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7 Top Tips for Effective Appliance Disposal


Sometimes, no matter how much you want to hold on to that appliance because it has been in your family for generations, you can’t. After so many years of service, if the cost of repair will be so high that you might as well buy a new item, then you have to look for the best appliance disposal method. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that about 9 million freezers and refrigerators are disposed of in the US every year, and 90% end up in the recycling. So where do the rest go? Here are the different appliance disposal methods you can use to eliminate any old or broken appliances.


Donate to the Less Fortunate Don’t Throw on the Curb


Pile of old white appliances If you are looking to upgrade your household appliances and do not know what to do with the old ones, donating them to those in need will go a long way in bringing a smile to their faces.  Non-profit organizations, churches, and thrift stores facilitate appliance disposal by picking up whatever you do not need and donating it to the less fortunate.


However, before you settle on a particular charitable organization, make sure that they accept whatever you are donating. Appliance disposal through donating also helps you at the end of the year when you are filing your taxes because you can claim a tax-deductible. Organizations like Goodwill give you a receipt upon dropping off your donation since the IRS expects you to value your donation to qualify for a tax deduction.


Sell the Appliance


Just because you do not need something does not mean it will not be useful to someone else. You can make an extra buck off your old appliances by selling them; of course, this appliance disposal method will not fetch you a lot of money because the items will be heavily discounted depending on the years of service.


Appliance disposal through selling is now made easier by the power of social media. You can post your item on Facebook or whichever platform you prefer, including your contact details, and anyone interested will reach out to you. The key to attracting buyers is to portray the old appliances in their best light that means taking clear photos and making them affordable. You should therefore research what similar items are going for and price yours accordingly.


Alternatively, garage sales are also very effective in appliance disposal because you don’t have to bother with shipping. You can kill two birds with one stone by getting rid of anything else that has been lying around without much use. You could still contact a used appliance shop and check if they are willing to buy your old appliances but it has to be still working because they are looking to refurbish it and resell it.


Sell the Parts and Scrap Metal


Appliance disposal does not necessarily have to be done in whole; you can break the item apart and see if anything is salvageable. This applies if the item is not in working order, but you can still make some money off your damaged appliances since most contain precious metals. Toasters usually have steel bodies and copper wiring. Refrigerators, washing machines, and freezers are large and therefore have considerable amounts of valuable metal, not forgetting the copper wiring in the power cords.


The ferrous metals market experienced a major boom in December 2020 when scrap metals prices increased by between $75 and $80 per ton.  This option is a much better appliance disposal method than selling items whole because it is more profitable.




Dumping your old appliances in a landfill can contribute to more harm to the environment. Most of them contain coolants and other elements which release greenhouse gases that destroy the ozone layer. Regardless of how big or small, your appliance is, you can ensure it does not harm the environment by taking it to a recycling center. Some stores like Best Buy offer a recycling program where they pick up the old appliance as they deliver the new one, but it is at a fee.


Luckily even if you are not near stores that offer such appliance disposal options, some junk removal services are very environmentally conscious. Junk King understands the impact that an old refrigerator can have on the environment and ensure that it takes items to the proper recycling facilities.


Curbside Pickup


Depending on where you live, your municipal could offer curbside pickup services for appliance disposal. For instance, in Phoenix, you can schedule a curbside pickup for a fee.  The disadvantage of this is it limits the number of appliances to be hauled away; you can only put no more than five appliances by the sidewalk or curb. The charge is per item such that a refrigerator will cost you $25 while non-refrigerant appliances will go for $30 for a maximum of five items.

Such charges also vary per state; in Sacramento, they do not charge anything for up to two appliances, and you can place them anywhere visible and easy to access. The pickup limits are two appliances per appointment in Sacramento, which makes it a challenge to set aside several items for appliance disposal. In such cases, junk removal services step in to save the day because the trucks can take up as much junk as you want to be removed.


Rent a Dumpster


If your appliance disposal project will take quite a while, then renting a dumpster makes sense because you can take your time, and you don’t have to be at home when you want the items picked. However, it is quite expensive because rental costs can range between $200 and $800 for a week, depending on the size. Renting for a month or more should cost no less than $1000, but you can budget for it because you know the rate before your rental arrives. It has the advantage of offering you the dumpster size you expect to fit your old appliances for efficient appliance disposal.


Despite having these benefits, you have to consider that you will be hauling heavy items on your own, which can be cumbersome without help. You have to make sure that before you dump your items, you have removed any hazardous fluids, so you might have to hire a professional to help with appliance disposal.


Hire a Junk Removal Company


Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing you do not have to know which components are hazardous before dumping your appliances—or having to rent a dumpster and tire yourself hauling heavy refrigerators to the curbside. Such are the privileges of hiring a junk removal company for appliance disposal; you leave it to them to do the heavy lifting and do not have to think about how they will get to the recycling center or donation center.


At Junk King, you can rest assured that we will properly dispose of your appliances. We provide you with a free estimate of how much it will cost for your appliance disposal, depending on how much room the items will occupy in our trucks. We remove all types of appliances, and you can contact us today for the most affordable appliance disposal services you can find in Sonoma.

Types of Transportation Containers for Construction Debris Removal

When starting a construction project, most people will center their budgets on hiring the best construction workers and buying the best materials. Though important, these are not the only things that might cripple your project or affect its quality. Your waste management is an essential element in the success of your project. Without the right measures for handling waste, your project may end up stalling.

Hiring a company that deals with construction debris removal is among the essentials of your project’s success. These companies have several transportation container options available for your waste. Below are some tidbits on the containers that will best apply to your construction waste’s transportation.

Rectangular roll-off containers

There are three types of rectangular roll-off container grades. These include heavy, medium, and light-duty containers. Light-duty containers are used for the collection of demolition debris, light-weight construction materials, and ordinary garbage collection. Medium-duty containers are most commonly used for collecting demolition and construction waste, while heavy metals are best transported using a heavy-duty container.

Rectangular roll-off containers are among the most versatile options for construction debris removal because they have open tops. As such, they can easily fit irregularly-shaped items. Tarps are sometimes added to the containers to keep the waste inside or prevent contaminants and water from destroying the container. A tub-style container closely resembles the rectangular roll-off. The major difference between them is that the tub-style container has tapered sides to ease the dumping of waste.

Dewatering containers

At times, the solid waste in your construction site can get mixed with liquids that increase its weight and make it hard to categorize. Dewatering containers, as the name suggests, can drain liquids in your waste. This not only eases waste classification but also reduces a container’s payload.  Dewatering containers have permanent or temporary steel baskets that separate liquid and solid waste. Some construction sites re-use the water separated from their solid waste in their projects to cut back on costs and play their part in eco-conservation.

Rolling roof container

This is sometimes called a clamshell container. It has a sealed lid and sealed tailgate that allows it to safely transport hazardous construction waste such as asbestos, mercury, and lead. This waste can be detrimental to the environment and people around it during transportation because it gets thrown around and might release its harmful compounds in the process. A rolling roof container has a single or double cover that ensures the materials being transported are safely contained. The cover also ensures there is no contamination of the waste by environmental elements.

Sealed and sludge container

Sealed and sludge containers are available in tub and rectangular-style alternatives. Sludge containers are primarily meant to transport heavy-duty and dense liquid waste like sewage, while sealed containers can be used for light liquids like water. The containers also have sealed tailgates with slider-style hinges. These ensure that the waste does not leak from the containers. Though primarily used for liquid waste, sealed and sludge containers can also be used in place of the tub and rectangular roll-off containers for hauling solids. Nowadays, they are preferred over the latter in most constructions because of their ability to keep waste inside the vehicle.

Vacuum tank

This is a completely enclosed container used to haul sludge and non-hazardous or hazardous liquid waste from your construction site. It is also sometimes used to store liquids like water that is used in your construction project. The container often comes with a suction that can suck up the liquids in your site for transportation. This minimizes the costs and time used to load these liquids onto their transportation containers.

Poly and poly box tanks

When you are hauling highly corrosive liquids from your construction site, you need a poly box or poly container. These are made of heavy-duty plastic polymers that are corrosion-resistant. Their sealed tailgates ensure the materials transported do not leak from the containers, whereas their rounded corners make them easy to clean between uses. Poly and poly box containers are mostly used to transport or store acidic materials in construction.

When putting together a construction project, most companies account for the disposal of their waste but forget to factor in how the waste will get to its disposal site. Do not be fooled into using one of your construction vehicles for hauling construction waste. Most municipalities will fine you for this, and you place your vehicles at risk of extensive damage from some of the toxic substances in your waste.

While some waste management companies offer one of the above waste transportation containers for construction debris removal to its disposal site, most do not. Pick a company like Junk King that factors in debris removal from your site in addition to its disposal to ease your waste management.


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