Make It A Special Father’s Day With Help From Junk King

Your age is the equivalent of how many Father’s Day celebrations your dad has enjoyed. Of course, if you have older siblings, then he has experienced even more Father’s Day celebrations. Over the years, you have probably given him a wide assortment of gifts. Some were handcrafted while others were bought at the local sporting goods or hardware store. This is the day where dad gets an official break from all the work around the house. Of course, the very next weekend dad would always be back at work making repairs and taking care of business. Perhaps this year you can extend his Father’s Day “break” by setting up a junk removal session with Junk King Phoenix. This will help your dad get rid of all the rubbish around his property without him exerting any effort at all.

Lifting and Loading

No matter what kind of shape your dad is in he still can’t lift and load an old sofa or washing machine onto a truck by himself. That is definitely a two-man operation. Junk King will provide that two-man crew so that your dad doesn’t have to do any of the lifting and loading. All he has to do is supervise, which we all know dad can do! Before the crew shows up you and your dad just have to decide on all the items that you want removed from the house. You are not limited by weight or size. You also aren’t limited by location. The Junk King crew will just as easily go upstairs and bring down furniture as they will load things in from the garage. It’s all very fast and very efficient which is exactly how junk removal should work.

Avoiding the Landfill

Like most dads, your father probably doesn’t like to waste things. That might actually be the reason why he’s held onto those unwanted objects for so long. Thanks to Junk King, those items won’t be going to waste. If they can still be put to use, then the team from Junk King will do their best to have those items dropped off at a local charity. It is all part of their junk removal service.

For Father’s Day this year give your dad a genuine break from his chores by hiring Junk King Phoenix to haul away junk and rubbish. It’s the perfect gift!