Junk Hauling Service: Help With Your Next Cleanout Project

Simplifying your life? Or simply emptying a home to sell it? When you’re facing a cleanout project, you need junk hauling services to swiftly remove trash and debris so you can move forward with your new use for the space.

Junk King offers a comprehensive junk hauling service in Sonoma and Marin County and the surrounding area:

  • Attic and basement cleaning projects
  • Move out and real estate services
  • Removal of old appliances and construction debris
  • Taking care of items with special recycling or disposal needs

Clear Your Spaces and Clear Your Mind

Want to clean and organize, yet every time you start you end up making a bigger mess than before? Sometimes you just need to hit the rest button. If you have an attic, basement, or garage full of stuff that doesn’t have a place and doesn’t have a use, think about junk hauling to get rid of it and start with a clean space.

Junk removal especially works wonders if you have pack rat tendencies or a hoarding situation. Junk King can be the helping hand you need to give your cleaning project the jumpstart it needs.

Clean Everything Out Before Renovating

When you want to start a renovation project or build a home addition, you need to clear the space—and the debris if your project begins with tearing down a wall or structure.

We’re seeing lots of beautiful home construction and remodeling in the area, and we’re happy to offer junk hauling for Marin County residents looking to clean things out before making things new.

Real Estate and Foreclosure Services

If you’ve acquired a house or other property and want to flip it, move into it, or get it ready for new tenants, call on the junk hauling pros to clear out the old resident’s stuff.

Junk King handles comprehensive cleanout services for anyone moving out or moving in of a home or office. We also provide detailed estimates for foreclosure cleanouts and other commercial needs.

Junk Hauling Service: We Handle All the Junk at Once

As junk hauling experts, we can handle your junk while also taking appropriate care of items like electronics and appliances, mattresses and large furniture, and other junk and debris that can be recycled.

Junk King offers a comprehensive cleanout service all at once, then we recycle or dispose of everything properly. Don’t waste your own time figuring out where and how to get rid of large, awkward, or dangerous debris. We have the experience and resources to give priority to recycling options and appropriately dispose of everything, offering time-saving junk hauling Marin County residents can rely on for professional, responsible cleanouts.