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Dumpster Rentals – Some Important Facts

 Dumpster-Rentals-Important-Facts-Junk-King-MarinWhen you have junk piling up, you have to take action. You have some choices: 1) the easy, convenient and efficient method of calling junk haulers, and 2) renting a big metal dumpster to sit on your property while you do the dirty, sweaty job of loading it up.  When choosing how to get rid of trash, keep in mind some not-so-appealing truths about dumpster rentals:

With Dumpster Rentals, You Do All The Work

Instead of hiring a junk removal team to do the heavy lifting for you, using a dumpster rental means hauling junk yourself. When you have a cleanup or renovation project, who wants to spend extra energy carrying and lifting heavy items and debris?

Dumpsters Cause Damage to Roads and Sidewalks

Dumpsters often scratch and tear up concrete. It can be tough to find placements for dumpster rentals without hurting your lawn or property. City governments and homeowners associations can find you liable for expensive repairs.

Late Fees Grow Quickly

If you need your rented dumpster longer than expected, you face daily overtime fees. That’s an extra, unnecessary source of stress when you have a project going on! There’s a better choice: take your time and then call a junk removal team once you’re ready.

Dumpster Companies Prohibit Lots of Materials

Unlike Junk King, which accepts anything but hazardous waste, dumpster rentals typically do not allow a wide variety of materials. Paint, tires, electronics and various other items can’t go in dumpsters. Heavy materials like concrete, rocks and dirt are also prohibited or incur higher fees.

You Have to Guess the Right Size Container

When you rent a dumpster, you have to estimate your load and hope you pick the right size. Too small and you’ll have a nightmare scenario of figuring out what to do. Too large and you waste money. With junk removal services, you get a fair price based on the exact quantity of trash.

You Have to Worry About Other People

Neighbors and strangers often throw things in dumpster rentals. That means filling up the dumpster faster than expected. It also makes you liable for prohibited items thrown in by other people. Locking up a dumpster creates an extra hassle while you’re loading up the dumpster, too.

Not eco-friendly?

Junk King recycles everything it can and takes gently used items to charitable organizations when possible. With dumpster rentals, you don’t really know whether your trash is going to a landfill or what.

Still considering dumpster rentals? First, call Junk King for a free quote and information about how we can make your life a whole lot easier.