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Use a Professional Furniture Removal Company Instead of Heavy Lifting

Getting rid of old furniture? Furniture removal is within the wheelhouse of full-service and eco-friendly junk removal companies. Take some of the weight off your shoulders and get in contact today.

Reasons to Get Professional Furniture Removal Help 

It’s pretty uncommon that people actively want to do heavy lifting, unless we’re talking about football players getting into playing shape.

Mostly people worry about the additional expense and hassle of delegating out the lifting to a professional junk removal company, which kicks off our first reason:

  • Affordability

Junk removal companies usually price according to the quantity of junk that you need removed from your property.

For most homeowners this means that they can have all of their excess furniture removed in just one junk removal truck, which ensures savings.

If you’re not sure all of your excess furniture can be taken away in one truck, then you can always get a free estimate without any purchasing obligations stapled to it. An upfront price guarantee locks in quoted rates and guarantees the lowest possible price.

  • Safety

Junk removal, especially furniture removal, can be dangerous work as it entails lugging around potentially hundreds of pounds of cumbersome desks, bureaus and couches. Delegating the work out to a full-service junk removal company gives you an added sense of safety and peace of mind.

Too often moving or furniture removal is associated with frayed nerves and a just-get-it-done attitude that’s anything but safe. By going with a professional, you free up your hands for more important things and can rest assured that your home will be respected.

A professional junk removal service hires qualified, insured personnel who have hundreds of furniture removal jobs under their belt. This greatly decreases the chances of a mishap, and brings up to our next point…

  • Experienced

Knowing what can (and can’t) be recycled or the best place to take your old furniture can be overwhelming. Professional junk removers already have the answers since they’ve been there before.

Whether you’re staring wide-eyed at a skein of cables in your dining room or a formidable mass of junk in you garage, you know how frustrating it is knowing that something needs to be done but not having the resources to efficiently complete the job.

Professionals have seen a similar job in the past and are ready to get down to work…on your schedule.

  • Full-service

While a junk removal company is removing furniture from your home, you could also have old appliances and yard waste taken off your hands. Whatever will fit in the truck can be hauled off of your property for a low, flat rate.

Up to this point we’ve mainly been talking about homeowners, but property managers and other business owners can benefit as well.

If you need regular garbage removal, cleanouts following a business takeover or building foreclosure, or even hundreds of defunct computers and other e-waste taken off the premises, a full-service junk removal service is your best bet for crossing items off your to-do list.

  • Ease

Professional junk removers have a narrow work window in which they’ll come to your residence or place and business and immediately get down to work.

You can often get online discounts, free on-site estimates and lock in a great price for your next junk removal project. Contact Junk King-Marin for prompt, efficient service and your free estimate today.