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Monterey Summer Decluttering Tips

The rodeo is rolling back in town this summer. The California rodeo that will be setting up at the Salinas Sports Complex in July is the largest rodeo in the state and one of the top 20 in the entire country. If you’ve never been to a rodeo or are a diehard fan, then you won’t want to miss this year’s events. Truth be told, there are plenty of things to do around Monterey this summer. Even with all the options taking place around the area and along the beaches, nothing beats kicking back on your patio with a glass of local wine. To truly embrace that relaxing atmosphere or to enjoy the outside events, you’ll want to first take care of the home chores. That’s where a company like Junk King can be a huge help.


In case you missed tackling your spring cleaning decluttering, now you can schedule a junk removal appointment with Junk King that will have all your rubbish hauled off in a single trip. Junk King really doesn’t care what you want to throw away. They’re going to provide you with the same two-man moving crew and truck whether you’re just tossing out an old sofa or engaging in a complete “hoarder” cleanout. You’ll still be provided with excellent customer service.

That service starts with scheduling your appointment. Because it’s summer, you might be juggling more schedules with the kids being off from school. Junk King makes your time a priority. That’s why they’ll provide you with a two-hour window for your service call. You can still take care of plenty of things around the home while waiting for the Junk King crew but you won’t be waiting all day like you would with the phone or cable company. As the Junk King crew gets closer to your appointment, they’ll give you a heads up call.

You don’t have to organize your junk or bring it out to the curb. The Junk King crew will pick up everything you’re tossing out from the spot it is in right now. That is a big help when it comes to removing the bigger items like furniture or appliances. Since Junk King provides a big truck for your stuff, there will be no limit to what you can throw out. This means that decluttering your home is as easy as pointing to what you want taken away. Leave your mess for Junk King to pickup!