New Year’s Resolution 2013 Junk King Monterey California

If you want proof of the power of the New Year’s resolution check out your neighborhood gym. You’ll find that memberships have spiked as they always do in January and February. Everyone makes a resolution to lose weight and get into shape. Check back in June and see how many folks are still at it! A New Year’s resolution doesn’t just have to be about personal physical improvement. You could also make a resolution about your living environment. A terrific resolution would be to finally clear out all that clutter.

Whether it’s in a spare room, closet, garage or attic you’ve probably done a good job of collecting mountains of useless things. Sure these items have a purpose at one time otherwise you never would have brought them into your home. But know they’re just in the way. To honor this clutter free resolution you should conduct a room-by-room survey. Take along a roll of stickers or stack of Post-It notes. Every item you see that you want to get rid of, slap a sticker on it. If you’re sharing the house with family or roommates give them a chance to “dispute” the sticker because you don’t want to get caught in a situation where you’re throwing out something you shouldn’t.

You might find a lot of “loose” items that you want to keep such as DVDs, CDs or video games. If so find a storage bin for them. Either on a shelf or in a decorative basket. If you have items on kitchen counters or tables that aren’t being used get rid of them. The idea is to contain your loose items and not have them scattered all over the house. That’s what creates clutter.

Naturally, you don’t want to just sweep everything into a closet, cabinet or drawer. Really think about getting rid of the useless stuff. All the busted sporting equipment, appliances you’ve replaced or outdated computers should be gotten rid of. You want to make room for the important items.

If this seems like a resolution that is too overwhelming it doesn’t have to be that way. Junk King Monterey can be your resolution partner by providing the manpower and truck space to take away just about anything you want to get rid of in your home or yard. Junk King has already taken away such diverse items as pool tables, pianos, hot tubs, fenders and complete rooms full of rain soaked furniture. Working with Junk King Monterey will have you honoring your clutter free resolution in less time than it would take for a strenuous workout. You can’t beat that!