Dumpster Rentals: A Bad Match for Marin County

Recycling dumpster rentals MarinYou might think that you don’t care how you get rid of your junk. You just want it gone, whether that means renting a dumpster or hiring junk movers. Yet consider the many risks and benefits of the two—dumpster rentals leave you with plenty of labor and potential extra costs, while junk hauling takes care of it all in one fell swoop.

Let’s look at some critical considerations before resorting to dumpster rentals:

Dumpster Rentals Marin: A Bad Match for Marin County & Bay Area Streets

Before comparing dumpster rentals and junk hauling services, take note of the fact that dumpsters simply create headaches in Marin County and the Northern Bay Area in general.

Our narrow, curvy streets create logistical problems for the placement of dumpsters. In many cases the dumpster would block the road, creating a hazard for drivers. Cramped spaces on the street also make it difficult to even access the dumpster when you’re handling large debris. Dumpster rentals and Marin County simply don’t mix well.

Cost Effectiveness

Dumpster rentals can potentially make fiscal sense for large, ongoing projects like major home renovations. However, how do you know how much total waste your project will generate? Also, if the dumpster damages your sidewalk and/or lawn, your wallet will take a much bigger hit.

In addition to dumpster rental prices, consider:

  • How will you handle overflow? Would you need to double the cost?
  • Do you really want the risk of damaging the lawn, sidewalk, curb, and street?
  • Are you sure you can handle all the debris and junk yourself, or would you need to pay for labor anyway? (Even with friends helping, you have to thank them somehow.)

Are You Being a Stand-Up Citizen?

Neighbors hate dumpster rentals—not only are they an eyesore, but they smell.

But suppose you don’t concern yourself with what the neighbors think… consider the undeniable hazards. Junk hauling services take care of everything in a short timeframe, while dumpster rentals typically linger for days or longer.

In short, dumpster rentals do not make good neighbors:

  • Kids tend to crawl inside of dumpsters. You might even be liable for injuries.
  • Animals get in, too, tossing garbage around and making a mess.
  • If the dumpster causes damage to community property, you’ll be dealing the city or a homeowners association. Not fun.

How Much Work Will You Put In?

Do you have the time and energy to handle a bunch of junk?—because with dumpster rentals, you do the dirty work.

Include labor when deciding between dumpster rentals and junk hauling services:

  • Dumpster rental companies only drop off and pick up the dumpster. With Junk King, you get the same benefits (getting rid of your trash) but someone else comes and does the heavy lifting and hauling away.
  • Dumpsters can be more high-maintenance than you think. Not everything can easily be tossed into a dumpster. Boxes need to be broken down, dangerous metal rods can stick out, construction debris can be too heavy to lift and throw.
  • The rest of your life won’t pause—do you want to do all the work?

Dumpster Rentals for Commercial  Use

Businesses these days have to worry about scale. Don’t pay for things you don’t use. If your business fills the dumpster every week, dumpster rentals might make sense. Otherwise, consider junk hauling services your on-demand, pay-per-use solution for junk disposal.

If you still can’t decide between dumpster rentals and junk hauling services, call Junk King for a free estimate and more info about our process.