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A Great Father’s Day Gift Junk Removal For His Monterey Home

Your best memories with your dad probably involve those special times you share together outside of the house. Sure, there are plenty of wonderful holidays and family dinners that make their mark. But it’s those trips to the beach for a little ball play or a vacation with the whole family that means so much. Even something as simple as going shopping with the old man can turn into a great teaching lesson. Of course, if dad is weary from the workweek and loaded down with chores for the weekend, he’s not going to have a lot of time for fun. That’s why it’s important to give him a break every now and then. Father’s Day is the one day a year that dad should be given the day off. However, you can extend that tribute when you give dad the gift of time in the form of a junk removal appointment from Junk King.


Hauling junk from your home is the kind of DIY project that can take hours. Between truck rentals, loading, driving to a dump and returning the rental an entire Saturday can be sacrificed for a clean garage. The result is worth the effort but wouldn’t it be nice if dad didn’t have to make that effort? He won’t when you put Junk King on the job.

Junk King is the professional junk hauling service that is part of a national chain. The Monterey branch is the latest service to open for business. Because they are part of a national chain, they have to adhere to high standards with regard to customer excellence. That includes having each crewmember fully insured and bonded. Those are the kind of workers dad can appreciate.

When the Junk King crew shows up for your junk removal appointment, they’ll be doing all the work. Dad won’t have to lift a finger. All he has to do is tell the crew what need to go and they’ll make sure it is gone. Of course, if you want to surprise your dad with a clean garage, then you can be the crew supervisor. Either way, you’ll end up with a home that is free of clutter. That also includes your front and backyard. With Junk King handling your junk removal, you can bet your home will become 100% clutter free in no time!