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Keep Your Back Alley Clear Of Junk

The back of a business is where deliveries are typically made. Depending on the business, there could be an entire receiving operation set up in the back of the store where the tractor-trailers backup and offload. The back of the business is also where the trash is collected from. The hope is that all the trash generated by the business during the week can fit into a dumpster. Unfortunately, with excess deliveries also comes access debris. The good news is that having those extra deliveries means the business is flourishing because you’re selling more inventory. The other good news is that you can keep your back alley clear junk with a little help from Junk King Columbus.

Managing the Overflow

It is a safe bet that the company who picks up your dumpster trash is a lot like the same municipal workers who pick up your trash cans from home. They want all of that trash contained in the bin. Anything outside the bin is something they won’t deal with. That means you need to be proactive with keeping the back of your business clean. Junk King can provide a team of workers in big truck that will facilitate that cleanup. It doesn’t matter to Junk King how much you want to get rid of. It could be just a dozen wooden pallets or a huge pile of cardboard boxes. There only focus is to get all of that stuff packed onto the truck in as little space as possible. That is how your fee will be determined. It all comes down the volume and not the weight for Junk King.

It might help to manage the overflow of this type of debris by setting up regular appointments with Junk King. You can lockdown a specific time each week that you would like crew from Junk King to show up at your business for the cleanup. It might work best to have them come by the day after the big delivery. Whatever you set up you can rely on Junk King to operate swiftly and efficiently with their task.

Keeping your back alley clear of junk and debris won’t be a challenge any longer thanks to help offered by Junk King Columbus. Hire them for a clean-up session today.

Let Summer Begin Without Any Rubbish In The House

At the beginning of June, the weather definitely starts turning warmer. Schools let out and kids start filling up backyards with a lot of playtime. On the weekends, the barbecue grills are working overtime. It definitely feels like summer. The truth is that the official start of summer isn’t until June 21st. Of course, by then your summer fun is probably well underway. To make sure that you have a safe and entertaining summer you should bring in the team from Junk King Columbus. They might not help you grill steaks but they can certainly help get rid of all the rubbish around the house. That is certainly worth a phone call!

Take a Tour

To decide what you want to get rid of you need to take a tour of your home. This has to include all the closets and spare rooms. You’ll also want to go up into the attic, down into the basement, and out into the garage. These are all the areas where you are probably keeping those things that you can get rid of. The moment something has been designated as “useless” it actually becomes rubbish. At least as far as you are concerned! All that rubbish can be picked up by the Junk King team that will be dispatched to your property on the scheduled appointment that. Knowing that you have a crew that will be doing all the lifting and loading should free you up to put all the stuff you want to get rid of on your list regardless of size or weight. That could be a lot of stuff or just a few big items. Either way it will make a big difference around the house.

Yard Clearing

When the team from Junk King is done getting rid of all the items from the inside of your home, they can turn their attention to the outside. The summer is when the family spends more time outside during the day and into the night. You want to make sure that anything that could be a potential hazard is taken away. That can include structures that are weather worn and falling down like an old wooden shed or a swing set that the kids have outgrown. Once that yard clearing is complete you can plan out ways to revitalize your backyard and make it a true oasis.

Let your summer began without any rubbish in the house or the yard. Junk King Columbus will be happy to help make that happen.

This Father’s Day Give Dad The Gift Of Junk Removal

Growing up, you probably made a lot of awesome gifts for your dad for Father’s Day. The same can probably be said about Mother’s Day, too. Those clay key holders and special paintings were always the best gifts. As you grew up, the Father’s Day gifts started to become more practical the line of power tools or power ties. Today, the best gift you could give your dad is to spend time with him on Father’s Day. You can also ease some of his chore list by setting up a junk removal session with Junk King Columbus. That makes a great Father’s Day gift, too!

Easy Removal

Junk King is all about helping homeowners get rid of unwanted rubbish the easy way. That means zero work for you. The most effort you might exert would be looking through some boxes or the closet to decide what you can throw out. You don’t need to gather those things into a pile by the front door or out on the driveway. Just make note of where they are and what you want to give to the Junk King crew. They’ll pick everything up right on the spot and carry it out the front door regardless of weight or size. What could be easier than that?

No Landfill

With Junk King doing the rubbish removal, you won’t have to imagine what you’re getting rid of ending up in a landfill. The bulk of what Junk King collects is often donated to a charity or dropped off at a recycling center. Junk King has been operating with this responsible disposal policy ever since they began collecting junk over fourteen years ago. That has resulted in tons of items being divert away from dumps. That is vitally important if you’re getting rid of any e-waste items like old televisions or computers.

A junk removal session with Junk King Columbus will make this Father’s Day a great gift. Set up that appointment today.

More Reviews Get Posted For Junk King Columbus

“The guys were on time and very professional. It was a great experience and I will definitely use this company again.” – Sandra E.

That is just one of the many reviews that have been recently posted by satisfied Junk King Columbus customers. Junk King Columbus as part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who been in this line of work since 2005. In that time, they have perfected this type of service and perform it with exceptional skill and efficiency. The proof of that can be found in these positive customer reviews:

“The scheduler was very pleasant and answered all of my questions. I was notified about the expected arrival. The men were courteous and respectful. They were careful not to damage furniture or anything when moving junk out. They followed directions as to what was to be taken and what was to be left. They remained nice and uncomplaining even though working in unpleasant conditions. They cleaned up the mess well. Their kindness to me was a real blessing. Thank you.” – Bev S.

The crews working with Junk King have all been licensed and insured. More importantly, they will treat your property with respect. Their experience helps them maneuver heavy objects down narrow hallways and flights of stairs. But it also means that they will avoid scratching up your floors and banging into walls. That is the only way they can make a first-time customer into a loyal customer.

“Easy to schedule. I called and the guy on the phone was really nice and super-fast. Called to tell me they could come by earlier than scheduled. Came early, which was nice, and it totally worked for us. Staff made their estimate pretty quickly after taking a look around. Took the time to clean up bits and pieces at the end. Friendly crew. 10/10 would hire again. They we’re quick and pleasant.” – Aya R.

Junk King has a pricing policy that is based on how the truck will be pack up with all your stuff. The crew would need to see everything before they can give you that estimate but it is a price that is competitive and much more affordable than if you were to do this on your own. Put Junk King Columbus to work today for your junk removal task. You’ll be glad you did.

Start Your Backyard Makeover With A Junk King Session

Planting season has begun in backyards all across Columbus. This spring you might be planting new flowers or vegetables in your own backyard for the first time. Or you could be returning to a garden that has been “asleep” for the winter. When gardens start blooming, a backyard can become a wonderful oasis to relax and entertain. But there might be more worked needed beyond the gardening. If you want to give your yard a serious makeover, then you’ll want to start with a call to Junk King Columbus. Junk King might not be able to help with planting or rebuilding a wood deck but they can certainly be a major help when it comes to clearing out debris. That is how every good home makeover project starts.

Big and Small

Hiring Junk King to help clear out the debris from your backyard means you can get rid of rubbish both big and small. It is the same concept you would apply to hiring Junk King to help you get the inside of your home clear of clutter. Junk King is going to send over a team of movers who will do all the work. They can cart off rubbish from your backyard shed, a broken patio chaise, a worn out hammock and a rusty lawnmower. Those would be little things but things that still need a truck to haul away. On the bigger side, the Junk King crew can remove any demolition from tear down of a porch or deck. They can also removed chunks of concrete, bricks, pavers or other stones that you might removed from a patio. Imagine if you have to carry out all of those things. Could your back survive? You won’t have to worry about it when you’ve got the Junk King squad on the job.

Filling Up the Truck

All the items that Junk King will fill up on the truck will determine how much you’ll be paying. It won’t be the weight but the space and how much is used by your stuff. The Junk King scale is based off of filling a third, half, quarter or the whole truck. Before anything gets loaded, you’ll know what that price is and it will be a price that is very fair and affordable.

Get ready for your backyard makeover with debris clearing help from Junk King Columbus. Set up your session today.

Get Rid Of The Junk Before The Open House

An open house is a big part of the home selling process. This is where potential buyers will literally stroll through every room in your house to see if it would be a good “fit” for their family. They might open closets, go up to the attic and definitely check out the garage. Those are all areas where you might have some junk in storage. That would be all the things you’d like to get rid of but couldn’t throw out in the trash. Before potential buyers show up for the open house, you’ll want to bring in the junk hauling pros from Junk King Columbus to get the home ready.

No More Clutter

Any time a prospective buyer attends an open house, they’ll be visualizing how all of their furniture will fit in the house. They might even bring along a tape measure to see if things will fit. They will also be concerned about storage space. Any clutter that you have will get in the way of that visualization. You wouldn’t feel comfortable going to someone’s home for a dinner party with a dining room table covered in laundry and junk mail. That’s how you have to approach your open house prep; as if you’re having a party for some very influential guests

The Junk King Way

Junk King is going to provide you with a pair of strong movers and a huge truck. Those movers will be able to lift and load just about anything that you want to get rid of. If something is exceptionally bulky or heavy, then the team from Junk King might just take the thing apart before they maneuver it out of the door. They have the tools and the knowhow to dismantle all kinds of items from an entertainment center to a backyard swing set.

As for the truck, it will be big enough to hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks full of rubbish. That translates into a lot of room for all of the things that you want to get rid of. There won’t be anything in your home that can’t fit onto the Junk King truck!

To make your home ready for an open house, you’ll want to get Junk King over to clear out the junk first. Set up that session today.

Get Quick Office Furniture Removal From Junk King

In order for a business to be successful they have to operate with a certain amount of speed. This doesn’t mean rushing through projects just to make it that. Instead, it means responding quickly to customer needs and market trends. A company who earns a reputation of being late with deliveries probably won’t earn a lot of reorders. By that same token, company should also expect that any vendors they hire operate with the same level of speed and efficiency. When it comes to getting office furniture removed and other excess clutter hauled away from the workspace, you can always count on Junk King Columbus to get the job done in a very timely manner.

Next Day

When you set up an appointment with Junk King, you’ll be asked to pick a day that works best for your calendar. Within that day, Junk King will ask if you can set aside two hours to be at the property in order to wait to supervise the junk removal team. Which day that appointment is on depends a lot on your own schedule. If you are flexible, then Junk King might suggest for filling the appointment the following day.

Most of their sessions are completed the next day from the first call. You could also benefit from a same day pickup. Of course, you have to factor in whether or not this will be a disruption to your business. Just know that when Junk King is on the job they get in and get out very quickly. Most people only notice they’ve been there after all the junk is gone!

Affordable Fees

Junking also offers an affordable fee price scale. This is based on how the truck will get packed up with all your stuff. It may not take a lot of room for some office chairs, a desk and a few pieces of old equipment. That could fit into just half of the Junk King truck. That means you’ll be paying the lower end of the price scale. Every job is different but every approach to the job is the same. The Junk King crews know exactly how to pack up the trucks in a very efficient manner. That’ll be great your bottom line.

When you need fast and affordable office furniture removal, then you need to hire Junk King Columbus. They’re standing by to help.

Get Help For Warehouse Rubbish Overflow

A warehouse generates trash and debris every day. Usually that is manageable. It means that the warehouse staff needs to dedicate a little bit of time at the end of their shift to get work areas clean. There should also be a dumpster to contain all the trash that is generated on a consistent basis. However, sometimes a busy warehouse can find itself overrun with trash and rubbish. When that happens, the whole operation can come to a screeching halt. Before it gets that bad, you will want to bring in outside help from Junk King Columbus.

Hard-Working Team

Every Junk King removal session is staffed by a hard-working team. This is a pair of movers who have been licensed and insured. They also have a positive attitude when it comes to lifting heavy objects. You might hear a few “grunts and groans” but there won’t ever be any complaints. Junk King appreciates the chance to help you clear out your warehouse of all the unwanted inventory, cardboard, office equipment, and furniture. That can certainly fill up a truck load! That is also what Junk King will be providing: a big truck capable of holding anything you want to get rid of.

Fair Pricing

Cost is always a factor when hiring an outside vendor. You’ll find the Junk King’s pricing policy is very fair for this type of service. It is a flat rate that’s based on how the truck packed up. Junk King never weighs the rubbish they are tossing out. That simply wouldn’t be practical. Instead the train crews know exactly how to pack up the trucks using the least amount of space as possible. That will reflect on the price scale by offering you the low end of the rates. That flat rate also includes all the labor costs even if you need to bring in extra team members to get the warehouse cleaned out.

Booking is Easy

Book an appointment with Junk King is easy. You can set that up online or over the phone. You’ll be asked how big the junk removal job is. You don’t have to provide an itemized list of what you getting rid of. They just want to make sure you have enough movers. Once the appointment is scheduled you can count on prompt service.

The best approach for dealing with your warehouse rubbish overflow is to give the job to Junk King Columbus. Book a session today.

Kickoff Your Spring Cleaning With Junk Hauling

How you celebrate the first day of spring? That officially happens on March 20 this year. Hopefully, the last remnants of snow will be gone and the temperature will start rising. This is traditionally the time of year when many folks decide to do a thorough cleaning in their homes. It’s not just about getting ready for the next holiday but instead about clearing out all the dust, grime and dirt that might have piled up over the winter. It always seems that the best cleaning happens when the windows are open! This year, you might want to kick off your spring cleaning with a junk hauling session from Junk King Columbus. That can make a great difference around your home when it comes to getting everything cleaned.

Just like you wouldn’t want to move with rubbish that throwing out, you probably don’t want to invest any time or energy into cleaning something that you’re going to be getting rid of. Do you need to bring in professional upholstery cleaners to work on a couch that you no longer want? Are you going to be replacing rugs or drapes? Why clean out everything in the refrigerator if you’re going to upgrade to the new model? Before any of those big changes can happen, you need to get rid of those bulky items. That’s where Junk King can be a huge help.

Junk King is going to send over two movers and a big truck. That’s exactly what you need to get any unwanted item, big or small, removed from your home. The Junk King workers like to move fast but they also move responsibly. They have a lot of experience with heavy objects. They know what it takes to remove something without scratching up floors and walls. That includes going up and down staircases. Just think of all the things you could get rid of from down the basement or up in the attic.

To make your spring cleaning count this year, bring in Junk King Columbus for a thorough junk hauling session. Your home will look great!

The Right Junk Hauler For All Your Rubbish Removal

There is always a great sense of release when you find a service industry company that you can trust. That applies for mechanics, handymen, electricians and even junk haulers. Yes, finding the right junk hauler for your rubbish is crucial to make sure that the job gets done in an efficient and affordable way. Here in Columbus, the right junk hauler for that task is Junk King Columbus.

Junk King doesn’t want to leave any piece of rubbish behind. Only you can make the determination as to what you consider to be rubbish. There are probably a few obvious choices scattered throughout your house. There might be an old sofa down the basement or a mattress up in the attic that need to be cleared out. How long of you been holding onto things like that? The Junk King crew who will be assigned to your rubbish removal task won’t have any issues with climbing stairs. There also quite adept at lifting and loading heavy objects. The goal is to make sure none of your other property is damage. They’ve got a great track record with that goal!

Everything that you turn over to Junk King is going to be tightly packed onto the truck. How tight it is packed will determine how much you will be charged for the job. This will be an estimate that will be presented to you before the work begins. The Junk King crews have a lot of experience in sizing of all types of rubbish and will know instantly how it will fit onto the truck. Does that mean they always get it right? If for some reason your stuff takes up more space than the estimated, then you will still be paying that original price. Junk King is always fair!

Also included in that fee is Junk King’s disposal services. You may consider something that your tossing out the rubbish but it might be able to be used in another capacity. Junk King drops off most of the stuff they collect at charities or recycling centers. That way nothing has to become trash if it can be repurposed. The right junk hauler for all your rubbish removal needs is Junk King Columbus. Put them on the task today.