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Category Archives: Columbus Yard Waste

Get Your Garden Ready For Growing

Do you think your garden would ever be magazine cover worthy? There have been plenty of amateur gardens that have graced the cover of magazines and they’re usually created by homeowners with a green thumb as opposed to professional landscapers. It is time to get your garden ready for growing. Here’s what you’ll need to focus on in the coming weeks.



Sharp, well-defined bed edges elevate any garden. A deep trench between your lawn and flower beds is a good way to go. Not only will it enhance the overall feel of your garden but it’s great to watering, too. You could skip the edging all together if all your flowers and veggies are confined to wooden beds. Short of that, start cleaning up those edges.

Pruning Roses

Roses are always a welcome addition to any garden. They can become the main flower or just an accent. No matter how many rose buses you have, now is the time you will want to prune those bushes before new shoots are more than 1/2-inch long. Pruning gives a plant some much-needed “breathing room.”


Weeding is one of those garden tasks that never seem to end. You might be able to mitigate your weed problem this year by pulling up as many of the winter weeds as you can get your hands on. Use a pre-emergent herbicide containing corn gluten to disrupt weed seed germination for up to three months.


Stakes help tall plants flourish. They’re also a big benefit to certain vegetables like tomatoes and beans. It’s a good idea to get those stakes in the grown before the growth is too small. You could even stake before any seedlings go in. This can help you map out you entire garden plan.


If you’re already seeing some new growth, then fertilizer you put down now should be low numbers. You don’t want to overwhelm the plants with a blast of fertilizer. However, if the soil is clean and you’re just prepping, then you can go for more nutrient fertilizer to mix throughout your soil. Just give it a few weeks to sink in.

Clear Debris

As you clean, prune and trim you’re going to create a lot of yard waste to throw out. That might fill up your trashcan but what about the other things you want to get rid of? What if you need to toss out a lawnmower or crusty grill? That is when Junk King Columbus can be a big help. The two-man moving crew assigned to your session can do some awesome debris clearing around every corner of your yard. Get your garden ready for growing with a little yard waste removal help from Junk King Columbus.

Fall Yard Waste And Leaf Removal In Columbus

Just as spring is the traditional time for planting, fall is the time for clearing. If you were living on a farm, then the harvest season would keep you busy from sun up to sun down. For the rest of us, that clearing often takes the form or leaf removal. That requires a lot of raking and bagging. Then what happens? Either you can crammed all those leaves into your trashcan or bring in some outside help. That would be where Junk King comes into play. Best of all, you don’t have to hire Junk King just for leaf removal. Those crews can do a whole lot more to help clean up your yards and home.


Junk King will dispatch a crew for your appointment that will be doing all the actual work. When they say, “We’ve got this” they truly mean it! It doesn’t matter how heavy, dirty or bulky an object might be the Junk King team will make sure it is loaded and taken away.

Often, the Junk King team will be asked to dismantle something in order for it to fit onto the back of the truck. It’s not a stretch to have Junk King take down a woodshed, pull up a fence, remove a child’s swing set or even dismantle a hot tub. Its all “good to go” as far as Junk King is concerned.

Of course, the Junk King crew doesn’t have to stop as the yard work. In that same appointment, you can get them to remove all kinds of objects from the inside of your home. If you haven’t been able to park your car in the garage because of all the clutter, then turn Junk King loose in there! Before you know it, that garage can become a wide-open space again. Won’t it be nice to park there when the snows starts falling?

As for the pricing, you’ll find that Junk King offers an extremely affordable rate for this type of service. You’ll be charged a flat fee based on how much space your junk is going to take up on the back of the truck. This is an estimate that will be presented to you when the crew has had an opportunity to size up your junk. All of this happens before the works begins so there won’t be any surprises as the end of the job. Yard waste removal and junk hauling just got a lot easier thanks to Junk King.

Get Ready for Your Columbus OH Garden Planting

As you think about garden planting this spring, will you be going for beauty or taste? A flower garden is the perfect kind of addition to your front yard that can greatly improve your curb appeal. You’ll get to show off your pride for your home with rows of colorful flowers. As for “taste,” maybe this is the year that you’re considering planting a vegetable garden in the backyard. Both types of gardens take about the same level of work. You need good soil, water and sunlight for nature to do its thing. Before you get started with your garden planting, you might need to do a little clearing. That is where a company like Junk King is going to be a huge plus.


When you set up any type of appointment with Junk King, you’ll be sent a two-man crew who will be doing all the work for you. In most cases, that will mean some basic lifting and loading. You point to whatever you want taken away and the Junk King crew will see to it that it is removed safely from your home. You don’t even have to take anything from where it is currently situated. Let the crew pick it up from there!

There are also Junk King jobs where the crew is asked to perform unique tasks. For instance, you might have some serious weed overgrowth happening in your backyard. Obviously, no garden planting can begin until those vines, roots and weeds are pulled up. The Junk King team will happily perform that task. They could also be called upon to take apart a child’s play area that they’ve outgrown. That can open up a lot of area for garden planting. You can even ask Junk King to remove an old shed or take away a hot tub that is no longer working. As far as Junk King is concerned, it is all fair game.

On that same appointment for your yard cleanup, Junk King can also haul away all the stuff you’re holding onto in your garage, attic or basement. If you don’t want something or it’s broken beyond repair, then give it to Junk King. They’ll know what do to with that stuff! Get your garden planting and junk hauling off to a fast start with the help of Junk King.

Columbus Debris Removal

Just when you thought it was safe to go out into the backyard, there is an invader creeping through Columbus OH gardens. No, we’re not talking about gophers but about Heracleum mantegazzianum, otherwise known as the giant hogweed. By giant we mean a weed that can grow as tall as 15 feet. It can also cause your skin to burn and might even lead to blindness if that pollen gets in your eye. Because of the danger, local authorities have gotten involved with taken down the weeds. If you find some of these weeds cropping up in your backyard you might try blasting them with weed killers or throwing a plastic garbage bag over them and starving them out of sunlight and rain.

Weeds aren’t the only problems you could be experiencing with your gardens. There could come a time when your soil isn’t doing what it should be. The best recourse for bad soil is to replace it with good soil. That’s going to mean a lot of digging on your part. It’s also going to mean piles of dirt springing up. Dirt is not something you can get rid of easily. You can’t throw it out with the rest of your trash because of weight restrictions. You can’t load it up in your own car because, well, it’s dirt! The best way to get rid of dirt is to hire Junk King Columbus.

Although their main focus is on professional junk removal, Junk King can take away all kinds of things you want to get rid of including piles of dirt. You can add to that pieces of sod, chunks of patio concrete, fallen tree limbs, tool sheds, play sets, sandboxes and even a hot tub. All it takes is one call to Junk King to put your removal project into motion.

How will Junk King Columbus pull off this job? They’re going to be providing you with a two-man crew who will be doing all the heavy lifting. That crew will also be arriving for the removal appointment with the right tools. In the case of dirt removal, that would be a couple of shovels and a wheel barrel. They’ll also have a truck large enough to contain whatever you’re throwing out. In the case of dirt removal, the crew will have bins to hold that dirt until they’re able to drop it off at the proper disposal center.

Along with your yard waste, that same Junk King crew can also cart off all the oversized items you’ve been keeping in storage. What could you fill a truck up with? Furniture? Toys? Clothes? Appliances? Auto parts? A pool table? Whatever you want gone, the Junk King crew will handle it. Give them a shout today to schedule a junk hauling appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

Columbus Tree Branch & Yard Debris Disposal

It’s not easy seeing trees cut down especially when they are part of a bike and jogging trail. Recent visitors to the Blackhand Trail experienced this when they stumbled upon a stretch of the trail missing around hundred trees. This was done along the property line between a private landowner and the city of Columbus to make way for a oil pipe extension. There were no surprises between the city and the owner but the same can’t be said to those folks who use those pathways and are now missing the scenic view.

Often trees are look at as “friends” that provide shade and comfort. But a tree on your property that has weakened or fallen branches can turn into an “adversary” if those branches end up on a power line or crashing into a structure. Residents have become all too familiar with waking up after a storm to find all sorts of debris in their yards. When this happens there isn’t an easy solution to the clean up unless you hire a company like Junk King Columbus.

Junk King is a Columbus based business that is part of a national franchise of professional junk haulers. While they make their “bread and butter” hauling off things like worn out furniture and old kitchen appliances, they are also quick and adept at clearing out yard waste like tree branches. Whether those branches broke off on their or you had a hand cutting them down that is not something you want kept on your lawn. A Junk King Columbus crew can easily toss those branches on the back of their truck. They will then get that wood to a proper disposal center where it could be ground up for mulch to spread around the city.

That same disposal routine can happen with the rest of your household junk. Now is the time to finally get rid of all the stuff you’ve been hanging onto for no other reason that it’s too hard to throw away. If all that has been standing in the way of getting rid of that junk is the truck space and requisite hauling muscle than have no fear; Junk King is here!

Usually it will take a Junk King crew less than an hour to load up everything you want take away. Compare that with all the time it would take you to rent a truck, load it up and then drive it to the right local Columbus dump site or recycling center. If you did that it could be an all day affair. Don’t you have a better way to spend your Saturday off? One call to Junk King Columbus is all it will take to get your yard and home junk free.

Fall yard and garden clean up checklist Columbus Ohio

Hurricane Sandy Brings Torrential Rain and Snow to Ohio…in October?!?

Map of NOAA long-term forecast for the U.S. for fall and winter 2012

Click Map for Full Size Image

It suddenly feels like winter in Columbus, and a harsh one at that. Snow before Halloween? I can’t remember the last time that happened—if ever!

The NOAA forecast for a wet winter for Ohio and the Great Lakes region is looking like a safe bet right about now.

Freak storms aside, I prepared a fall yard and garden clean up checklist but it suddenly seems like I should be out shopping for rock salt and snow tires. This list is adapted from one I found on the Iowa Gardener.

And while I am thinking about it, we offer storm debris clean up, too. Whether a it’s flooding from a late year, slow-moving hurricane,  hail or lightning damage from a summer thunderstorm or an ice storm’s deep freeze, we will help you clean up and dispose of everything in a safe, environmentally sound way. And we don’t even charge for labor!

Without further ado, here is the ‘official’ Junk King Columbus autumn checklist for Central Ohio:

❏ Pull up all annuals (plants that you have to buy every year).
❏ Cut back perennials (plants that return every year).
❏ Start a compost pile for organic matter, including small amounts of leaves and branches.
❏ Call Junk King Columbus for assistance gathering and hauling away anything you won’t be composting 😉
❏ After the first frost, dig up and store indoors all tender bulbs.
❏ Empty all pots and store in the garage so they don’t crack in the cold.
❏ Have Junk King rake the leaves from your lawn but it is OK to leave them if they are few and in flower and garden beds—Free Mulch!
❏ Mow the lawn one final time before winter arrives. We suggest you use a mulching mower but we can dispose of grass clippings too.
❏ Run the mower until the gas tank is empty. Check the owner’s manual to see if any filters need to be changed and what, if anything,
to do with the oil.
❏ Sharpen the blade, this is something that should be done every fall.

As a reminder, we do not charge for labor so if you don’t feel like raking leaves or picking up the yard you can call us and we will do it for you at the same price as if we were just picking it up and hauling it away to be composted.

To book an appointment or schedule a free on-site estimate call us at 1-800-995-JUNK (1-800-995-5865).

Remember to buy candy and drive carefully in residential neighborhoods on Beggar’s Night.

Why Junk King Columbus Composts All Yard Waste

Composting is a great way to dispose of yard waste in a sustainable and eco-friendly way

What is composting?

The term compost refers to any kind of organic matter that has been recycled into a fertilizer and soil amendment though a natural decomposing process. Composting is a natural process but there are steps you can take to help it along. Naturally over time, the ground gets covered with a layer of organic materials, which includes leaves, branches, manure and animal remains. During the rains, this layer becomes wet, which hastens the decomposition. Over weeks, months, and sometimes even years, depending on the natural climate and environmental conditions, this is turned into humus and it is this layer of nutrient rich earth that is known as top soil.

Flowers on a hillsideScience has come up with several ways of speeding up the composting process to produce richer fertilizer using less conventional base materials and within a shorter span of time. Modern yard waste composting can be a complex, multi-step process that involves the addition of carefully measured amounts of air, water, carbon, nitrogen-rich materials, and beneficial organisms like aerobic bacteria and fungi.

How to make compost out of yard waste

Making compost is a simple process, as long as you have the time and space to devote to it. You’ll want to set aside a portion of your yard or property (here in Dublin where space is at a premium that isn’t always easy but that is why we take all suitable organic debris to a place where they will compost it). Clear the ground of grass, weeds, plants, or yard waste until you get a plot of bare earth. Once the ground is clear, add a two to three inch deep layer of twigs or straw. This ensures better drainage and helps aerate the mound. Next, add the yard waste in alternate layers of moist and dry materials.

Add a nitrogen source in the form of animal or green manure. Good sources include wheatgrass, clover, and buckwheat, which is why these crops are grown on in rotation on plots of land used for organic farming. The nitrogen activates the compost pile and helps speed up the process. Make sure you keep the compost slightly moist. Given the normal amounts of precipitation here in central Ohio, it should only be an issue in times of drought. If needed, water the compost pile or bin occasionally but that and the occasional turning for aeration, is about all you need to do, then just let nature take it’s course.

If you live in a urban or suburban area you may want to buy or build a bin that will keep scavengers and pests from getting into your compost pile. Otherwise, cover the mound with wood or mulch to help retain moisture. Finally, give the pile a quick turn every other week with a pitchfork to provide aeration and to help the bio-degradtion.

Supplementing your compost

Many organic gardeners add specific ingredients to for trace nutrients or microbes; two of the most common are egg shells and coffee grounds but please be careful before you consider doing so, any type of food can draw bugs, animals and other pests. As noted above, there are special bins you can buy or build to facilitate composting and to make it easier (more compact, keep out animals, etc.)

Composting yard waste keeps it out of our landfills, keeps the nutrients in our local eco-system, and is an effective way of recycling of natural materials. It is a great aid to organic farming or suburban landscaping, as it produces, fresh, 100 percent green fertilizer for plants.

Many central Ohioans find themselves too busy to do everything they should, or want, to do for the environment, and this includes composting. In the Columbus area you can call Junk King Columbus for yard waste removal and we’ll handle it for you. We take everything possible, which means all organic yard waste, to a facility which composts and then re-uses it locally.

Summer time and the livin’s easy

While summer might not officially begin until the solstice in late June, Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of the season. The longer days, the opening of public pools and the end of the school year all coincide and lend themselves to a lifestyle with more grilling and outdoor activity.

Unsurprisingly we get a lot of calls for assitance with home improvement projects, hot tub removals and even yard waste. We’ll help with light demolition and the labor of getting the items broken up, loaded and hauled away at no additional charge, which means even do-it-yourselfers can take it easy and still get done the things they need to.

Get your yard in order; improve the value of your home with landscaping; break out the grill; plan the family re-union and try to put Red, White and Boom to shame–whatever your plans, Happy Memorial day.

Get Your Backyard in Shape for the Summer – Columbus, Ohio

Do you have a golfer in your life? Do you like to take to the links? As any seasoned golfer will tell you most of the game comes down to putting. There is no better way to perfect your putting skills than to have your own putting green in your Ohio backyard. That’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. In fact, there is a business in Columbus called Backyard Putting Greens (naturally) who has a simple philosophy: A green for every golfer. Here’s their mission statement: “No matter who you are, and regardless of your budget or space limitations, we intend to match you up with a system that will improve your score, your confidence and most of all, your simple enjoyment of the great game of golf.” They can turn any corner of a backyard into a professional quality putting green. Imagine the look of surprise on the golfer you love when they come home to find their own practice green waiting for them.
If golfing isn’t your thing, then perhaps it is backyard grilling. The summer in Columbus is the time to fire up those bar-b-ques and get to grilling. There was a time when the average backyard bar-b-que consisted of a metal tub like device that you would fill with charcoal, slather with lighting fluid and fire up. Today’s modern grills are one-start affairs fueled by easy to light propane gas. Of course if you want that genuine smoky flavor, you’ll have to go old school with the wood chips.
Then there are those lucky few who have a swimming pool in their backyards to spend the warm summer days floating on a raft with a cool drink. It doesn’t get any better than that. If you’ve got the space, but don’t have the pool this could be the season you get it installed. Whether you go above ground or built in, you’re sure to spend many relaxing hours outdoors.
Between the putting greens, the bar-b-ques or the swimming pools you certainly have a lot of options when it comes to your potential backyard fun. Of course, you need to get your backyard into shape first. This could mean clearing out a lot of ground or tossing out that old patio furniture. Most folks keep their patio furniture outside all year round. It’s designed to take a beating, but that doesn’t mean patio furniture is going to last a lifetime. If your patio furniture has seen better days then it might be time to toss it out. That is easier said than done especially if these are big bulky pieces.
That’s why you should hire a professional crew of haulers like Junk King Columbus who can come out to your home and haul away that old, rusty furniture once and for all. As soon as that’s cleared away, you’ll be able to reimagine what you’re going to do with your backyard. The perfect scenario would be a pool next to the putting green by the bar-b-que.

What, Where and How to Recycle in Columbus, Ohio

If you love food (and who doesn’t?) you’ve got a great opportunity in Columbus to indulge in a walking culinary tour of the trendy Short North neighborhood. This is the hot spot in Columbus that is chock full of bistros, cafes, shops and restaurants. It’s also where you’ll find the North Market. This is Columbus’ only public farmers’ market. Here you’ll find local food vendors sharing their taste tempting treats. Speaking of treats, no walking tour of Short North could be complete without stopping off at Jeni’s for a scoop of fresh made ice cream. And since you’ll be walking through the neighborhood, you’ll be burning calories too! It’s a win/win all around.

One of the benefits of taking a walking tour around Columbus is to see how clean the city is. A large part of that beautification effort can be attributed to the recycling program that many Columbus residents have taken advantage of. There are two methods for recycling. First you can subscribe to curbside recycling for just $8.25 a month. With that service, a company will make regularly scheduled pickups to collect your sorted recyclables. The other option would be for you to drop off those same recyclables at one of the many Drop Boxes located throughout Columbus neighborhoods. There’s no charge for these drop offs. The only thing you need to be aware of is exactly what is considered a recyclable material.
Here’s the short list: In the category of paper you can recycle newspaper, including all inserts, magazines, catalogs and telephone books, mail, scrap paper and envelopes (windows ok), brown paper bags, paperboard such as cereal or snack boxes or cardboard boxes. The only stipulation with the cardboard boxes is that you’re asked to break them down. You can also recycle any plastic bottles, glass bottles or jars. With metals you can recycle aluminum cans, aluminum gutters and siding, steel soup, food and aerosol cans. That certainly covers a lot of garbage. Once you get into the habit of separating your recyclables it’s easy to maintain the habit.
In terms of yard waste, that’s a separate category of waste that needs to be handled differently. As far as the Columbus municipal pickup services are concerned, yards waste is defined as “any organic waste generated during regular household gardening and landscaping activities, such as grass clippings, leaves, twigs, branches, shrubbery and other garden residues.” Anything that falls into that category needs to be bagged up in biodegradable bags and clearly marked as “yard waste.”  If you’ve got branches they should be cut into four feet lengths and bundled together.
Now if all of this seems like a lot of work you might want to contact Junk King Columbus to handle your recyclable materials, especially the yard waste. With Junk King, you wont have to worry about properly bagging up the waste or tying it into bundles. Junk King will do all the work. Once that’s taken care of then you can head out for your Columbus food tour. You’ve earned it!
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