Taking Care Of Old Bike Disposal And Junk Hauling

Before they took to the skies in the first flight, Orville and Wilbur Wright operated a bike repair shop in Dayton, Ohio. In fact, that bike shop was where they built the Wright Flyer. What kind of tinkering do you do out in your garage? You might not be building an airplane but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a lot of projects done. It helps to have room to work. Are there things in your garage that would be better off out of your garage? Something like an old bike or discarded auto parts might not be able to be tossed in the trash but they can certainly be hauled away with one call to Junk King Columbus.


Getting rid of an old bike doesn’t mean you’ve give up on biking. It could be that the bike has been sitting around too long and gotten rusty. It could also be that it’s your kid’s bike that they outgrew. Whatever the reason, you don’t want that bike taking up valuable space in your garage any longer. The team from Junk King can quickly load up the bike onto their truck for disposal. If all you were getting rid of was an old bike, then the Junk King crew would be in and out in a matter of minutes. But as long as you have two movers why not put them to work with all your other junk hauling needs?

There is a lot that can be loaded onto the Junk King truck. Now is the time to get rid of an old couch or recliner. If you’ve gone through your closets, then you might have a lot of clothing, coats and shoes you can clear out. Give those to Junk King, too. They won’t end up in a trash heap. They’ll probably be dropped off at a local charity who can finds ways to turn those things around and put them to use again. That’s true for a lot of furniture and other household goods that you might get rid of. Start with getting rid of an old bike and end with home that is totally junk free. Junk King Columbus can make that happen today.