Monterey Hot Tub Disposal

If there is one thing that Monterey residents enjoy it is spending time outside. Fortunately there are many community organizations that are happy to create fun activities throughout the year. These activities cover all the bases from intense physical exertion to mellow Zen like relaxation. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with engaging in both ends of that spectrum!

On the physical exertion side, you could sign up for the reservoir triathlon which begins with a 1.5 km swim followed by a 40 km rolling bike course and then a flat-out 10 km running race. This is a serious competition that you’ll need to do some serious training for. A more mellow time that is perfect for the whole family is a walk through history at the Maritime Museum of Monterey. Here local historian and storyteller Captain Randy offers guided walk-throughs of all the museums artifacts. For a more cerebral event you might sign up for the full Moon vision quest held at the Henry Coe State Park. The goal with this activity is to find inner peace by marveling at the beauty of a Monterey night.

Even with a long list of great outdoor activities to be found around Monterey, nothing can really beat the simple pleasures of relaxing in your own backyard. That relaxation can be enhanced by slipping into the soothing waters of an outdoor hot tub. The hot tub experience is a lot like eating a delicious piece of chocolate; you can’t have just one. Most folks who have a hot tub fall into a routine of taking a quick soak after a hard day’s work or just before bedtime. Either way they are guaranteed to be immersed with a total sensation of bliss.

As you look out across your own backyard there might be an old hot tub that has been there for years left over from the previous owner. Or it could be a hot tub that you installed that has now simply worn out. If that’s the case, then clearly you need to get rid of that old hot tub and make way for a new one. Disposing of a hot tub shouldn’t be a complicated process especially when you can call upon the services of some professional junk haulers who are well versed in this type of procedure.

If you were trying to do this type of job by yourself you might find that you’ve gotten in over your head. That’s because there are many bulky parts to a hot tub that have to be properly dismantled and disposed of. Even if you could break down all those parts do you have a car or SUV big enough to haul them away? Suppose you do; would you know where to take all that junk?

None of this has to be a hassle when you bring in a professional team of junk haulers like Junk King Monterey. They’ll be able to break down a hot tub in no time and they know exactly where to cart the pieces off to. What you’ll be left with is a clean space for your new hot tub. Make the switch today and you could be relaxing in no time!