Petaluma Junk Pickup

On the popular television series, CSI, we’re told that to solve a crime you have to follow the evidence if that evidence is garbage. That’s exactly what the Petaluma Police Department done in a stepped up effort to curb illegal dumping at area parks. During a recent patrol, officers found a couch and bags of trash dumped at Prince Park. A public works crew was called in to remove the rubbish but before that happened, the officers dug through the trash to discover mail belonging to the alleged perpetrator. Not only was there general mail for this suspect, but also notice of a warrant for his arrest. As it turns out, it was the son who did the illegal dumping while dad was already cooling his heels in lockup. Junior spent the day cleaning up the park, which overall helps out with the city of┬áPetaluma Junk Pickup needs.

Abandoned sofa.

Abandoned sofa.

This is a prime example of how illegal dumping can come back to haunt you. Is it really worth the effort? Do you really want to dirty up Petaluma? Obviously, there are some careless folks who do. For the rest of us, there are professional services like Junk King that can take care of all kinds of junk removal.

Hiring Junk King Sonoma means you’re hiring a two-man crew who is extremely capable of carting away all kinds of junk. So far, they’ve helped local residents remove old hot tubs, sofas, swing sets, sheds, car parts, boats, pianos and all manner of rubbish. With the Junk King crew on site, you’ll be to have your garage, attic and/or closet swept of clutter in no time. Don’t bother moving any heavy object. That’s what the JK crew is for. Just point to what you want removed and they’ll handle the rest.

When the Junk King crew is finished making a tour of your home, you can set them loose in your backyard. Just because they are called Junk King doesn’t meant they can’t remove dirt, sod, concrete, stones, brush, shrubs, planters, tree limbs or any other yard waste. Everything can go.

Before the work begins, you’ll be presented with an estimate for the service. This will be based on how much space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. After agreeing to that flat fee, the workers will do their thing. Before you can say, “You’re the best, Junk King” everything will be loaded up. Bottom line: When you’ve got junk to get rid of, Junk King is the only call you should make.