the hard way a few years ago when they received a notice in the mail about cleaning up “blight” from their yards.


This notice was triggered by the installation of a new bike path behind some homes and was part of a bigger home development project that was taking place on the surrounding parcels of land. This letter caught many residents off guard especially because there were no specifics about what constitutes “blight.”


The one thing that was clear, if they didn’t comply, they could be fined.


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When the Junk Piles Up and Backyard Cleanup Gets Harder


Imperial Beach Backyard Clean up


Even if you don’t live along a bike path or other public access area, you may still have some items in your yard that could be considered “blight.” 


And what, exactly, is blight?


According to one industry source,


“Blight encompasses vacant lots, abandoned buildings, and houses in derelict or dangerous shape, as well as environmental contamination. Blight can also refer to smaller property nuisances that creep up on cities and suburbs: overgrown lawns, uncollected litter, inadequate street lighting, and other signs of neglect.”


In a backyard here in Imperial Beach, this would include any dilapidated structures like tool sheds, gazebos, hot tub enclosures, or even an old above ground pool that isn’t usable any longer. In addition, this could mean outdoor or garden items such as split or cracked planters and broken, rusty patio furniture.


Of course, piles of construction waste from that remodeling project you completed last fall would definitely be something you should consider getting rid of. And the larger problem with all these kinds of “blight” junk items is that they are not easy to get rid of yourself.


Which is why Junk King San Diego specializes in backyard cleanup and yard waste removal.


full service junk removal


When You Live in Imperial Beach, Backyard Cleanup Can Be Easy – And Green!


This is where getting help from a company like Junk King San Diego can make a big difference. 


That’s because we are a company that is dedicated to removing all kinds of residential “blight” and backyard junk items. We are experts in residential junk removal, after all!


Imperial Beach sits in one of the most beautiful areas in all of California. In addition to its famous Imperial Beach Pier, the city can claim fame for being the southernmost city in California and the West Coast of the United States.


And, like the rest of San Diego County, Imperial Beach values the environment and works hard to be a “green” community. 


Which is another reason why Junk King San Diego is also committed to being a “green” junk removal and disposal enterprise. In fact, being green is at the heart of our company mission.


When Junk King first started back in 2005, we pioneered recycling-based junk removal and we’ve been “going green” ever since. And today, Junk King still is the only national company to operate with the goal of recycling up to 65 percent and more of all the material we pick up. This means from every job, every day, using our local sorting facilities.


At Junk King San Diego, we are proud to be part of the greenest junk removal service in North America. And for us that also means being committed to keeping as much of your junk and waste out of our local landfills as possible.




Backyard Cleanup with Junk King San Diego Means Fair and Transparent Pricing


san diego yard debris removal


Along with our reputation for genuinely green junk removal, we’re also known for having the best pricing in our area for a junk removal service company like ours. And that means you can rely on Junk King San Diego for fair and transparent pricing.


In addition, we want you to know what you’ll be paying before we complete the job because part of “fair and transparent” pricing is knowing that there will be no added fees or hidden charges. And we make this possible by offering a free estimate to all our customers – even before they book a job with us. 


It’s all part of our effort to provide that “fair and transparent” pricing and we make this happen is by giving you several different ways to get a free estimate:


  • -Get an Online estimate by clicking on “Pricing Estimator” in the menu above, then click the green “Launch Pricing Estimator” button.


  • -An estimate by phone or our Live Chat can be had by calling us at 1-888-888-JUNK or live chatting with our highly trained customer service representatives.


  • -Send a text message with a photo of your items to 737-888-5865 and we’ll text you back with a free estimate.


  • -An On-Site estimate is the best and most accurate way for us to assess the job and offer you the lowest price is a free, no-obligation on-site estimate.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


The Only Backyard Cleanup and Junk Removal Imperial Beach Residents Need


No matter where you live or work in and near Imperial Beach, you can always rely on Junk King San Diego for professional, green, and reliable backyard cleanup and residential junk removal services.


The size, amount, or type of outdoor junk and debris you’re getting rid of doesn’t matter. (As long as it’s not hazardous material!)


In other words, if it fits in our truck, we can remove it and haul it away for you. That means, even if your backyard cleanup produces a large amount of old patio furniture, broken-down tools or appliances, piles of yard waste or other debris, and even excess garbage, we can get rid of it for you.


Once the Junk King San Diego team has looked over everything you need removed, they’ll have a good idea of how it’s all going to fit on the back of the truck. And, in just a matter of minutes all the unwanted debris from your yard, garage – and the rest of your home – will be loaded onto the truck.


A final sweep-up and Junk King will be done. It’s just that simple. 


So, don’t let your Imperial Beach home get overrun with rubbish and backyard “blight.” If you need to get rid of it and want reliable, affordable junk removal, then make a call to Junk King San Diego.  


When you hire Junk King San Diego, you’re really hiring a team of movers.


This is a crew that you’ll be in charge of from the moment they roll up in their big “moving” truck until the moment they leave. And their first question will always be, “What do you need removed?”


This is when you get to take them on a tour of your property and point out all the things you want to take away. By the way, the “pointing” that you do will be the only effort you’ll have to exert during this entire process – we do all the heavy lifting!


Once you make an appointment, our professional and insured junk removal team will come to your home, and we’ll call about 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive. Once there, we can give you a free estimate based on how much room your junk takes up in our truck.


And, as we said, all you need to do is simply point and we load it all into our junk removal trucks and haul it away – and all without any hidden fees. 


Give Us a Call Today

If you’re interested in setting up an appointment, or you have further questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK today. Our customer service is ranked #1 nationally for a reason, and our friendly operators are happy to help you get started or answer any questions you might have. For the best customer service and overall value in the junk service industry, you can’t beat Junk King San Diego Downtown, and that’s our guarantee to you.


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Put Junk King To Work For Your Chula Vista Yard Cleanup

This is the time of year when your Chula Vista front yard starts to get a lot of focus. That is because you might be decorating that yard for Halloween. After that, you could make the transition to Christmas decorations. Even though those decorations are going up, that doesn’t mean you can neglect your lawn maintenance. This is why you want to take advantage of this time of year for a thorough yard cleanup. The best approach for that might surprise you: Junk King San Diego.

Not Just Sofa Lifters

Junk King has been providing a valuable junk hauling service for Chula Vista homeowners and businesses for a long time. The majority of those sessions  involve lifting and loading things like sofas, love seats, recliners, mattresses, bedroom sets and baby furniture. The Junk King crews always make short work of that type of removal regardless of how heavy or where that item might be located in the house. But their work isn’t just limited to furniture removal. The team from Junk King can also do some impressive yard clearing.

Essentially, the same rules apply with yard clearing as it does with junk removal from inside the house. If there is something in your yard that you can point to that you want removed, then the Junk King team will make it happen. It doesn’t matter if that object is a swing set for a pile of old lumber. It will be efficiently loaded onto the Junk King truck for disposal.

The same fee structure rules apply as well. You will never be charge by the pound for anything that Junk King is going to haul from your home. Your price will always be based on how the junk King crew will pack up the truck. You will know what that prices before the work begins. It is a fair and competitive price that has made Junk King the “go to” professional junk hauler in the Chula Vista area.

When you need to take care of a Chula Vista yard cleanup look no further than Junk King San Diego. One call gets the job done.

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