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Improper E-Waste Disposal is a Dangerous Practice

E-Waste disposal might not seem like anything out of the ordinary but this is a meticulous and complex process that requires a very careful and skillful approach. More importantly since the effects of improper E-Waste disposal are extremely dangerous and can cause several health and environmental issues people are urged to properly discard of their electronic waste in order to ensure the health and overall safety of the public and the environment.

What Happens When E-waste is not Properly Disposed

E-Waste DisposalExtremely hazardous materials can be found in most electronics manufactured today . For example ferrous metals, copper, aluminum, plastics and other potentially toxic substances can be found inside many common electronic products and if discarded incorrectly can have have a very negative impact.

Pollution, water contamination, health issues and even loss of life can be a result of improper E-Waste disposal and though it might be difficult to generalise and pinpoint the material content of every single device people should still make it a priority to exercise proper E-Waste disposal practices or recycle their items.

The Concern of Improper E-Waste Disposal Grows as the Global Demand for Technology Increases

With more advanced forms of technology constantly being introduced the production of E-waste has surged to an estimated 50 million tons each year. In the U.S alone up to 30 million computers and over 100 million phones are discarded annually. Out of these figures a large percentage of the E-Waste generated is improperly disposed of.  

In an effort to deal with this growing challenge regulators throughout the country have enacted legislation like the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act  to enforce safe E-Waste disposal practices.

Avoid Improper E-Waste Disposal

Many people might not know how or what is the best way to dispose of E-Waste so instead of resorting to illegal and improper E-Waste disposal contracting the services of professional waste removal services would be the best way to manage this.

With a professional waste removal service provider your waste can be managed easily and these services come complete with all the necessary equipment and trained personnel to remove E-waste in the safe and correct manner. Furthermore they also facilitate the transport of items where they are later processed.

These services have proven to be very effective and have been able to help with the growing concern of improper E-Waste disposal however it is still very important for people to act responsibly and make sure they exercise lawful and eco-friendly waste disposal.

Let Junk King Manage Your E-Waste Disposal – It’s Easy and Affordable

Here at Junk King we specialize in the removal and processing of all types of waste including E-waste. Benefit from our top rated professional services with little or no hassle to you and remember we also transport and process your waste with no additional or hidden fees.

These services play a crucial role in our lives as they aim and assist in keeping the environment clean and the general population safe. So to get your E-Waste removed visit our website at to book online or call us at 1-888-888-JUNK  to schedule an appointment right away.

Eco-Friendly Garbage Disposal for Healthy Living

In playing our part in keeping the environment clean and population free it’s the responsibility of every citizen to ensure that garbage and other waste products are disposed of safely and appropriately. People should also make an extra effort to apply eco-friendly garbage disposal practices when disposing of waste as a way to promote healthy living and to have a positive impact on the environment overall.

Environmentally Safe Garbage Disposal

Garbage DisposalWith waste generation and improper garbage disposal becoming such a growing concern all over the country the need for effective waste management systems has definitely increased. Nevertheless there are several environmentally safe garbage disposal practices that can be adopted to help address or even eliminate certain issues relating to waste disposal that hinder the process of effective waste management.

Recycling and reusing products, proper disposal of hazardous waste, using bio-degradable and eco- friendly products are all great ways to promote green and healthy garbage disposal practices.

Essentially these practices serve to prevent contamination, pollution or any major health issues among the population as well as to encourage people everywhere to maintain a clean and safe environment.

Promote Eco- Friendly Garbage Disposal

  • Recycle –  Unwanted items in good condition can be given to someone who has use for them. Using discarded items for another purpose can also go a long way as it encourages ‘green living’ helps to save money and increases landfill space. 

  • Reuse unwanted organic materials – Yard debris and  food scraps can be reused in gardens as mulch or fertilizer or as food to feed small animals.

Dispose of hazardous waste safely – Items such as fluorescent light bulbs, household chemicals (insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers, detergents) batteries, medical waste (mercury thermometers, needles and syringes) auto products and paints should all be disposed of in a careful manner to ensure safety around homes and communities.

  • Keep disposal area clean – Be sure to keep the area around dumpsters and waste receptacles clean to avoid unhealthy pile ups, unsanitary conditions and to provide a safe area for waste management personnel to operate.

Professional Garbage Disposal Services

It’s not everyone who may know how to recycle or even have the proper facilities in place to  dispose of waste properly for example no available garbage receptacles/dumpsters to place waste.

So to help persons handle this issue there are waste removal services who come in and manage the removal of all types of waste. So whether it’s a small bag of kitchen waste or an old broken down refrigerator they can come in and remove it for you.

In most cities residential garbage is normally collected twice weekly to be processed and disposed. Nevertheless there are certain types of waste that is not collected with regular garbage services which leaves homeowners to deal with it on their own.

Contact Junk King – We’re Rated # 1 in the Country for Eco- Friendly Garbage Disposal

Here at Junk King we specialize in the removal of all types of waste. Rated #1 in the country for eco-friendly waste removal no task is big or too small for us to manage. Remember we also transport and process your waste with no additional or hidden fees.

Benefit from our top rated, professional, services with little or no hassle to you. Play your role in helping to keep the environment clean and your community safe. To get your waste removed visit our website at to book online or call us at 1-888-888-JUNK  to schedule an appointment right away.

Effective Waste Management – E-Waste Disposal In California

In instances when common electronics like stereos, televisions, computers and other popular electronic products are unwanted or no longer operate you need professional disposal services. When these items are to be discarded  and are to be discarded they are referred to as E-waste.

Incorrect E- Waste Disposal Can Be Hazardous

E-WasteInside many electronic components are known to consist of several, hazardous, materials such as lead, cadmium, beryllium or brominated flame retardants which can be extremely dangerous if exposed to people or the environment.

For this reason alone it is absolutely important that people exercise proper E-Waste disposal or practice recycling E-Waste as exposure to these toxic materials can result in adverse, human, health, effects and various forms of pollution .

For example the waste management laws of California currently categorize nonfunctioning cathode ray tubes from televisions and computer monitors as hazardous as they contain up to 8 pounds of lead and wrongful exposure to this can lead to soil/water water contamination as well as impaired cognitive function, behavioral disturbances and nervous system damage in humans.

Recycling Is A Great Way Manage E- Waste Disposal

Never mind that most E-waste is considered unwanted the majority of these products can be recycled or reused for numerous purposes but for people who may not know or have the equipment to recycle E-waste there are waste removal services who come in and manage this for you.

Not only will this service include collection of E-Waste but it would also involve its transport and processing as well. Managing E-Waste in this way provides a more eco-friendly alternative as it prevents any major, health, issues, reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Do You Reside In California? Let Junk King Manage Your E-Waste Disposal

If you live in California and you have E-Waste you need to dispose let us come in and manage it for you. Located within the Sonoma and Marin counties Junk King is here to help as we specialize in the removal of all types of waste commercially and residentially inclusive of transport and processing .

Benefit from our top rated, professional services and affordable pricing and get your waste items removed safely and hassle free. Whether it be E-Waste or other items our services facilitate safe, efficient and professional waste removal.

So be responsible and promote safe E-waste disposal as these practices play a crucial role in keeping the environment clean and the general population safe. To get your E-Waste removed visit our website at to book online or call us at 1-888-888-JUNK  to schedule an appointment right away.

Waste Management Marin California v1

Studies conducted show that the United States is responsible for generating a massive 220million tons of waste annually. These are certainly astounding figures and are far larger than any other countries worldwide.  It also shows the need for proper waste management techniques.

Waste Management in Marin CountyWaste Management

These figures are surely cause for concern and is the reason why government has collaborated with several environmental organizations such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency or EPA to develop numerous strategies, methods and policies in effort to provide solutions and alternatives as it relates to managing and reducing the huge numbers of waste generated within the United States.

To get more into detail when speaking about waste management it generally refers to all the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. It also functions to provide alternative solutions for recycling items that don’t belong to trash.

Essentially this is done to encourage safe disposal of waste as well as to avoid water contamination, pollution or any major health issues especially when dangerous and hazardous waste is involved.

There are a few helpful suggestions that can serve to aid people with the proper disposal of waste. These include reducing container odor, keeping your waste area clean and disposing of bulky items.

  • Loading containers properly –  When loading waste into waste receptacles people should ensure that receptacle lid can fully close. This is emphasized as most waste removal companies will refuse to service waste areas if trash is unable to fit in the container with the lid fully closed. Not to worry because even if the volume of your trash increases there are some junk removal companies that can adjust your service by increasing your container size or the frequency of collection.  This can help to eliminate overloading receptacles as well as help you avoid additional fees caused by container overflow or spilled trash in the waste area.

  • Reduce Odor – To help reduce any unpleasant odor around waste areas people are encouraged to tie trash bags tight before placing them in waste containers. This will help to significantly reduce any foul odor caused by spilled waste.

  • Clean Waste Containers Regularly –  Making a practicing of cleaning of your waste container/s as well as the waste area surrounding containers will aid in keeping waste areas clean and odor free.

The number one goal and aim of Waste management is to properly manage waste from its inception to its disposal for a clean, healthy and safe environment. Since safety is a top priority for Waste Management it has over time become a shared responsibility whereas it starts right at your waste container. Therefore by upholding proper waste disposal practices people will help to maintain clean waste areas that are functional and safe for both you and waste management personnel. Contact us for more information.

Summer Clutter Cleanouts

Between your job, your kids and duties around the home things can certainly spiral out control where some areas of the home quickly accumulate clutter and become somewhat disorderly. With hectic schedules and not enough time to get things organized this can place unwanted pressure to an already frustrating situation.

Clutter Get Rid Of That Unwanted Clutter

Not only is clutter a ghastly sight in and around homes but it also creates a congested environment that makes it hard for persons to function without restriction.

With summer right around the corner it’s only a matter of time before the kids are home and the activity around the house increases tremendously so now that things are still a bit quiet in the final weeks of spring it may be a great idea to get started with dismantling and reorganizing your home before things get incredibly busy.

Regardless of the level of activity present within homes at any given time creating an organized and clutter free living space goes a long way. It serves to eliminate the fatigue and frustration that can be a result of residing in a dysfunctional, chaotic environment.

It also helps persons to meet the challenges of home and work in a more efficient manner. In the meantime here are a few tips that may prove worthwhile to persons undergoing the process of de-cluttering.

The ideal place to get started are work areas or home offices. Not only will this ensure that work spaces are clean and organized but persons will be able to operate efficiently without the frustration.

Start by removing all trash and unwanted items from the top of your desk. Next carefully survey drawers and toss anything you don’t need. Once this is done the next step would be to place any documents lying around in the  “in” or “out” box respectively.

So long as the trash is all gathered and you determine what is necessary and what isn’t you can then attempt to browse through your PC to file away any open or loose folders and discard the unwanted ones. In addition persons should create both a manual and virtual filing system to manage and organize all documentation and information related to their business.

After creating an organized and clutter free working environment persons can proceed to dissect and reorganize their living space. The easiest way to attempt this is to begin by clearing all floors and rearranging furniture to improve mobility as you go along.

Old paper piles, unwanted mail and stuff you no longer use should all be thrown out. Stuff in good condition but unwanted could be placed in a few boxes and donated or sold.

This system could also be utilized to organize drawers, closets and counter-tops. Once these areas are taken care of drawers should be labelled to indicate what is inside so you know what should or shouldn’t go in there.

Finally maintaining exceptional habits in the kitchen can significantly contribute to the re-organization and decluttering your home. Throw away any malfunctioned appliances from countertops and remove expired foods from the refrigerator.

Keep food stored in the refrigerator in containers and label them to provides space and organization. It may not seem like it but pots and pans can take up lots of space in any kitchen so store them away in a separate cupboard to provide adequate room when maneuvering.

Cleaning out for summer can be a pretty daunting task nevertheless so long as you follow these insightful, informative tips you will find it to be pretty simple so get started today and get your home decluttered before summer arrives. Contact us for more information.

Effects of Improper Solid Waste Disposal

Over time pollution has grown to become a very concerning and controversial issue worldwide especially since it poses serious threat to the public and to the environment. Extensive research and studies conducted have since been able to identify improper solid waste disposal as one of the main causes of pollution.

How Solid Waste Can Be Destructive

This unfortunate revelation has lead authorities to plead with the public to exercise safe disposal practices as well as to impose heavy penalties to violators as failure to do so can be very detrimental to the population and the planet collectively.

Water, air and soil pollution all occur when they become contaminated with hazardous materials that impede natural renewal processes, harms wildlife and contributes to a possibility of a widespread, greenhouse, gas, effect. Pollution can occur in many forms however by practicing recycling, energy conservation and proper waste disposal pollution can be significantly controlled or even eliminated.

When water is contaminated with foreign substances, like chemicals, medical waste or fertilizers its chemical composition is altered making it harmful to use. By discarding these hazardous materials in toilets or drains it is highly likely that this can lead to the interference of waste treatment processes and cause effluents that run into the ocean to be polluted resulting in harm to marine life. So again proper disposal of waste and waste products should be strictly emphasized to ensure safety.

Soil contamination occurs if hazardous chemicals come into contact with the soil. These chemicals are later absorbed by plants which further transmit these substances to other organisms that utilize these products,some of which include humans. Industrial waste is a common pollutant of soil and comprises of chemicals and solid waste.

These pollutants that penetrate the soil chemically alter it so that it doesn’t support the growth of vegetation. The vegetation that does grow is often marred by the presence of destructive chemicals and is especially harmful when consumed by organisms. The effect of this practice is very dangerous and poses serious health risks to those use these contaminated products.

Air pollution is another very serious and dangerous form of pollution. This is mainly because the effects are widespread and can affect more than just a community but a whole population. Built up waste creates soot and smog in the atmosphere and results in poor air quality, reduced oxygen levels for plants and vegetation and increased rates in respiratory diseases.

In addition, the exposure of gases such as carbon monoxide and methane to the air contribute to the creation of the greenhouse gas effect which has a pretty negative impact of the earth. Here the natural blanket that protects the earth and filters safe warmth to its surface is obstructed by the accumulation of these gases. This accumulation makes it difficult for heat and light to reflect back into space and results in heating that is not suitable for many ecosystems.

So given all the negative effects that have been highlighted from the causes of pollution. Persons should be particularly careful to promote and exercise all the necessary practices to eliminate any form of pollution. This effort is expanding more and more to encourage young and old alike to take care of their environment for the benefit of the earth and all its inhabitants.Contact us at Junk King Marin and learn more on how you can contribute positively to the environment.

Tips For E-Waste Disposal!

One of the most common things that consumers can do is replace their old, outdated electronics. The question then becomes, where do all of these obsolete cell phones, computers and tablets finally end up? In light of the fact that about two-thirds of people in the U.S. have smartphones, and that they “upgrade” their smartphones with newer models about every 18 months, there’s a big push right now for safe e-waste disposal.

E-waste Disposal Tips Everyone Can Use 

Up to this point the emphasis has mainly been on personal consumer electronics. Obviously, though, businesses across the country are a huge contributor of electronic waste. What’s shocking is that so few recycle these products as they should.

  • Really Understand the Problem

The Environmental Protection Agency ran a study in 2009 that showed only a minority of businesses in the U.S. recycled their computers, printers and televisions once those products had reached the end-of-life management phase.

The reason that’s shocking is that e-waste itself constitutes a slim 2 percent of all waste at landfills, yet e-waste scores big when it comes to overall toxic waste at landfills.

By some estimates e-waste is responsible for almost three-fourths (70%) of electronic waste that now clogs up landfills. Up to 50 metric tons of potentially toxic e-waste is recycled or eliminated globally every single year. The arresting thing: Not all e-waste is actually waste…or should be wasted.

(Just over 10 percent (12.5%) of total e-waste is currently recycled responsibly.)

  • Recycle Your Old Electronics

It used to be that pioneers would refer to oil shooting up from the ground as “black gold.” As it turns out, that’s perhaps what your Blackberry might also be called since American smartphones that are unceremoniously retired every year contain, collectively, over $50 million in gold and silver.

Aside from the toxicity issues mentioned above, used electronics are typically better off recycled since the parts are valuable in themselves, sometimes both valuable and finite (e.g., gold and silver), and can be used in the service of creating tomorrow’s smartphones.

Major electronics manufacturers like Apple have recycling programs that allow you to print a prepaid mailing label online, mail in your old phone, and do the responsible thing. Two EPA-backed e-waste disposal and recycling resources to check out would also be e-Stewards and R2 (i.e., responsible recycling).

  • Consider Your Own Habits

The sustainability program at Harvard University took a long, hard look at ways people could go about lowering their lifetime e-waste and reducing their carbon footprint in the process. A few of the things that they came up with might surprise you.

The average American has about two dozen electronic devices, according to findings the EPA made back in 2009. A lot of those have been (or are) prime candidates for retirement. Should all of these devices really be put to pasture, though?

Maybe not. You can try upgrading the memory, hard drive or operating system of your current device, purchasing environmentally conscious devices and devices that serve multiple functions, and protect the devices you already have (e.g., with better cases and not overcharging the battery).

  • Donate Your Electronics to a Worthy Cause

E-waste disposal doesn’t have to be icky – there are charities out there right now that would be elated to get your no-longer-needed electronics. Never hesitate to contact Junk King Marin for eco-friendly waste disposal. Contact us for more information.

Garbage Disposal The Ecofriendly Way

In some cities, residential garbage, is typically collected from homes twice weekly to be disposed. However, the functional element of garbage disposal, not only relates to the gathering of solid waste and recyclable materials, but also the transport of these materials, after collection, to a specified location, where it is then discarded.

Homeowners must comply with regulations from the city and state, that require garbage to be sorted, bagged and placed in specified locations, on the outside of residences. Essentially, this is done, to encourage recycling and safe disposal of garbage, as well as to avoid, contamination, pollution or any major health issues, especially when dangerous and hazardous waste is involved.

Environmentally Friendly Garbage Disposal A Must !garbage disposal

Due to the varying products, components and hazardous materials, that exist within the composition of garbage, a specific and detailed system is carefully followed, to properly discard of garbage. This system along with regulations, ensures health and safety, for the general public and aids with protecting the environment and keeping it clean.

Nevertheless, they are some persons who refuse to adhere to  waste regulations, and carry out their garbage disposal in an, ill-advised and improper manner. This can lead to certain complications such as, health issues, water contamination and pollution. If caught, persons could actually face stiff penalties or heavy fines from the government or even possible jail time.

Therefore, in order to play our part in keeping the environment clean and ensuring the health and safety of others, persons are urged to dispose of garbage properly, by taking it to dumpsters marked for trash or by recycling products that can be reused.

A positive human impact on the environment occurs, when a person takes action to improve society, nature and its resources. If these positive actions, are consistently promoted and executed, even to the tiniest degree, they contribute to a tremendous change in the environment.

With that said, having a wholesome and positive impact on the environment can be achieved in many ways, some of which include recycling and reusing products, properly disposing of hazardous waste materials, using bio-degradable materials and environmentally friendly products.To make this a reality, the aim and idea is for each person to take responsibility and perform positive acts daily, that ultimately improve, enhance and protect the environment as a whole. Contact Junk King Marin for more information on how you can protect the environment and help preserve the earth for future generations.

We Do Apartment Estate Cleanouts

Apartment estate cleanouts can be required at anytime. A cleanout might be needed in circumstances that are beyond your control.  If you have a loved one that has either be related to  can be strenuous and tension when a relative or friend passes away.  When you have to handle the responsibility of organizing and discarding a loved one’s possession, it can be a demanding and compelling duty. That’s why we are here to furnish you with that extra hand.

Here’s What We Offer

You require a company that would ensure that they are prompt, tolerant and courteous while handling your loved one’s possessions with due care.  You will be able to relax know that your clean-out project will be dealt with a significant level of satisfaction.  Our skilled team of trash disposal specialists will see to it that your keepsakes are well preserved and the items that are verified by you will be discarded.  Each and every cupboard, closet, drawer, storage lockers, right down to vehicles will be dealt with by our staff to ensure that we meet all your cleanout requirements.

 Recycling and Donating

Our company offers 100% contentment guaranteed at cheap prices.  We will classify, recycle and donate as many possessions as we can and transports the items to the suitable vendor, charity or disposal institution.  No matter if it is an independent or multi-room apartment or condominium, we supply the most in-depth estate cleanout services to help take the stress off of your shoulders.  A well-arranged apartment  estate cleanout can make your life a lot simpler during one of life’s most complexing times.  So why not let us take care of your trash removal requirements with the understanding and sensitivity that you and your family deserve.

Home Selling – We Can help

People are hunting for homes to purchase while others are making their homes look smarter in order Home-Selling-We-Can-help-junk-king-marin-CAto effectively display them. How you present your home to potential home buyers is a part of your overall strategy. Having a home selling strategy will set you apart from the rest of the competition.

Any realtor will tell you that you can engage in home selling much easier and at a higher cost by “staging”. Staging is an activity where your home is neutralized so that future buyers can portray themselves living in the home.  Moreover, this would give access to spaces that offer the feeling of bigger rooms and more space.


One of the first bit of information a Realtor will offer is to “declutter”.  All this means is that personalized items such as photographs and memorabilia are stored away, extraneous items such a knickknacks and  compact kitchen appliances are set aside.  Any extra, shattered or unusable items should be discarded.  It’s at this stage that we can be of assistance to you.  Home relocation can be a big task. So while you’re boxing up, utilize your time to sort the items into what you need, want or will be using.  Once your “no longer needed pile” is created then call us and we’ll come and get rid of it for you.

Clean Up

While staging, the home’s outside is just as important.  Remove all the ruins created in winter such as fragmented limbs, twigs, exterior furniture or toys that have been destroyed during the winter storms.

Clear Out

You’ll be in disbelief by the amount of the boxes in your attic or basement.  Instead of paying for storage, or moving unwanted items it would be better to clear them out.  We can reuse the metal and discard the other items for you.  If it’s still resourceful, don’t throw it away, contact us.  By developing uncluttered, well-ventilated, open spaces that can display your home at its whip, you’ll be able to sell your home much quicker.