Fast And Affordable Junk Removal In Bexley

Recently, ODOT hosted a Central Ohio Litter Summit with community leaders to address the growing problem of trash along Ohio’s highways. You’ve probably noticed a lot of trash out on the roads. It is a problem that ODOT says is out of control. “It keeps coming back. It’s back the next week as soon as we pick it up,” ODOT rep Joel Hunt told a local news station.


Where is the trash coming from? Sadly, a lot of sources. Specifically, people driving with uncovered loads, people not using garbage bags in their cans and drivers simply throwing trash out the window. Sherri Palmer, who works with Keep Columbus Beautiful says, “We can’t keep up. We can’t continue to pay people to clean up. Everyone has to take responsibility.”

This is not just a problem of how it looks but also of what it costs. According to ODOT, they spend up to $4 million a year picking up trash. That is $4 million that could have gone for more snow plows or paving roads in Bexley. In addition to those costs, the trash is also clogging drains. That in turn can lead to unnecessary flooding. What kind of impression does all that garbage make on visitors? You can only imagine that anyone coming to Bexley or Columbus and seeing that trash aren’t going to want to invest here.

ODOT is putting together a list of trash hot spots. Once targeted, those areas can be bolstered with more garbage cans and focused cleaning. The common wisdom is that if an area looks clean, people are less likely to litter there.

How can you help? Don’t abandon any furniture or appliance on the curb. The hope is someone will happen along to pick it up but that rarely happens and it causes further work for the city. Instead, bring in Junk King Columbus. They’ll be able to haul away any amount of rubbish you want to get rid of regardless of size or weight. Even if all your rubbish is out of sight in a garage or basement, you should still consider getting rid of it the right way. The best approach to any kid of junk removal in Bexley is to put Junk King Columbus on the task.