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Improve Your Monterey Neighborhood Curb Appeal

Want to provide an instant boost to your curb appeal? Most home improvement stores have a gardening section with pre-arranged flowers blossoming in a small planter. All you have to do is place the planters around your front yard and keep the water. Voila! Instant improved curb appeal. Of course, if those fresh flowers are surrounded by a lot of clutter, then you aren’t doing yourself any favor by holding onto that junk. Instead, one call to Junk King can make it all disappear.


Living in Monterey presents unique challenges for any item that is placed outdoors. The salt air can seep in and cause things to rapidly age. This is why you need to stay on top of things like patio or porch furniture and make sure they are properly sealed. If that hasn’t happened and these pieces are falling apart, then you’re better off turning them over to the Junk King crew. Once those eyesores are gone, your yard is going to look a whole lot better.

The Junk King crew assigned to your removal session can also help taking away things like fallen palm fronds, dried up bushes and all kinds of masonry materials like bricks, pavers and concrete. That would be a lot of work for you to take on. Thankfully, Junk King isn’t going to let you lift a single object. Instead, the capable crew will provide all the manpower needed to get the job done.

Along with clearing up the front yard, Junk King can also do amazing things out back. This is where you might need help dismantling things like an abandoned swing set or sandbox. Even a hot tub that has seen better days can be taken apart and carted off by Junk King. Once all that stuff is removed, you’ll have a better appreciation of what you can bring in to brighten up the area. Consider this a blank canvas brought to you by Junk King.

Of course, the debris removal work provided by Junk King doesn’t have to stop at your yard. They can also remove all the clutter from the inside of your home as well. This will really make your spring-cleaning matter as you can finally clear out your closets and garage of all that unwanted stuff. Improving your curb appeal is a breeze when you’ve got Junk King on your side.