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Groundhog Day – Don’t Let Your Monterey Clutter Play on Repeat

The Billy Murray comedy, “Groundhog Day” is one of those movies you can watch over and over. It’s kind of like the story itself. Bill has to relive a day until he gets it right. You can rewatch the movie and find something new and funny every time. Watching favorite movies again is a good thing to repeat. Bad habits like cluttering up your home is not something you should repeat. If it has been awhile since you did a good cleaning, then perhaps you can be inspired by “Groundhog Day” the movie, the pause the “repeat” button and get you home decluttered. You won’t have to do it alone when Junk King is just a phone call away.


Junk King Monterey is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who all proudly carry the Junk King name. That brand has become an industry leader for this type of service work. Every city where Junk King has opened a franchise has made it the leading junk hauler for that area and Monterey is no exception. Although you might find plenty of folks offering junk hauling services, you would be hard pressed to find an operation like Junk King.

All of the Junk King workers are licensed, bonded and insured. That sets them apart from the pact right away. Then there is the issue of customer service. Junk King wants you to be completely satisfied and that starts with scheduling your appointment for a time that works for you.

Junk King is also going to make sure you don’t lift a finger to clear your home of any unwanted stuff. The two-man crew assigned to your cleanup will be perfectly capable of hauling away whatever you want gone. That includes any work needed for taking apart something to make sure it can leave your home!

A big plus for Junk King is their eco-friendly disposal policy. From the start, Junk King has kept the vast majority of what they collect out of local landfills. This means making drop offs at nearby charities or recycling centers. Sounds like extra work but its work that Junk King is happy to take on. Best of all, you won’t be paying any extra for that service. Why not use this Groundhog Day to kick off your spring cleaning with help from Junk King?