Santa Cruz Appliance Recyclers

This is the season to spend time with family and friends and spread a little holiday cheer. It’s also the time of the year to treat yourself. With all the gift giving, there is nothing wrong with a self-gift. It would be something small like a sweater or something big like a new refrigerator. Actually, switching out kitchen appliances is a gift the whole family will enjoy. They won’t have to struggle with getting something to work right like a washer or dryer. Plus, if you’ve got a lot of holiday cooking on the schedule, it might be time to replace that old stove. With all the excitement of finding a bargain on a new appliance, you might over look the need to have those old appliances removed. That is where Junk King can be a big help. They are the Santa Cruz appliance recyclers you can count on!


Technically, Junk King doesn’t handle the actual recycling. That requires carefully dismantling the appliance and separating all the components. Those components then might be shipped off to other centers. One for plastic. One for metal. One for electronics. What Junk King can do is make sure your appliance ends up at the right facility for the start of that recycling project. Another way they help as appliance recyclers is through charity donations. There are several organizations in the Santa Cruz area that will repair and refurbish and old appliance so it can go to a family in need. Anything that keeps those items out of local landfills is a good thing!

You might discover that your appliance dealer offers removal of the old appliance. What they won’t do is take away the rest of your unwanted clutter on that same trip. Junk King will be happy to load up your appliances, furniture, clothing, mattresses and other rubbish that you want to toss out. Imagine the difference it will make around your home when all that junk is taken away. You might be able to reclaim a spare room and turn it into a guest bedroom. That’s perfect for the holidays! It would also be nice to finally get to park in your garage, too! When you need dependable appliance recyclers and junk haulers, then Junk King is the best deal in Santa Cruz.